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Providing Public Sport Facilities in Post-Socialist Times: The Case of the Czech Republic

References Boyne, G. (2004). Explaining Public Service Performance: Does Management Matter? Public Policy Administration, 19(4), 100-117. Bureš, R. (2010). Transparentnost a financování sportovní politiky na místní úrovni. In I. Slepičková & P. Slepička. (Eds.), Sport a politika (pp. 78-90). Praha: UK FTVS. Coalter, F. (2007). A wider social role for sport: Who’s keeping the score? London: Routledge. Collins, M. (2004). Sport, physical activity and social exclusion. Journal of Sports Sciences, 22

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For the Game, for the Loyal Partisans: Distribution of Sport Grants in Slovakia

from: [Accessed 10 November 2015]. Kopeček, L. (2007). Politické strany na Slovensku 1989 až 2006. [Political Parties in Slovakia 1989 - 2006.] Brno: CDK. Local sport grants program announcement (2015). Retrieved from: [Accessed 10 November 2015]. Mesežnikov, G. National Populism in Slovakia - Defining the Character of the State and Interpreting Select Historic Events. In Petőcz, K. (2009). National Populism

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Developing a Healthy Lifestyle of Students Through the Practice of Sport Activities

REFERENCES Băiţel, I., & Pătru, L. M. (2018). Influence of sport on laterality in children aged 9-11 years. International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy. Education and Sport Science in the 21st Century , National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest, 72-81. Benson, P. L., Scales, P. C., Hamilton, S. F., & Sesma, A. (2006). Positive youth development: Theory, research and application. In W. Damon & R. M. Lerner (Eds.), Handbook of child psychology, 894-941. Canning, P., Courage, M., & Frizzell, L

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The Importance of Anthropometry Measurements in Analyzing the Impact of Sports Activities on Students

References Dragnea, A. (2000). Teoria educaţiei fizice şi sportului. Bucureşti: Cartea Școlii. Dragnea, A., Bota, A., Teodorescu, S., Stănescu, M., Șerbănoiu, S. & Tudor, V. (2006). Educaţie fizică şi sport. Teorie şi didactică. Bucureşti: Fest. Grigore, V. (2007), Exerciţiul fizic. Factor activ pentru prevenirea îmbătrânirii şi instalării bolilor degenerative, Bucureşti: Didactică şi Pedagogică. Horghidan, V. (2000). Problematica psihomotricităţii. Bucureşti: Globus

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Formative and educational aspect of Azerbaijan. The pedagogical message of the poet Mirza Shafi Vaseh (1794-1852)

желания — и Россия станет участником Исламиады». Министр по делам молодежи и спорта Азербайджана Азад Рагимов об Исламиаде в Баку. [Online] Available: (May 16, 2017) Спортивные итоги Азербайджана за 2017 год. [Online] Available: (December 26, 2017) ИСТОРИЯ СПОРТА АЗЕРБАЙДЖАНА. [Online] Available: ПОЛИТИКА СПОРТА. [Online] Available: Вазех

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Research Regarding The Quality of Sleep among Non-Sportive Students Compared with Professional Athlets

REFERENCES Allen, M., Greenlees, I., & Jones, M. (2013). Personality in sport: a comprehensive review. Int Rev Sport Exerc Psych . 6(1) , 184-208. Andreu, M. M., & Arboledas, G. P. (2013). Trastornos del sueño durante la adolescencia. Revista de 3 Formación Continuada de la Sociedad Española de Medicina de la Adolescencia No. 4, 3(I), 29-66. Belenky, G., Wesensten, N. J., Thorne, D. R., Thomas, M. L., Sing, H. C., Redmond, D. P., & Balkin, T. J. (2003). Patterns of performance degradation and restoration during 8 sleep restriction and

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Migration, Language Policies, and Language Rights in Luxembourg

Cordonne du Règlement de la chambre des Députés. At: . KIRPS, Josée–REITZ, Jean. 2001. National Report Luxembourg . Strasbourg: Cultural Policy and Action Department, Directorate General IV – Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport, Council of Europe. KOLLWELTER, Serge. 2007. Immigration in Luxembourg: New Challenges for an Old Country . Washington: Migration Policy Institute. At: . KOLLWELTER

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

Collaborative Toolbox: Why and When Do Public Managers Choose Collaborative Governance Strategies? Policy Studies Journal 45 1 191 214 Shilbury, D, O'Boyle I and Ferkins L (2016) Towards a Research Agenda in Collaborative Sport Governance. Sport Management Review 19(5): 479–91. 10.1016/j.smr.2016.04.004 Shilbury D O'Boyle I Ferkins L 2016 Towards a Research Agenda in Collaborative Sport Governance Sport Management Review 19 5 479 91 Sirianni, C (2010) Investing in Democracy: Engaging Citizens in Collaborative Governance

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How to Respond to Conflicts Over Value Pluralism?

-cultural interaction with significant others. We see the importance of this horizon of meaning in our shared stories, legends, and histories, in our festivals with their celebrations and rituals, in our pride of our (sport)heroes, etc. One could even state that personal identity is to a large extent a social product. One of the clearest examples of this is that we express the most intimate elements of our personal identity in a common language; our earliest personal memories are bound up in the lives of others – in our family, school, or city ( Ricoeur 2011 81f.). This shows that

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Research Regarding Physical Testing in the Military Pentathlon at the 50 M Race with Obstacles


The research started from the necessity of finding new ways to physical test the military students that are part of the military pentathlon 50 m race with obstacles team. The research methods used was the experiment method, using two groups: the first group was the control group and the second the experiment group. The experiment consisted in testing the students at: 50 m speed running, 800 m resistance running, push-ups, and specific testing like: 50 m swimming with obstacles, 8 km run in varied terrain.

The results of our investigation showed that calculation of the statistical significance of the differences between the averages of the two samples showed significant values at p>0.05, n-1, at the following parameters: running 800 m (t = 2.71> 2.13 - p = 0.05); push-ups (t = 3.01> 2.95 - p = 0.05); freestyle swimming 50m (t = 2.81> 2.13 - p = 0.05).

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