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On the Minimal Adequate Sampling Frequency of the Photoplethysmogram for Pulse Rate Monitoring and Heart Rate Variability Analysis in Mobile and Wearable Technology

Personalized Medicine , 7 (2). [11] Stahl, S.E., An, H.S., Dinkel, D.M., Noble, J.M., Lee, J.M. (2016). How accurate are the wrist-based heart rate monitors during walking and running activities? Are they accurate enough? BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine , 2 (1), e000106. [12] Wallen, M.P., Gomersall, S.R., Keating, S.E., Wisløff, U., Coombes, J.S. (2016). Accuracy of heart rate watches: Implications for weight management. PLoS One , 11 (5), e0154420. [13] Atlasz, T., Kellényi, L., Kovács, P., Babai, N., Thuróczy, G., Hejjel, L., Hernádi, I. (2006

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Independence Between Two Channels of Surface Electromyogram Signal to Measure the Loss of Motor Units

. (2010). Effects of strength training on muscle fiber types and size; consequences for athletes training for high-intensity sport. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports , 20 (Suppl 2), 32-38. [8] Larsson, L., Ansved, T. (1995). Effects of ageing on the motor unit. Progress in Neurobiology , 45, 397–458. [9] Rogers, M.A., Evans, W.J. (1993). Changes in skeletal muscle with aging, effects of exercise training. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews , 25, 65-102. [10] Porter, M.M., Vandervoort, A.A., Lexel, J. (1995). Aging of human muscle

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The Analysis of the Reliability and Factorial Validity in the Basic Characteristics of Isometric F-t curve of the Leg Extensors in Well Trained Serbian Males and Females

Research , 18, 878-884. Hakkinen, K. (1991). Force production characteristics of leg extensor, trunk flexor and extensor muscles in male and female basketball players. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness , 31, 325-331. Nešić, G. (2008). The structure of competitive activity in female volleyball players. In Faculty of Sport and Physical Education Yearbook. Belgrade, 14, 89-112. Rajić, B., Dopsaj, M., Abela, C.P. (2008). Basic and specific parameters of the explosive force of leg

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Quality of One-channel Telemetric ECG Sensor Signal in Maximum Exercise Stress Tests

death in sports. Journal of Athletic Training, 47 (1), 96-118. [16] Jan, M., Trobec, R. (2017). Long-term follow-up case study of atrial fibrillation after treatment. In 40th International Convention on Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO) , Opatija, Croatia. IEEE, 297-302. [17] Širaiy, B., Stanič, J.U., Poplas, A.S., Katkič, Z. (2018). Impact assessment of the morning gymnastics “1000 movements” via ECG and sport test. In 41st International Convention on Information and Communication Technologies

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Development of a Wearable Sensor System for Dynamically Mapping the Behavior of an Energy Storing and Returning Prosthetic Foot

properties of lower-limb prosthesis technology used in elite sport? - An initial investigation. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering , 6, 1-8. [25] Ossur UK Ltd. (2014). Ossur Prosthetic Solutions - 2014 Catalogue . . [26] Grabowski, A., McGowan, C., McDermott, W., Beale, M., Kram, R., Herr, H. (2009). Running-specific prostheses limit ground-force during sprinting. Biology Letters , 6, 201-204. [27] Boquete, L., Ascariz, J.M.R., Cantos, J., Barea, R., Miguel, J.M., Ortega, S., Peixoto, N. (2012). A

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Maximising Accuracy and Efficiency of Traffic Accident Prediction Combining Information Mining with Computational Intelligence Approaches and Decision Trees

factor analysis. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 20, 141-151. [31] Khattak A., Rocha M., 2003. Are SUVs “supremely unsafe vehicles”? Analysis of rollovers and injuries with sport utility vehicles, Transportation Research Record 1840, pp. 167-177. [32] Kohavi R., John G. H., 1997. Wrappers for feature subset selection, Artificial Intelligence 97 (1-2) 273-324 [33] Langley P., Iba W., Thompson K., 1992. An analysis of Bayesian Classifiers. In Proc. Of the 10th National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence, pages 223

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Analysis of Circular Development and Investment Possibilities (Transport, Energy and Building) Related to International Sports Event Planning

.164.5.27 [3] song t., wang y. Carbon dioxide fluxes from an urban area in Beijing. Atmospheric Research, Volume 106 (2012), pp. 139-149. [4] leopkey b., parent, mm. 2011. Olympic Games legacy: from general benefits to sustainable long-term legacy. The International Journal of the History of Sport. Volume 29 (2011), No. 6, pp. 924-943. [5] samuel s., stubbs w. Green Olympics, green legacies? An exploration of the environmental legacies of the Olympic

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