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The Network Concept of Strategic Management and Its Limitations / Sieciowa koncepcja zarządzania strategicznego i jej ograniczenia

Management Journal”, Vol. 19 (8), s. 755-774. 8. Moore B. (1995), The Death of Competition: Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems , Harper Collins, New York. 9. Niemczyk J., Stańczyk-Hugiet E., Jasiński B. (2012), Sieci międzyorganizacyjne. Współczesne wyzwanie dla teorii i praktyki zarządzania , C.H. Beck, Warszawa. 10. Powell T. C. (2008), The Philosophy of Strategy , “Strategic Management Journal”, Vol. 23 ( 9), s. 873-880. 11. Prahalad C. K., Hamel G. (1994), Strategy as a Fields of

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Applied Research on Strategic Management of SMEs in Romania in the Digital Age


Technological social and cultural changes generated by the digital age have a significant impact on both individual and society as a whole [1]. Is the context in which our research aimed at revealing the extent to which SMEs in our country are prepared to cope with these changes and can adapt to an environment increasingly turbulent and unpredictable [2]. Based on the three hypotheses of our scientific approach, the method used was the quota for proportional distribution by counties, respectively the optimal-layered model for the distribution by fields of activity. As a means of investigation we used a questionnaire with 26 questions answered by 598 SMEs, the purpose being represented by identifying, on the one hand, the used methods of strategic management and, on the other hand, the uptake of digital means by them. The responses from the distribution of the questionnaire were analyzed by various statistical and econometric methods. In a first stage we used descriptive statistics to identify peculiarities of respondents to compare different homogeneous groups. In the second stage of analysis to determine statistical deductive conclusions, we used the analysis of variance, correlation and linear regression and ANOVA using SPSS software for Windows 16.0. Following validation of the research hypotheses, in the end of the work we formulated a series of proposals to improve the strategic management of SMEs in Romania in the digital age.

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The Strategic Dimension of the Dynamic Capabilities of Enterprises

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The Use of Anthropological Approach in Municipal Strategic Planning

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The application of organizational restructuring in enterprise strategic management process

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The Valences of “Value” for the Strategic Management Process

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Strategic management: A perspective on the development of the field of strategic management and the contribution of the Irish Journal of Management

References Amit, R. and Schoemaker, P.H.J. (1993) Strategic Assets and Organizational Rent, Strategic Management Journal, 14(1), pp. 33-46. Andrews, K. (1971) The Concept of Corporate Strategy, Homewood. Ill: Dow-Jones-Irwin. Ansoff, H.I. (1965) Corporate Strategy, New York: McGraw Hill. Bettis, R.A. and Thomas, H. (eds) (1990) Risk, Strategy, and Management, Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. Bowman, E.H., Singh, H. and Thomas, H. (2002) ‘The Domain of Strategic Management: History and

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Dynamic capabilities and knowledge management

References 1. Collins J. C., Porras J. I. (2008), Visionary organizations , MT Bussines, Warszawa 2. Conner K. R., Prahalad C.K. (2006), A resource - based theory of the fi rm: Knowledge versus opportunism. „Organization Science” 7 (5). 3. Crossan M. M., Berdrow I. (2003), Organizational learning and strategic renewal . „Strategic Management Journal” 24 (11). 4. Eisenhardt K. M., Martin J. A. (2010), Dynamic capabilities: What are they? „Strategic Management Journal” 21 (10

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Operational risk associated with the strategy implementation

References 1. Amit R., Schoemaker P. (1993), Strategic Assets and Organizational Rent, “Strategic Management Journal’, Vol. 14. 2. Bourgeois L. Jay (1980), Strategy and environment: A conceptual integration, “Academy of management Review”, Vol. 5. 3. Bowman C., Faulkner D. (1996), Competitive and Corporate Strategy, Irwin Professional Publishing. 4. Box T., Small fi rm strategy in turbulent times, “Academy of Strategic Management Journal”, Vol. 10, No. 1. 5. Bratnicki M

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Strategic Management in Development of Youth and Women Entrepreneurship - Case of Serbia


Background and Purpose: Volume and sophistication of scientific research related to different aspects of entrepreneurship have significantly increased in recent years. Many authors point out the positive influence that development of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship has on economic growth and job creation. According to various researchers, youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship are two very important elements of this global phenomenon. The purpose of this paper is to provide the analysis of strategic framework for the support to the development of youth and women entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Situational analysis of youth and women employment and examination of official Government strategic documents related to strategic framework for the support to the development of youth and women entrepreneurship in Serbia will be conducted.

Results: Concrete activities have to be performed by different stakeholders, mostly non-government organizations. The activity stakeholders are on the bottom of the institutional framework, which provides the support to MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector that will execute the operations in accordance with the defined strategic framework.

Conclusion: Youth-run enterprises provide numerous benefits for society; they reduce youth unemployment and help young people prepare for their future. Female entrepreneurs also have strong economic and social impact.

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