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Formative and educational aspect of Azerbaijan. The pedagogical message of the poet Mirza Shafi Vaseh (1794-1852)

желания — и Россия станет участником Исламиады». Министр по делам молодежи и спорта Азербайджана Азад Рагимов об Исламиаде в Баку. [Online] Available: (May 16, 2017) Спортивные итоги Азербайджана за 2017 год. [Online] Available: (December 26, 2017) ИСТОРИЯ СПОРТА АЗЕРБАЙДЖАНА. [Online] Available: ПОЛИТИКА СПОРТА. [Online] Available: Вазех

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The assessment of the suburbanisation degree of Warsaw Functional Area using changes of the land development structure

following features were used: – the total area of ​ urbanised land – P gu [ha], related to: – total municipality area – P cg , showing the degree of urbanisation of the municipality X 1 , – total arable area – P gr [ha], specifying the character of the municipality X 2 ; – the area of ​residential areas P tm [ha] which referred to: – the car transportation area of ​ P tk [ha], by showing the level of transportation accessibility of residential areas X 3 , – the recreation and leisure area P trw [ha], by showing the extent of public and sport terrains X

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Stable Isotopes (H, C, S) and the Origin of Baltic Amber

-102. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz B, Ed., 1999. Investigations into amber. Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Symposium: Baltic Amber and other Fossil Resins, Gdańsk 2-6 September 1997: 288pp. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz B, Ed., 2005. Bursztyn - poglądy, opinie (Amber - views, opinions). Materiały z seminariów Amberif 1994-2004 : 231. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz B. 2006. Polska, opowieść o bursztynie. (Poland, The story of Amber). Sport i Turystyka, Muza SA: 120pp. Lukashina N and Kharin G, 1999

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Performance of Absolute Real-Time Multi-GNSS Kinematic Positioning

REFERENCES Aughey RJ., and Falloon C (2010). Real-time versus post-game GPS data in team sports, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport , 13, 348–349, doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2009.01.006 Bisnath S., and Gao Y (2009). Current State of Precise Point Positioning and Future Prospects and Limitations,. In: Observing our Changing Earth. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp 615–623 Dow JM., Neilan RE., and Rizos C (2009). The International GNSS Service in a changing landscape of Global Navigation Satellite Systems,. J. Geod. 83

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Patterns of children’s travel to school, their body weight, spatial factors, and perceptions: A survey on nine European cities

(2017) Active Transport to School and Children's Body Weight: A Systematic Review. 95-110 Paginazione / Tema. Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment, Vol 10, N° 1 (2017): Methods, tools and best practices to increase the capacity of urban systems to adapt to natural and man-made changes. doi: 10.6092/1970-9870/4088 Fulton JE, Shisler JL, Yore MM, Caspersen CJ (2005) Active transportation to school: findings from a national survey. Res Q Exerc Sport 76:352–357. doi: 10.1080/02701367.2005.10599306 Gutiérrez-Zornoza M, Sánchez-López M, García-Hermoso A

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Intra-urban patterns of creative industries in polycentric city

Los Angeles. Journal of Planning Education and Research 29: 322–335. David Q, Peeters D, Van Hamme G, Vandermotten C (2013) Is bigger better? Economic performances of European cities, 1960–2009. Cities 35: 237–254. DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport) (1998) Creative Industries Mapping Document. London: HMSO. De Propris L, Chapain C, Cooke P, MacNeill S, Mateos-Garcia J (2009) The geography of creativity, NESTA Interim Report. NESTA, London. Drake G (2003) His place gives me space: place and creativity in the creative industries

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“LANDSCApp”: a friendly way to share the Italian geo-heritage


The geological landscape is an excellent topic for a better enhancement of the sustainable tourism. Considering Landscape as the result of the endogenous and exogenous activities that form the Earth's surface, and/or as the result of the interaction of many natural and cultural components, it is almost mandatory the use of such a theme as an informative vector in Environment Sciences popularization. Modern technology offers new powerful tools to reach and share a complete knowledge on the territory (intended as the integration between natural and cultural components). The overlay of thematic maps (geological, geomorphological, physiographic maps) as well as the integration of collected data allows us to identify the areas of greater natural and cultural value. The outdoor sports, expecially cycling and ski, give us an opportunity to talk about the territory, referring to its natural and cultural history; GIS and 3D modelling, are flexible and friendly tools in educational plans as well as in territorial promotion, fitting for the purpose of a twinning with TV sport transmission, as confirmed by the GeoloGiro experience (Geology at the Giro d’Italia 2013/14/15/16). The prototypical App here proposed, will show the landscape where the sports are played, through the visualisation of thematic maps and correlated images (3D modelling, animation, cartoons) integrating information on local environment and culture: the “LandscApp”. We argue that special attention should be devoted to the link between landscapes, wine tourism and sports, and that this new field would spur new actions to promote sustainable development in Italy, as well as a more sensible culture of responsible wine consumption.

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Factors of selection and quality of wood used for woodcraft in medieval Polish strongholds and early urban centres

zapomnienia. Sport i Turystyka MUZA SA. KOCIĘCKI S. (ed.). 1991. Mała encyklopedia leśna. Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa. KOKOCIŃSKI W. 2004. Drewno pomiary właściwości fizycznych i mechanicznych. Wydawnictwo-Drukarnia Prodruk, Poznań. KOKOCIŃSKI W. 2005. Anatomia drewna. Wydawnictwo–Drukarnia Prodruk, Poznań. KORNAŚ J. 1972. Wpływ człowieka i jego gospodarki na szatę roślinną Polski. Flora synantropijna: 95–127. In: Szafer W. & Zarzycki K. (eds), Szata Roślinna Polski, tom I. Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa. KOSTROWICKI A

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Cross-dating tree-ring series of living European beech by isochronic weather records

. Acknowledgments This study was funded by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contracts No. APVV-0423-10, No. APVV-0111-10, No. APVV-0480-12 and No. APVV-14-0014 and also by the the Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic under the project 1/0953/13. The additional support was received from the project of the National Agency of Agricultural Research NAZV of the Czech Republic under the contract No. QJ1320230. Authors are grateful to Alan Crivellaro for the introduction to wood anatomy and helping

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Development of agritourism in Poland: a critical analysis of students’ expectations of agritourism farms

. Bouĉková, B 2008, ‘Definition of agritourism’, AgroTourNet ‘S Hertogen Bosch . Available from: < >. [12 August 2015]. Brojek, A & Bochenek, A 2012, ‘Sport-tourism interests in the light of all the interests of physical education students in the selected academies in Poland, Sport-tourism interests of the physical education students’, Polish Journal Sport Tourism , vol. 19, pp. 68–76. Broniec, J & Serocka, K 2005, ‘Stan i możliwości rozwoju agroturystyki na terenie Dolnego Śląska’ in Turystyka

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