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Teaching Sustainability in an Accounting Classroom

., & Boersma, M. (2014). The governance of corporate sustainability: Empirical insights into the development, leadership, and implementation of responsible business strategy. Journal of Business Ethics , 122 , 145–165. Lev, B., Petrovits, C., & Radhakrishnan, S. (2010). Is doing good good for you? How corporate charitable contributions enhance revenue growth. Strategic Management Journal , 31 , 182–200. Martinez-Ferrero, J., Banerjee, S., & Garcia-Sanchez, I. (2016). Corporate social responsibility as a strategic shield against costs of earnings management

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Innovative and Traditional Elements in the Work of Academic Staff: The Views of Pre-service Teachers

References Alange, S., Jacobsson, S., & Jarnehammar, A. (1998). Some aspects of an analytical framework for studying the diffusion of organizational innovations. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 10(1), 3-21. Baltušīte, R. (2012). The pedagogy students' readiness for professional activities in the school environment (Synopsis of the doctoral dissertation, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia). Retrieved June 3, 2015, from http

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Leadership Development among Universities in Kosovo: Challenges and Alternatives

References 1. Atwater, L. E., & Brett, J. F. (2005). Antecedents and consequences of reactions to 360-degree feedback. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 66 (3), 532-548. 2. Barney, J. B., & Hansen, M. H. (1994). Trustworthiness as a source of competitive advantage. Strategic Management Journal, 15, 175-190. 3. Bass, B. (1994). Improving organizational performance through transformational leadership. Thosand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. 4. Blanchard, K., & Johnson, S. (2003). The One Minute Manager

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A Profile of a Strategic Leader under the Leadership Law in the Czech Armed Forces

Chicago Press. Stacey, R. D. (2007). Strategic management and organisational dynamics: the challenge of complexity to ways of thinking about organisations, Harlow [u.a.]: Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Stýblo, J. (2012). Leadership: realita nebo vize, Praha: Professional Publishing.

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The Role of Small Business in the Economy and Methods of Its Government Support Using the Example of the Republic of Latvia


Research purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of small and medium enterprises in the economy, as well as to study and evaluate the effectiveness of government support methods for small business entities (SMEs) using the example of the Republic of Latvia. The subject of the research was the system of state regulation and promotion of SME development. The object of the research was the sphere of small business in the Latvian economy, including SMEs, infrastructure support and development of small business.

Design/Methodology/Approach. The study used basic methods of scientific knowledge of economics: an interdisciplinary approach combining methods of systems and comparative analysis, an integrated approach, induction, deduction, analysis, synthesis, methods of organization theory and management, logical analysis, strategic management and also economic analysis of small businesses.

Findings. The research resulted in a system of state regulation and promotion of SME development in Latvia developed by the author, based on an assessment of the impact of measures provided to support SMEs, taking into account the importance of the role of small business in the economy of the Republic of Latvia.

Originality/Value/Practical implications. The practical significance of the work is that the study completes a number of conclusions and practical recommendations in the field of organizational measures for effective support and multilateral development of the SME sector in the economy, recognition of the role of small business as the basis of the economic stability of the Republic of Latvia and the effectiveness of its support as the main state economic policy goal.

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Creation of High Technologies: Comparative Analysis of Countries

? Technology Analysis & Strategic Management , 10 (4), 403–422. Lundvall, B. A. (1988). Innovation as an Interactive Process: From User-Producer-Interaction to the National Systems of Innovation and Internationalization. Technology and the Wealth of Nations. London: OECD , 277–300. Retrieved from Nielsen, P. B. (2018). The puzzle of measuring global value chains – The business statistics perspective. International

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Creativity and Leadership in Organizations: A Literature Review

REFERENCES Achrol, R. S. (1991). Evolution of the marketing organization: New forms for turbulent environments. Journal of Marketing, 55 (4), 77-93. Ahuja, G., & Katila, R. (2001). Technological acquisitions and the innovation performance of acquiring firms: A longitudinal study. Strategic Management Journal, 22 , 197-220. Amabile, T. M., Schatzel, E. A., Moneta, G. B., & Kramer, S. J. (2004). Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support. The Leadership Quarterly, 15 , 5-32. Amabile, T. M. (1983

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Relationships Between Creativity and its Antecedents Before and After Training: The Role of Risk-Taking and Past Creative Experience

-349. Bentler, P. M., & Bonnet, D. G. (1980). Significance tests and goodness of fit in the analysis of covariance structures. Psychological Bulletin, 88, 588-606. Carpenter, M.A., Pollock, T.G., & Leary, M.M., (2003). Testing a model of reasoned risktaking: governance, the experience of principals and agents, and global strategy in high-technology IPO firms. Strategic Management Journal, 24, 803-820. Chang, S. J., Van Witteloostuijn, A., & Eden, L. (2010). From the editors: Common method variance in international business research. Journal of

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Creativity’s Need for Relevance in Research and Real Life: Let’s Set a New Agenda for Positive Outcomes

-427. Lee, K., Rho, S., Kim, S., & Jun, G. J. (2007). Creativity-innovation cycle for organizational exploration and exploitation: Lessons from Neowiz - A Korean Internet company. Long Range Planning: International Journal of Strategic Management , 40, 505-523. Lichtenberg, J., Woock, C., & Wright, M. (2008). Ready to innovate: Are educators and executives aligned on the creative readiness of the U.S. (Conference Board Research Report No. R-1424-08-RR). New York: The Conference Board. Licuanan, B. F., Dailey, L. R., & Mumford, M. D. (2007). Idea

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Organisational Pathologies Under Conditions of Economic Downswing

Intervention: Reducing Burnout in the Federal Service. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 244-266. Heller V.L, Darling J.R (2011) Toyota in crisis: denial and mismanagement. Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 32 Issue: 5, pp.4-13. Kets de Vries M. F. and Miller D. (1984). Neurotic Style and Organizational Pathology, Strategic Management, Vol. 5, Issue 1, pp. 35-55. Kieżun W. (1971). Autonomizacja jednostek organizacyjnych. Z patologii organizacji [The autonomization of organizational units

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