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Exploitation of Hunting and Fishing Tourism in Galați County, Romania

References Baur E. H. et al. (2012), Multiple forest use through commercial sport hunting: Lessons from a community-based model from the Petén, Guatemala , Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 268, 15 March 2012, Pages 112–120. Cândea, Melinda, Simion, Tamara, Bogan, Elena (2012), Patrimoniul turistic al României, Ed. Universitară, București. Cocean, P. (2010), Patrimoniul turistic al României , Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca. Cocean, P., Filip, S. (2008), Geografia Regională a României , Cluj-Napoca, Editura Presa

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Bioclimatic regionalization of Moldova west of the Prut River

, a method of quantifying human discomfort due to excessive heat and humidity ” CLI 1-79. Environment Canada, Atmospheric Environment Service, Downsview, Ontario. Munteanu L., Stoicescu C., Grigore L. (1978), „ Ghidul staţiunilor balneoclimaterice din România ”, „Editura Sport-Turism, Bucureşti Pepi W.J. (1987) - The Summer Simmer Index , Weatherwise, Vol 40, No. 3, June Pepi W.J. (2000) - The New Summer Simmer Index . International audience at the 80 th annual meeting of the AMS at Long Beach, California, on January 11 Scharlau K

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The Actual Stage of Potential Development Regarding the Tourism in Slănic Moldova Resort, Bacău County

., 2003, Geografia Turismului, Meteor Press Publishing House, Bucharest. Nicoară Y., Busnea R., 1981, Slănic Moldova - Mic îndreptar turistic, Sport-Turism Publishing House, Bucharest. *** 1990 - 2012, Anuarul statistic al României, The National Comity for Statistics, Bucharest. *** 2011, Slănic-Moldova‟s developing strategy during 2010-2020, Slănic Moldova‟s city hall.

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Observations on the flight pattern of some Phlaeothripidae (Thysanoptera) species by using suction trap in Hungary

ecosystem. Environmental Entomology 44, 921-930. [11] Schliephake, G., Klimt, von K. (1979), Thysanoptera, Fransenflüger. VEB Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena. [12] Nowinszky, L. (2003), The handbook of light trapping. Savaria University Press. [13] Odor, P., Iglói, L. (1987), An introduction to the sport's biometry. ÁISH Tudományos Tanácsának Kiadása. Budapest. [14] Manczel, J. (1983), Using statistical methods in agriculture. Mezőgazdasági Kiadó, Budapest. [15] Jenser, G. (1982), Thysanoptera. In

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Thermal Comfort Index

. Prieteni sau dușmani? , Edit. Paideia, București Teodoreanu Elena, Dacos-Swoboda Mariana, Ardeleanu-Voiculescu Camelia, Enache L., (1984), Bioclima staţiunilor balneoclimatice din România, Edit. Sport-Turism, Bucureşti Tromp S. W. (1974), Progress in biometeorology, Vol. 1, Part I A, Part 1 B, Swets et Zeitliger BV, Amsterdam Twardosz R . (1995), Essai de caractérisation du bilan calorique du corps humain en période estivale à Cracovie (Pologne) Climat et santé, no. 14, Fac. de Médécine, Dijon *** (2003), Indici şi metode cantitative

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Changes in alpine vegetation over 50 years in the Western Tatras (Slovakia)

.7809/b-e.00216. Šmarda, J. (1963). Secondary plant communities in the High Tatras National Park (in Slovak) . Bratislava: Šport. Tichý, L. (2002). JUICE, software for vegetation classification. J. Veg. Sci. , 13, 451–453. DOI: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2002.tb02069.x. Tilman, D. (1988). Plant strategies and the dynamics and structure of plant communities . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Turečková, J. (1974). Subalpine and alpine vegetation of Jamnícka dolina valley (Western Tatras) (in Slovak) . Diploma work (msc.), Faculty of Natural

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