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The use of the water treadmill for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in the sport horse

symmetry with the sound forelimb in both timing and intensity of the electromyographic activation, reflecting an overall improvement in their functionality, which was not observed when animals were exercised on a land treadmill ( 16 ). Up to now, the research carried out on horses with osteoarthritis has seemed to emphasise that exercise on a WT is a useful strategy to improve the functionality of the musculature of the affected limb, resulting in joint stabilisation and increased ROM. These results are very promising in sport horses because they can limit the need for

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Comparison of Different Measurement Variables Based on Hungarian Show Jumping Results

). Rank-based inverse normal transformations are increasingly used, but are they merited? Behav. Genet., 39: 580-595. Bruns E. (1981). Estimation of the breeding value of stallions from the tournament performance of their offspring. Liv. Prod. Sci., 8: 465-73. Dubois C., Ricard A. (2007). Efficiency of past selection of the French Sport Horse: Selle Francais breed and suggestions for the future. Livest. Sci., 112: 161-171. Ducro B.J. (2011). Relevance of test information in horse breeding. Thesis. Wageningen University

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Running events in Polish forests in the opinion of their participants

., Tomanek, M. 2014. The profile of a runner in mountain running competitions. Studia i Monografie AWF we Wrocławiu , 120, 88–102. Elands, B.H.M., Wiersum, K.F. 2001. Forestry and rural development in Europe: an exploration of sociopolitical discourses. Forest Policy and Economics , 3, 5–16. Getz, D., McConnell, A. 2014. Comparing trail runners and mountain bikers: motivation, involvement, portfolios and event-tourist careers. Journal of Convention and Event Tourism , 15 (1), 69–100. Gibson, H. 2005. Towards an understanding of why sport tourism do

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Reliability of Lactate Scout Portable Analyzer in Agility Dogs During Multiple Measurements

References 1. Ignjatović A, Hofmann P, Radovanović D: Non-invasive determination of the anaerobic threshold based on the heart rate deflection point. FU Phys Ed Sport 2008; 6: 1-10. 2. Tanner RK, Fuller KL, Ross MLR: Evaluation of three portable blood lactate analysers: Lactate Pro, Lactate Scout and Lactate Plus. Eur J Appl Physiol 2010; 109: 551-559. 3. Šentija D, Vučetić V, Marković G: Validity of the modified Conconi running test. Int J Sports Med 2007; 28: 1006-1011. 4. Rovira S, Muñoz M

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Thermal Vision Examination of Vasoconstriction and Vasodilatation of Blood Vessels under the Influence of Local Anesthetic Solutions

Clinic of Vojvodina, 2017; 1: 181-189. 10. Ring E. F. J., The Historical development of thermal imaging in medicine, Herbeden Histrocal Series, Rheumatology, 2004; 43: 800-802. 11. Sudhakar S., Bina K., Thermography in dentistry-revisited, International Journal of Biological & Medical Research, 2011; 2(1): 461-465. 12. Vukašin Badža, Vojin Jovančević, Franja Fratrić, Goran Roglić, Nenad Sudarov, Possibilities of thermovision application in sport and sport rehabilitation,Vojnosanit Pregl 2012; 69(10): 904-907. (Serbian

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Relationships between Thoroughbreds’ Contribution in the Pedigree and the Level of Fearfulness and Performance in Warmblood Stallions

References 1. Koenen EPC, Algridge LI, Philipsson J: An overview of breeding objectives for warmblood sport horses. Livest Prod Sci 2004, 88:77-84. 2. Budzyńska M, Kamieniak J, Krupa W, Sołtys L: Behavioral and physiological reactivity of mares and stallions evaluated in performance tests. Acta Vet (Beograd) 2014, 64(3):327-337. 3. Thorén Hellsten E, Viklund A, Koenen EPC, Ricard A, Bruns E, Philipsson J: Review of genetic parameters estimated at stallion and young horse performance tests and their correlations

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Behavioral and Physiological Reactivity of Mares and Stallions Evaluated in Performance Tests/Procena Fizioloških Parametara I Reaktivnosti Kobila I Pastuva Na Osnovu Performans Testa

References 1. Koenen EPC, Algridge LI, Philipsson J: An overview of breeding objectives for warmblood sport horses. Livest Prod Sci 2004, 88:77-84. 2. Thoren Hellsten E, Viklund A, Koenen EPC, Ricard A, Bruns E, Philipsson J: Review of genetic parameters estimated at stallion and young horse performance tests and their correlations with later results in dressage and show-jumping competition. Livest Sci 2006, 103:1-12. 3. Budzyński M, Sołtys L, Słomka Z, Kaczyńska Cz, Chmiel K: Excitability of stallions from the

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Effects Of Rose-Hip And Grapeseed Dietary Supplementation On Serum Oxidative Stress Parameters In Dogs Before And After Physical Exercise

REFERENCES 1. Mc Cord J M:. Superoxide, superoxide dismutase and oxygen toxicity. Rev. Biochem Toxicol 1979, 10:109–121. 2. Alessio HM, Hagerman AE, Fulkerson BK, Ambrose J, Rice RE, Wiley RL: Lipid and protein oxidation after exhaustive aerobic and isometric exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2000, 32:1576-1581. 3. Watson TA, Mackdonald-Wicks L K, Garg ML: Oxidative stress and antioxidants in athlets undertaking regular exercise training. Int J Sport Nutr Exe 2005, 15:131. 4. Ji LL: Antioxidant signalling in skeletal muscle. A brief review

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Dietary Kaolin Clay in Pre- and Post-Weaned Piglets and Its Influence on Haematological and Biochemical Parameters, and Intestinal Microflora Status

supplementation on the reduction of oxidative stress resulting from an incremental rowing ergometer exercise. Int. J. Sport Nutr. Exerc. Metab., 15: 48–58. Pluske J.R. (2013). Feed- and feed additives-related aspects of gut health and development in weanling pigs. J. Anim. Sci. Biotechnol., 4: 1–7. Rahman M. (2016). Normal hematological and biochemical references of swine species. ( ) Samoticha J., Wojdyło A., Lech K. (2016). The influence of

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Influence of Type of Use, Age and Gender on Haematological and Biochemical Blood Parameters of Małopolski Horses

.A., Borowiec F., Jamroz D. (2015). Feeding recommendations for horses and feed tables (in Polish). Kraków, Poland, 2015. Burlikowska K., Bogusławska-Tryk M., Szymeczko R., Piotrowska A. (2015). Hematological and biochemical blood parameters in horses used for sport and recreation. J. Cent. Eur. Agric., 16: 370–382. Czech A., Kiesz M., Ognik K., Różański P. (2016). Influence of the manner of use, age and sex on the biochemical and antioxidant blood parameters of Malopolski horses. Med. Weter., 72: 652–655. Fielding C.L., Magdesian K.G., Rhodes D.M., Meier C

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