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Räumliche Praktiken der Energiewende am Beispiel der Biogaserzeugung in Rheinland-Pfalz

transitions: An emerging field of research and its prospects Research Policy 41 6 955 967 Mayring, P. (2000): Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse. In: Forum: Qualitative Sozialforschung 1, 2, Art. 22. Mayring P. 2000 Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse Forum: Qualitative Sozialforschung 1 2 Art. 22 McMeekin, A.; Southerton, D. (2012): Sustainability transitions and final consumption: practices and socio-technical systems. In: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 24, 4, 345–361. 10.1080/09537325.2012.663960 McMeekin A. Southerton D. 2012

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Skill-relatedness und Resilienz: Fallbeispiel Saarland

. M. (1996): Toward a knowledge-based theory of the firm. In: Strategic Management Journal 17, Special Issue, 109–122. Grant R. M. 1996 Toward a knowledge-based theory of the firm Strategic Management Journal 17 Special Issue 109–122 Grant, R. M.; Spender, J.-C. (1996): Knowledge and the firm: overview. In: Strategic Management Journal 17, Special Issue, 5–9. Grant R. M. Spender J.-C. 1996 Knowledge and the firm: overview Strategic Management Journal 17 Special Issue 5–9 Hausmann, R.; Hidalgo, C.A.; Bustos, S.; Coscia, M

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Business Challenges in the Architecture Industry

citu ārvalstu finanšu palīdzības projektu īstenošanas un vadības pilnveide Rīgas plānošanas reģionā II” ietvaros. Rīga: Rīgas plānošanas reģions, 2012. 30 lpp. 27. Winch, G., Schneider, E. The strategic management of architectural practice. Construction Management and Economics , 1993, Vol. 11, p. 467–473.

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Stakeholder engagement in a water user association for agricultural irrigation management in the villages in Indonesia

. Strategic management: A stakeholders approach. Boston. MA. Pitnam. ISBN 978-0-521-15174-0 pp. 276. F ukuyama F. 1995. Trust: The social virtues and creation of prosperity. New York. Simon and Schuster. ISBN 0-684-82525-2 pp. 457. F ylypchuk V., I nduchny S., P earce P., F ylypchuk L., M artynov S. 2017. Application of expanded polystyrene filter for tertiary treatment of domestic waste effluent in the UK. Journal of Water and Land Development. No 35 (1) p. 41–47. DOI 10.15.15/jwld-2017-0066. G ranovetter M. 1973. The strength of weak ties

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Planning at Sea: Shifting planning practices at the German North Sea coast

Exclusive Economic Zones, for example, was problem-driven, addressing first of all conflicts between offshore-windfarm development and other human activities, in particular shipping ( Kannen 2014 ). Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Planning may both be described as integrative approaches to the strategic management of coastal and maritime resources. Both approaches call for stakeholder engagement, and a transdisciplinary evidence-informed approach to decision-making within a sustainable development policy framework (e.g. Sorenson 1993 ; Douvere

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Improving the Partnership between the Participants in the Vertical Chain of the Construction Market

5. REFERENCES [1] Myers, D. (2004), Construction Economics: A new approach . London. Spon Press [2] Williamson, O. (1985), The Economic Institutions of Capitalism . New York: Free Press [3] Gulati, R. (1998), Alliances and networks . Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 19, рр. 293–331 [4] Iansiti, M., Levien, R. (2004), Strategy as Ecology . Harvard Business Review, Mar (82), рр. 68-78 [5] Porter, M. (1998), Clusters and the new economics of competition . Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec. 98. Vol. 76, Issue 6, pр.77-90

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A Correlational Study on Project Management Methodology and Project Success

. (2015). Inclusion of strategic management theories to project management. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business , 8, 552-573. doi:10.1108/IJMPB-11-2014-0079 Phatak, O. (2012). Waterfall vs. agile model comparison. Retrieved from Pinto, J. K. and Slevin, D. P. (1989). Critical success factors in RandD projects. Research technology management , 32(1), 31-35. Retrieved from

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