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Sport and other motor activities of Warsaw students

References Bourdieu P., J-C. Passeron (1970) La reproduction. Eléments pour une théorie du système d'enseignement. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance - United States, 2005. Surveillance Summaries, MMWR, 2006, vol. 55 (SS-5): 1-108. Definition of Sport (2010)

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Kinematic quantification of straight-punch techniques using the preferred and non-preferred fist in taekwon-do

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Relationships between competitive anxiety, social support and self-handicapping in youth sport

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Generational differences in the motivational factors that drive Cypriots to participate in sporting activities

References Alexopoulos A. (2005) Recent sport-political decisions of the Council of Europe and Cypriot sport: A preliminary study. In: S. G. Foldesi, A. Gal (eds.) New Social Conditions in Sport 1990-2005. Hungarian Society for Sport Sciences, Budapest, pp. 50-70. Allen B. J. (2003) Social motivation in youth sport. J. Sport Exerc. Psychol. , 25:551-567. Baar P. (2001) Organized sport programs for children: do they meet the interests of the children effectively. In: J. Steenbergen

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Social and political factors affecting sporting success in small countries: The case of Cyprus

References Bray M. (1992) Educational planning in small countries. UNESCO, Paris. De Bosscher V., P.De Knop, M.van Bottenburg, S. Shibli (2006) A Conceptual Framework for Analysing Sports Policy Factors Leading to Intemational Sporting Success. Eur. Sport Manag. Q. , 6(2):185-215. De Bosscher V. (2007). Sport Policy factors Leading to Intemational Sporting Success. VUBPress; Brussel. Foldesi S.G. (2004) Social status and mobility of Hungarian elite

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Participation in sports and sociometric status of adolescents

References Bačanac Lj., Lj.Lazarević, A. Milojević (2001) The correlation of athletics simple and complex relation time with classic IQ tests. Proc.10th World Congr.Sport Psychol., Skiathos, Greece, Book 4:108-110. Bailey R. P. (2004) Evaluating the relationship between physical education, sport and social inclusion. Educ.Rev. 56(3). Carlson D., L. Scott, M. Planty, J. Thompson (2005) What is the status of high school athletes 8 years after their senior year? In: Statistics in

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External and internal sport motivations of young adults

(1999) The sources of athletes' sport confidence. Chinese Phys. Educ. 13:60-66. Luszczynska A., F. X. Gibbons, B. F. Pikó, M. Teközel (2004) Self-regulatory cognitions, social comparison, and perceived peers' behaviors as predictors of nutrition and physical activity: A comparison among adolescents in Hungary, Poland, Turkey and USA. Psychol. Health 19:577-593. Mills J. S., K. R. Blankstein (2000) Perfectionism, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, and motivated strategies for learning: A multidimensional analysis

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Postural variables in girls practicing sport gymnastics

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Psychological gender of women taking up typically masculine sports activity

References Anshel M. H., A. Porter, J. J. Quek (1998) Coping with acute stress in sport as a function of gender: An exploratory study. J. Sport Behav. , 21:363-369. Bem S. L. (1974) The measurement of psychological androgyny. J. Consult. Clin. Psychol. , 42:155-162. Burke K. L. (1986) Comparison of psychological androgyny within a sample of female college athletes who participate in sports traditionally appropriate and traditionally inappropriate for competition by women. Percept

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Student-centered approach and alternative assessments to improve students’ learning domains during health education sessions

References 1. Beard J. (2015) Implementing portfolios in physical education. J. Phys. Educ. Recreat. Dance , 86(7): 48-49. 2. Bice M.R., Ball J.W., McClaren S. (2016) Technology and physical activity motivation. J. Sport Exerc. Psychol., 14(4): 295-304. 3. Byra M., Marks M. (1993) The effect of two pairing techniques on specific feedback and comfort levels of learners in the reciprocal style of teaching. J. Teach. Phys. Educ., 12(3): 286-300. 4. Cooper J.O., Heron T.E., Heward W.L. (2007) Applied Behavior Analysis (2 nd ed

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