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The Analysis and Synthesis of Strategic Management Research in the Third Sector from Early 2000 Through to Mid-2009

), 2009, pp. 29-50. Chien-Tzu Tsai, Pao-Long Chang, Tzu-Chuan Chou, Yih-Ping Cheng. - An integration framework of innovation assessment for the knowledge-intensive service industry [in] International Journal of Technology Management 30 (1), 2005, pp. 85-104. Cochran D. S., David F. R., Gibson C. K. - A Framework for Developing an Effective Mission Statement [in] Journal of Business Strategies 25 (2), 2008, pp. 27-39. Courtney R. - Strategic Management for Voluntary Nonprofit Organizations

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Value Management in Non-Profit Organizations - The First Step

z badania. Stowarzyszenie Klon/Jawor, Warszawa 2006. Harris I., Mainelli M., O'Callaghan M. - Evidence of worth in non-profit sector organizations [in] Strategic Change, No. 11, pp. 399-410, 2002. Hauser J. - Lekcja organizacji w sektorze non-profit [in] Trzeci Sektor, No. 4, pp. 77-83, 2005. Hillman A., Keim G. - Shareholder value, Stakeholder management, and social issues: what's the bottom line? [in] Strategic Management Journal, No. 22, pp. 122-139, 2001

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Risk Categories and Risk Management Processes in Nonprofit Organizations

), pp.209-222. [21] Mitchell, V., 1995. Assessing the perceived risks associated with appointing planning consultants. Journal of Marketing Management, 11 (1-3), pp.165-186. [22] Mu-Sheng Chang., 2008. Alternative risk transfer: Evidence of self-insurance among hospitals in Pennsylvania for workers’ compensation liability. Journal of Insurance Regulation, 27 (2), pp.59-94. [23] Pike, S., Roos, G., Marr, B., 2005. Strategic management of intangible assets and value drivers in R&D organizations. R&D Management, 35 (2), pp.111-124. [24

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Strategic Research Programs in the Area of Technical Innovations – Case Study Analyses

5 References [1] Andrews, K.R., 1980. The Concept of Corporate Strategy . Homewood, Richmond: R.D. Irwin. [2] Arnold, E., ed., 2008. Mid-term Evaluation of the Competence Centre Programme . Final report, Tallinn. [3] Avellan, F., Cederwall, K., Hartmann, R., 2002. Hydraulic Turbine Research Programme. Evaluation report, Stockholm. [4] Barabba, V., Ackoff, R., 2002. The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge: A Collection of Readings. Nowy Jork: Oxford University Press. [5] Drucker, P.H., 2002

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Synergic Relationship and Synergic Degree between an Information System and Corporate Strategy

, 57-67. 4. Hitt, L., E. Brynjolfsson. The Three Faces of IT Value: Theory and Evidence [J]. - In: Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Information Systems, 1994, No 11, 263-277. 5. Qun, Li. Corporate Strategic Management [M]. Bei Jing, China Railway Publishing House, 2000. 6. Tallon, P. P., L. K. Kenneth, V. Gurbaxani. Executives’ Perceptions of the Business Value of Information Technology: A Process-Oriented Approach [J]. - Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 4, 2000, No 16, 145

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Alliances as Dynamic Capability to Support Organizational Transformation: Empirical Findings from a State-Owned Enterprise

7 References [1] Amit, R., Schoemaker, P.J., 1993. Strategic Assets and Organisational Rent. Strategic Management Journal , 14(June 1990), pp.33-46. [2] Anand, J., Oriani, R. Vassolo, R.S., 2010. Alliance Activity as a Dynamic Capability in the Face of a Discontinuous Technological Change. Organization Science , 21(6), pp.1213-1232. [3] Barney, J., 1991. Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage. Journal of Management , 17(1), pp.99-120. [4] Barreto, I., 2010. Dynamic Capabilities: A Review of Past Research and an Agenda for

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Evolution of the Socio-cognitive Structure of Knowledge Management (1986–2015): An Author Co-citation Analysis

(see Figure 2 ) as well. We provide a consecutive numbering of clustering. The fifth cluster, located in the red zone, is labelled (5) Strategic management given that important strategists are present in that cluster. This is the largest cluster in the network containing 11 authors focused on topics like competitive advantage, strategic management, corporate strategy, innovation, organisational capability, and some others (e.g. Grant, RM; Teece, DJ; Kogut, B; Spender, JC; Cohen, WM). The green cluster, of 10 authors, is named (6) K-based theory , a cluster that

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Rethinking Performance Management Practices in Local Administrations? An Evaluation of BV, CPA, And WPI Practices in the United Kingdom

Information and Accountability: the Case of Best Value. Public Administration, 80 (4), pp.691-710. [8] Bovaird, T., 2008. Emergent Strategic Management and Planning Mechanisms in Complex Adaptative Systems: The Case of UK Best Value Initiative. Public Management Review, 10(3), pp.319-340. [9] CRC for Construction Innovation (2002). Best Value Second Interim Report. CRC for Construction Innovation, Brisbane. [10] Cuganesan, S., Guthrie J., Vranic, V., 2014. The Riskiness of Public Sector Performance Measurement: A Review and

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Demographic, Individual, Job Diversities and Knowledge Sharing: A Study of Enterprising Family Businesses

.262-280. [7] Chang, Y.T., 2006. Team Members Personality and Knowledge Sharing as Predictors of Project Team Learning, The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 2 (1), pp.188-192. [8] Chrisman, J.J., Chua, J.H. and Litz, R., 2003. A Unified Systems Perspective of Family Firm Performance: An Extension and Integration, Journal of Business Venturing, 18, pp.467-472. [9] Chrisman, J.J., Chua, J.H., and Sharma, P., 2005. Trends and Directions in the Development of a Strategic Management Theory of the Family Firm

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The Determination of Performance Measures by Using a Balanced Scorecard Framework

Drive Performance, Harvard Business Review , 70(1), pp.71-79. [13] Kaplan, R.S., Norton, D.P., 1996a. Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy. California Management Review , 39(1), pp.53-79. [14] Kaplan R.S., Norton, D.P., 1996b. Knowing the Score. Management Strategy , November-December, pp.30-33. [15] Kaplan, R.S., Norton, D.P., 2007. Using the balanced scorecard as a strategic management system. Harvard Business Review , 85(7-8), pp.150-161. [16] Karabay, G., Kurumer, G., 2012. Managing Through Strategic Performance Management in

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