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Energy Conservation Programmes in Russia

References Ansoff, H. I. (2007). Strategic Management. Palgrave Macmillan, 114, Retried from Bogdanov, A. B. (2015). Reducing the energy intensity of Russia to the competence of energy regulators not applicable. Portal-Energo, an electronic journal website: BREEAM Europe Commercial (2009). Assessor Manual, SD 5066A Issue 1.0. BRE Global. Retried from http

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Rental and Management Policy of Municipal Residential Buildings: A Case Study in Riga (Part Two)

-80-227-4143-3 Central Statistical Bureau. (n. d.). Retrieved November 30, 2017, from Ghoshal, S. (1987). Global Strategy: An Organizing Framework. Strategic Management Journal, 8(5), 425-440. Ludboržs, A. (2007). Apgrozāmā kapitāla vadīšana nelielos uzņēmumos [Working Capital Management in Small Businesses]. Latvia, Riga: LID Publishing House. 288 p. ISBN 998-49-7895-8 (in Latvian). Kočanova, R., Geipele, I., & Niedrīte, V. (2013). Stratēģiskās vadīšanas sistēma

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Housing Heterogeneity Dimensions and Their Elements: a Systemic Approach

.10.003 Hanlon, J. (2014). Fair Housing Policy and the Abandonment of Public Housing Desegregation. Housing Studies, 30(1), 78-99. Haurin, D. R., & Brasington, D. (1996). School Quality and Real House Prices: Inter- and Intrametropolitan Effects. Journal of Housing Economics, 5(4), 351-368. Heitel, S., Kämpf-Dern, A., & Pfnür, A. (2015). Integration of stakeholder interests in housing companies’ strategic management. Property Management, 33(3), 224-244. https

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The (UP)Scaling of Renewable Energy Technologies: Experiences from The Austrian Biomass District Heating Niche

. Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 113–126. SANDÉN, B. A., HILLMAN, K. M. (2011): A framework for analysis of multi-mode interaction among technologies with examples from the history of alternative transport fuels in Sweden. Research Policy, Vol. 40, No. 3, p. 403–414. SCHOT, J., GEELS, F. (2008): Strategic niche management and sustainable innovation journeys: theory, findings, research agenda, and policy. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Vol. 20, No. 5, p. 537–554. STATISTIK AUSTRIA (2011): Standard-Dokumentation Metainformationen

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A Model for the Identification of Areas Favourable for the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of the Šumava Mts. and South Bohemia Tourist Regions (Czech Republic)

-23. MACHÁČEK, J. (2004): Koncept místního rozvoje. In Grospič, J.: Úvod do regionálních věd a veřejné správy. Plzeň: Aleš Čeněk, p. 213-225 MARIOT, P. (1983): Geografia cestovného ruchu. Bratislava, Akadémia, 252 pp. MIHALIČ, T. (2002): Tourism and economic development issuues. In Sharpley, R., Talfer, D. J. Tourism and development. Concepts and issues (pp. 81-111). Clevedon, Channel View Publications, 397 pp. MOUTINHO, L. [eds.] (2000): Strategic management in tourism. Oxon, CABI Publishing, 349 pp. NAVRÁTIL, J

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Technological relatedness, knowledge space and smart specialisation: The case of Germany

-industry technology flows and productivity growth. The review of economics and statistics, 627–634. SONN, J. W.; STORPER, M. (2008): The increasing importance of geographical proximity in knowledge production: an analysis of US patent citations, 1975–1997. Environment and Planning A, 40(5): 1020–1039. SUEDEKUM, J. (2006): Concentration and specialization trends in Germany since re-unification. Regional Studies, 40(8): 861–873. TANRIVERDI, H., VENKATRAMAN, N. (2005): Knowledge relatedness and the performance of multibusiness firms. Strategic Management Journal, 26

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Tourism destination: The networking approach

): Strategic networks. Strategic Management Journal, 21(3): 203–215. HALL, C. M. (2005). Tourism: Rethinking the social science of mobility. Harlow, Prentice-Hall. HANKINSON, G. (2004): Relational network brands: Towards a conceptual model of place brands. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 10(2): 109–121. HASSAN, S. (2000): Determinants of market competitiveness in an environmentally sustainable tourism industry. Journal of Travel Research, 38(3): 239–245. HAWKINS, D. E. (2004): A protected areas ecotourism competitive cluster approach to catalyse

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The reurbanisation concept and its utility for contemporary research on post-socialist cities: The case of the Czech Republic

., WARZECHA, K., ŠIMON, M. (2014): Economics and Strategic Management of Local Public Services in Central Europe: Towards multidisciplinary analysis of infrastructure and service costs. Prague: Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. BERNT, M. (2009): Partnerships for demolition: The governance of urban renewal in East Germany's shrinking cities. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 33(3): 754–769. BIJAK, J., KUPISZEWSKA, D., KUPISZEWSKI, M. (2008): Replacement migration revisited: Simulations of the effects of

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Economic and Social Sustainability of Real Estate Market and Problems of Economic Development – a Historical Overview

:// Smith, A. (1776). An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (5th ed.). London: Methuen & Co., Ltd., 1904. Retrieved from Spekke, A. (1935). Latvieši un Livonija [Latvians and Livonia]. Riga: Zinātne, 1995. State Unified Computerized Land Register. (2016). Apraksts un vēsture [Description and history]. Retrieved from Stoner, J. A. F., & Freeman, R. E. (1989). Strategic Management: Theory

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From effective accounting and reporting to efficient outsourcing

-381. 20. Sheremet A. Managerial accounting: case study. - Moscow: FBK-Press, 2000 21. Sorokina, N. Mechanism of the realization of outsourcing on performance enterprises: Syllabus of the Doctoral dissertation. - Orenburg: Orenburg State Universitry, 2008 22. Wernerfelt, B., (1984). A resource-based view of the firm. Strategic Management Journal. 5 (2), 62-73. 23. Williamson, E., (1981). The Economics of Organization: The Transaction Cost Approach. The American Journal of Sociology. 87(3), 548-577

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