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Local Communities and Sport Activities Expenditures and Image: Residents’ Role in Sustainable Tourism and Recreation

References [1] Arnegger, J. & Herz, M. (2016). Economic and Destination Image Impacts of Mega-events in Emerging Tourist Destinations. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 5, 76–85, DOI: 10.1016/j.jdmm.2015.11.007 [2] Bowdin, G., Allen, J., O’Toole, W., Harris, R. & McDonnell, I. (2006). Events Management (2nd edition). Oxford Elsevier: New York [3] Burton, D. (2000). Research training for social scientists: A handbook for postgraduate researchers, Sage: London [4] Chalip, L. & Costa, C. (2005) Sport Event Tourism and the

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Sport Tourism Centres from Top Athletes’ Perspective: Differences among Sport Groups

References 1. Alexandris, K., Zahariadis, P., Tsorbatzoudis, C., Grouios, G. (2004). “An empirical investigation of the relationships among service quality, customer satisfaction and psychological commitment in a health club context”. European Sport Management Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 36-52. 2. Crilley, G., Murray, D., Howat, G., March, H., Adamson, D. (2002). “Measuring performance in operational management and customer service quality: A survey of financial and non-financial metrics from the Australian golf industry”. Journal of Leisure Property, Vol

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Consumer in Sports: Fan typology analysis

References Amine, A. (1988) ‘Consumers’ true brand loyalty: The central role of commitment’, Journal of Strategic Marketing, vol. 6, pp. 305-319 Aaker, D. (1994) ‘Building a brand: The Saturn Story’, California Management Review, vol. 36, no. 14 Anderson, E.W. (1998) ‘Customer satisfaction and word of mouth’, Journal of Service Research, vol. 1, pp. 5 - 17 Apostolopoulou, A. (2002) ‘Brand extensions by U.S. professional sport teams. Motivations and keys to Success’, Sport Marketing Quarterly, vol

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Assessing Tourist Revisit Intention through the Sports and Recreational Services Offered

References 1. Aiken, L. S., West, S. G. (1991), Multiple regression: Testing and interpreting interactions, Sage, Newbury Park. 2. Bull, C., Weed, M. (2009), Sport Tourism: Interrelationships, Impacts and Issues, Elsevier, Oxford. 3. Bull, C., Weed, M. (2004), Sports Tourism: Participants, Policy and Providers, Elsevier, Oxford. 4. Cheng, T. H., Tsai, C. G. (2016), “Female listeners’ autonomic responses to dramatic shifts between loud and soft music/sound passages: a study of heavy metal songs”, Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 7, p. 182

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Developing a Healthy Lifestyle of Students Through the Practice of Sport Activities

REFERENCES Băiţel, I., & Pătru, L. M. (2018). Influence of sport on laterality in children aged 9-11 years. International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy. Education and Sport Science in the 21st Century , National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest, 72-81. Benson, P. L., Scales, P. C., Hamilton, S. F., & Sesma, A. (2006). Positive youth development: Theory, research and application. In W. Damon & R. M. Lerner (Eds.), Handbook of child psychology, 894-941. Canning, P., Courage, M., & Frizzell, L

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The Importance of Anthropometry Measurements in Analyzing the Impact of Sports Activities on Students

References Dragnea, A. (2000). Teoria educaţiei fizice şi sportului. Bucureşti: Cartea Școlii. Dragnea, A., Bota, A., Teodorescu, S., Stănescu, M., Șerbănoiu, S. & Tudor, V. (2006). Educaţie fizică şi sport. Teorie şi didactică. Bucureşti: Fest. Grigore, V. (2007), Exerciţiul fizic. Factor activ pentru prevenirea îmbătrânirii şi instalării bolilor degenerative, Bucureşti: Didactică şi Pedagogică. Horghidan, V. (2000). Problematica psihomotricităţii. Bucureşti: Globus

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Ethics, Legal and Privacy Concerns for the Next Generation of Insurance Policies

-old person than for a 70+ one. The thing is that same as driving is worth to be monitored at the individual level, it makes sense to also watch and monitor the individual person’s way of managing his or her health. What does this mean – is it monitoring what and how much they eat and drink, how much they walk, how many hours they watch TV or sleep and eventually entering to the more intimate aspects of their sex lives? So in a similar manner to the driving habits, one may see that a hypothetical person X who is young and does lots of sport and eats and drinks healthy

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in Tékhne
Formative and educational aspect of Azerbaijan. The pedagogical message of the poet Mirza Shafi Vaseh (1794-1852)

желания — и Россия станет участником Исламиады». Министр по делам молодежи и спорта Азербайджана Азад Рагимов об Исламиаде в Баку. [Online] Available: (May 16, 2017) Спортивные итоги Азербайджана за 2017 год. [Online] Available: (December 26, 2017) ИСТОРИЯ СПОРТА АЗЕРБАЙДЖАНА. [Online] Available: ПОЛИТИКА СПОРТА. [Online] Available: Вазех

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Czech Journal of Tourism
The Journal of Masaryk University
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‘Catholic Coachella’, ‘Papal Rock Concert’? Case Study of the World Youth Day in Cracow as an Example of a Successful Religious Project

of Giant Mega-projects in Brazil. Global Issues . . Access: 10.01.2019. Preuss, H. (2007). The conceptualisation and measurement of mega sport event legacies. Journal of Sport & Tourism, 12 (3–4), 207–227. Preuss, H. (2015). A framework for identifying the legacies of a mega sport event. Leisure Studies, 34 (6), 643–664. Rose, A. K., & Spiegel M. M. (2011). The Olympic Effect. The Economic Journal, 121 (553), 652–677. Sánchez, F., & Broudehoux A-M. (2013). Mega-events and urban

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