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Safety of Sports Mass Events in the Context of Creating a Marketing Product

REFERENCES Borys D., Donaldson A., Finch C. F., 2013. Understanding safety management system applicability in community sport , Safety Science, Volume 60. Kaviya S., Praditsathaporn S., Yuparin P. P., 2010. Sport safety improvement using security camera without audience privacy violation , Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Volume 2, Issue 1. Lee J., Fereira M., 2012. A role of team and organizational identification in the success of cause-related sport marketing , Sport Management Review, Volume 16, Issue 2. Jędrzejas N., 2017

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Object-Oriented Query Language For Events Detection From Images Sequences

. 17–37, (1982). 13. Friedman-Hill, E., Jess in Action: Java Rule-Based Systems, Manning Publications, (2003). 14. Iordanov, B., HyperGraphDB: A Generalized Graph Database, Web-Age Information Management Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 6185, pp. 25-36, (2010). 15. Desurmont, X., Hayet, J. B., Delaigle, J. F., Piater, J., Macq, B., TRICTRAC Video Dataset: Public HDTV Synthetic Soccer Video Sequences With Ground Truth, Workshop on Computer Vision Based, Analysis in Sport Environments (CVBASE), pp. 92–100, (2006).

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Initiatives to Overcome Social Inequalities in Public Health Management in the European Union

:// , Ruszkowski J., 2010. Zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa zdrowotnego, ekspertyza wykonana na zlecenie Ministerstwa Rozwoju Regionalnego. Warszawa. Sytnik-Czetwertyński J., Cianciara D., 2016. The individual face to face with public health: a conflict of interests or a conflict of conditions? Journal of Education, Health and Sport, 6(2):223-237, eISSN 2391-8306. DOI Ślusarz B, Mitela-Grzybek A., 2013. Bezpieczeństwo zdrowotne mieszkańców Unii Europejskiej ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem nowej perspektywy finansowej na

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Quality of Life Improvement in Kaizen Aspect

). Witkiewicz W., Cymbała V., Fiałkowska M. Możliwość wykorzystania prostych narzędzi poprawy jakości opartych na filozofii kaizen przy wdrożeniu Okołooperacyjnej Karty Kontrolnej, XVI Ogólnopolska Konferencja Jakość w Opiece Zdrowotnej, Centrum Monitorowania Jakości w Ochronie Zdrowia: 67-75, (2012). Wittenberg G. (2010). Kaizen—The many ways of getting better , MCB UP Ltd. ISSN: 0144-5154. Wolańska T. Leksykon. Sport dla wszystkich – rekreacja ruchowa , AWF, Warszawa, (1997). Wolniak R. Wykorzystanie Kaizen w przedsiębiorstwie produkcyjnym , Problemy

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Aesthetic medicine tourism – nature and scope of the services

(Eds.), Turystyka i sport dla wszystkich w promocji zdrowego stylu życia [Tourism and sport for all in the promotion of healthy lifestyles]. Gdańsk, Poland: Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Hotelarstwa. Koźmiński, Cz., Michalska, B., Szczepanowska, E., & Gorniak, K. (2013). Zarys turystyki zdrowotnej i uzdrowiskowej [The outline of health tourism and spa]. Szczecin, Poland: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Lewandowska, A. (2007). Turystyka uzdrowiskowa [Health Tourism]. Szczecin, Poland: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego

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Consumer participation in the health tourism innovation process

działalności innowacyjnej [Act of 29.07.2015 on certain forms of support for innovative activity], (Dz U. 05.179.1484). World Health Organization. Retrieved from Zuzda, J. G., Esteves, D., Pinheiro, P., O’Hara, K., Latosiewicz, R., & Bras, R. (2013). Awareness of ACSM Physical Activity Recommendations for Health Promotion among Portuguese and Polish College Students Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise. Supplement to the Official Journal of the ACSM , 45 (5).

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Overview of the main methods of service quality analysis

services. Diagnosis, determinants, segmentation, (in Polish), Akademia Ekonomiczna. Poznań. G ilmore , A. 2003. Services Marketing and Management , Sage, London. G oranczewski , B., P uciato , D. 2011. Application of Servqual questionnaire in the measurement of quality of hotel services , Pol. J. Sport Tourism, 18, 166-171. G uglielmetti M ugion , R. 2010. Management of the quality of services with a view to multi-channel: an integrated approach to measure customer satisfaction, (in Italian), PhD thesis. “Sapienza” Università Di Roma, Facolta‟ Di

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Strategic Goals of the European Union in Managing Health Safety

conditions? Journal of Education, Health and Sport, 6(2):223-237, eISSN 2391-8306. DOI , (accessed on 28th November 2018). Ślusarz B, Mitela-Grzybek A., 2013. Health safety of the inhabitants of the European Union with particular emphasis on the new financial perspective based on the example of Lubusz Voivodeship . Scientific and Methodological Review. Education for Safety, 4, 269-278, 271. Taranowicz I., 2010. Health and methods to deal with health threats. Sociological analysis . Oficyna Wydawnicza Arboretum, Wrocław

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Identification of the Needs and Expectations of University Students from Engineering Courses on the Example of a University in Poland

Performance-Based and Perceptions-Minus-Expectations Measurement of Service Quality. Journal of Marketing, 58(1), 125-131. Czajkowska, A., Ciuk, W., 2006. Estimation the quality level of services provided by a Housing Association . In Čorejowă, T., Borkowski, S., Quality Management of Services . Žilińskă Univerzita, Žilina, Slovakia, 76-81. Goranczewski, B., Puciato, D., 2011. Application of SERVQUAL questionnaire in the measurement of quality of hotel services. Pol. J. Sport Tourism, 18, 166-171. Ingaldi M., Kotus M., 2018. Assessment of customer

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Analysis of the Barriers to the Implementation of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): A Meta-Synthesis Approach

Research 2000-2004: A Systematic Review of Knowledge and A Meta-Evaluation of Methods. Journal of Sport and Tourism , 11 (1), 5-30. Xue, X. L., Shen, Q. P., and Ren, Z. M. (2010). Critical Review of Collaborative Working in Construction Projects: Business Environment and Human Behaviors. Journal of Management in Engineering , 26(4), 196-208. Yahyapour, S. (2012). The Conceptual Framework Knowledge Management Benefits of Using Meta-Synthesis. 67-92. Zhang, L. and Li, F. (2014). Risk/Reward Compensation Model for Integrated Project Delivery. Inzinerine

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