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Municipal Grants for Sports and the Merits of a Voucher System in the Czech Republic

References Cave, M. 2001. “Voucher Programmes and their Role in Distributing Public Services . ” OECD Journal on Budgeting 1(1), 50 - 79. Available at (last accessed 1st June 2013). Commission of the European Union (2007). White Paper on Sport . Available at (last accessed 15 June 2012). Crompton, J.L. 1983. “Recreation Vouchers: A Case Study in Administrative Innovation and Citizen Participation

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The Public Administration Discipline in Slovenia: Between Legal and Administrative Sciences

. McCubbins, M. D., R. G. Noll and B. R. Weingast (eds). 2007. “Administrative Procedures as an Instrument of Political Control.” In C. Coglianese and R. A. Kagan (eds). Regulation and Regulatory Processes. Hampshire, Burlington: Ashgate, 3 - 20. Meier, K. J. 1997. “Th e Case for More Bureaucracy and Less Democracy.” Public Administration Review 57(3), 193 - 199. Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia. 2013. Available at (last accessed 24 June 2013). NAKVIS [Slovenian

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Negative Effects of Performance Based Funding of Universities: The Case of Slovakia

.” Science and Public Policy 34(8), 575 - 583. Moed, Henk F., Wolfgang Glänzel and Ulrich Schmoch. 2004. Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands. Moed, Henk F., Marck Luwel and A. J. Nederhof. 2002. “Towards Research Performance in the Humanities.” Library Trends 50(3), 498 p. MŠVVaŠ SR. 2015. Výročné správy o stave vysokého školstva 2007 - 2014. Bratislava: Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Available at https

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Local government, 2017


Another year, another minister, another renaming of the department! Changes to the cabinet in June 2017 included the appointment of Eoghan Murphy, TD, as Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, and John Paul Phelan, TD, as Minister of State at the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government with Special Responsibility for Local Government and Electoral Reform. Further functional realignment also took place: community functions were transferred to the newly created Department of Rural and Community Development and, at the end of 2017, responsibility for motor taxation was transferred to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. Thus, the centralisation of functions traditionally associated with local government continues.

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Relations Between Local Communities and Martyrdom Museums

.1080/02642069.2015.1090980 12. Miles, W.F.S. (2002). Auschwitz: Museum Interpretation and Darker Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research , 29 (4), 1175-1178, 13. Ramshaw, G. (2010). Living Heritage and the Sports Museum: Athletes, Legacy and the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum, Canada Olympic Park. Journal of Sport & Tourism , 15 (1), 45-70. 14. Rawecki, M. (2011). Auschwitz-Birkenau w kontekście miasta i gminy Oświęcim. Monografia Spotkanie z Zabytkiem , 3 (V), 13-28. 15. Schäfer

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The liberalisation of taxi policy: Capture and recapture?

& Sport. Dublin: Indecon International Economic Consultants. John, P. (2018). How far to nudge: Assessing behavioural public policy. Cheltenham: EE Elgar. John, P., Cotterill, S., Richardson, L., Moseley, A., Stoker, G., Wales, C., & Smith, G. (2011). Nudge nudge, think, think: Experimenting with ways to change civic behaviour . London: Bloomsbury. Joint Committee on Transport. (2009a, March 25). Economic review of small public service vehicle industry: Discussion. Committee Debates. Joint Committee on Transport. (2009b, November 4). Taxi

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The Role of the Institutional Support of the Entrepreneur in the Region in the Development of Investment Attractiveness (The Example of Poland)

.12.2015). 58. Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podlaskiego [Marshal’s Office of the Podlaskie Province], Centrum Obsługi Inwestora [Investor Service Centre] / Centrum Obsługi Inwestorów i Eksporterów [Service Centre for Investors and Exporters], (data dostępu: 20.12.2015). 59. Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego [Marshal’s Office of the Śląskie Province], Wydział Gospodarki, Turystyki i Sportu [Department of Economy, Tourism and Sport], Śląskie Centrum Obsługi Inwestora i Eksportera [The Śląskie Province’s Service Centre for

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