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Synergic Relationship and Synergic Degree between an Information System and Corporate Strategy

, 57-67. 4. Hitt, L., E. Brynjolfsson. The Three Faces of IT Value: Theory and Evidence [J]. - In: Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Information Systems, 1994, No 11, 263-277. 5. Qun, Li. Corporate Strategic Management [M]. Bei Jing, China Railway Publishing House, 2000. 6. Tallon, P. P., L. K. Kenneth, V. Gurbaxani. Executives’ Perceptions of the Business Value of Information Technology: A Process-Oriented Approach [J]. - Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 4, 2000, No 16, 145

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Evolution of the Socio-cognitive Structure of Knowledge Management (1986–2015): An Author Co-citation Analysis

(see Figure 2 ) as well. We provide a consecutive numbering of clustering. The fifth cluster, located in the red zone, is labelled (5) Strategic management given that important strategists are present in that cluster. This is the largest cluster in the network containing 11 authors focused on topics like competitive advantage, strategic management, corporate strategy, innovation, organisational capability, and some others (e.g. Grant, RM; Teece, DJ; Kogut, B; Spender, JC; Cohen, WM). The green cluster, of 10 authors, is named (6) K-based theory , a cluster that

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Science Mapping: A Systematic Review of the Literature

development of software tools, then the underlying specialty is considered as a specialty that has reached at least Stage II. If the methodologies appear in a cluster of knowledge domains external to information science, such as regenerative medicine and strategic management research, then we will consider the specialty has reached Stage III – tools developed by the specialty are applied to other subject domains. In the following analysis, we will use the terms in the hierarchy as the primary source of our vocabulary to identify the role of the contributions made by a

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A Study of Methods to Identify Industry-University-Research Institution Cooperation Partners based on Innovation Chain Theory

, E.V., & Brahmakulam, I.T. (2001). Building a New Foundation for Innovation. Rand Corporation. Larson E.V. Brahmakulam I.T. 2001 Building a New Foundation for Innovation Rand Corporation Laursen, K., & Salter, A. (2006). Open for innovation: the role of openness in explaining innovation performance among UK manufacturing firms. Strategic management journal, 27(2), 131–150. 10.1002/smj.507 Laursen K. Salter A. 2006 Open for innovation: the role of openness in explaining innovation performance among UK manufacturing firms Strategic management journal 27 2 131 150

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Critical Factors for Personal Cloud Storage Adoption in China

sectors: Policy implications of cloud services Government Information Quarterly 30 2 194 203 Shin, J., Jo, M., & Lee, J., et al. (2014). Strategic management of cloud computing services: Focusing on consumer adoption behavior. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 61(3), 419–427. 10.1109/TEM.2013.2295829 Shin J. Jo M. Lee J. 2014 Strategic management of cloud computing services: Focusing on consumer adoption behavior IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 61 3 419 427 Sun, Z.X. (2013). Research on determinant of behavior intention

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Topic Detection Based on Weak Tie Analysis: A Case Study of LIS Research

Letters A, 378(s 7–8), 635–640. Sun Y. Liu C. Zhang C.X. Zhang Z.K. 2013 Epidemic spreading on weighted complex networks Physics Letters A 378 s7–8 635 640 Szulanski, G. (1996). Exploring internal stickiness: Impediments to the transfer of best practice within the firm. Strategic Management Journal, 17(S2), 27–43. 10.1002/smj.4250171105 Szulanski G. 1996 Exploring internal stickiness: Impediments to the transfer of best practice within the firm Strategic Management Journal 17 S2 27 43 Takagi, S., & Toyama, R. (2008). On growth of

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Gauging a Firm’s Innovative Performance Using an Integrated Structural Index for Patents

complex economics of patent scope. Columbia Law Review, 90(4), 839–916. 10.2307/1122920 Merges R.P. Nelson R.R. 1990 On the complex economics of patent scope Columbia Law Review 90 4 839 916 Miller, D.J. (2006). Technological diversity, related diversification, and firm performance. Strategic Management Journal, 27(7), 601–619. 10.1002/smj.533 Miller D.J. 2006 Technological diversity, related diversification, and firm performance Strategic Management Journal 27 7 601 619 O’Donoghue, T., Scotchmer, S., & Thisse, J.F. (1998). Patent breadth

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A Framework for the Assessment of Research and Its Impacts

–4 201 234 Checchi, D. (2006). The economics of education: Human capital, family background and inequality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Checchi D. 2006 The economics of education: Human capital family background and inequality Cambridge Cambridge University Press Chen, C.M., Delmas, M.A., & Lieberman, M.B. (2015). Production frontier methodologies and efficiency as a performance measure in strategic management research. Strategic Management Journal, 36(1), 19–36. 10.1002/smj.2199 Chen C.M. Delmas M.A. Lieberman M.B. 2015 Production frontier methodologies

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The Presence of the Customer and the Supplier Perspectives in Studies on Software Development Project Success

: The Dominant Dozen. Information Systems Management , 2006, vol. 23, N 4. p. 31-36. Gibbert, M., Ruigrok, W. and Wicki, B. What Passes as a Rigorous Case Study. Strategic Management Journal , 2008, vol. 29, N 13. p. 1465-1474. ISO/IEC 12207. ISO/IEC 12207:2008: Systems and Software Engineering — Software Life Cycle Processes. Geneva, Switzerland : ISO/IEC, 2008. Cusumano, M. A. The Business of Software: What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur must Know to Thrive and Survive in

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