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Football and Romanian Masculinity. How it is constructed by the Sport Media?

REFERENCES Anderson, E. (2008). I Used to Think Women Were Week: Orthodox Masculinity, Gender Segregation, and Sport. Sociological Forum , 23(2): 257-280. Archetti, E.P. (1999). Masculinities. Football, Polo and the Tango in Argentina. Oxford-New York: Berg. Connell, RW; Messerchmidt, J.W. (2005). Hegemonic Masculinity Rethinking the Concept. Gender and Society , 19(6): 829-859. Connell, RW (1983). Which Way is Up? Essays on Sex. Class, and Culture . Sidney: George Allen & Unwin. Connell, RW (1990). An Iron Man: The Body and

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The Challenge of Anthropogenic Climate Change for the Social Sciences

Stresses and Impacts . Summary report. Oxford: IPSO. Schneider, S. (2009) Science as A Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth’s Climate , Washington, DC: National Geographic. Simpson, J. (2011) ‘Do we care that ours is an unequal society?’ The Globe and Mail 20 July: A15. Simpson, J., M. Jaccard and N. Rivers (2009) Hot Air: Meeting Canada’s Climate Change Challenge . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. Turner, B. and N. Pidgeon, N. (1978). Man-Made Disasters . London: Wykeham. UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate

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The Creative Industries: a discourse-theoretical approach

References Banks, M. and J. O’Connor (2009) ‘Introduction: After the creative industries’. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 15 (4): 365-373. Department for Culture, Media and Sport (2001) ‘Creative Industries Mapping Document’, (30.11.2014) Eesti Konjunktuuriinstituut (Estonian Institute of Economic Research) (2005) ‘Eesti loomemajanduse kaardistamine ja analüüs’ (‘The Mapping and Analysis of Estonian Creative Industries’), http

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Competitiveness and Research-Oriented Teaching in Romanian Universities: The Neo-Liberal Transformation of the Higher Education System

, cercetării, tineretului și sportului 4072/2011 pentru aprobarea procedurii de colectare a datelor și informațiilor în vederea evaluării universităților și programelor de studii cu scopul clasificării universităților și ierarhizării programelor de studii [Disposition regarding the modification of the disposition of Ministry of education, research, youth and sport 4072/2011 for the approval of data and information gathering procedure for the evaluation of universities and study programs with the purpose of classification of universities and hierarchization of study program

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Public banking for the cultural sector: financial instruments and the new financial intermediaries

_nuevos_modelos_de_financiacion.pdf [Accessed: 30/08/2015] EPPI Centre. (2010). Understanding the drivers, impact and value of engagement in culture and sport: An over-arching summary of the research. London, UK: Department for Culture Media and Sport European Commission (1995) Proposal for a Council Decision establishing a European Guarantee Fund to promote cinema and television production. COM (95) 546 final, 14 November 1994. European Commission (1999) Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the

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