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European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation
The Journal of CiTUR Centre of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation
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Determinants of trip duration for international tourists in Norway; a parametric survival analysis

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Techniques employed to create event prestige value for corporate VIPs: the V.I.P. Framework

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Treading in the footsteps of literary heroes: an autoethnography

nonfiction. Qualitative Inquiry, 14, pp. 424-449 [15] Coghlan, A. & Filo, K. (2013) Using constant comparison method and qualitative data to understand participants’ experiences at the nexus of tourism, sport and charity events. Tourism Management, 35, pp. 122-1311 [16] Cohen, E. (1979). A phenomenology of tourist experience. Sociology, 13, pp. 179-201 [17] Collins-Kreiner, N. (2010). Researching pilgrimage: Continuity and transformations. Annals of Tourism Research, 37, pp. 440-456 [18] Connell, J. (2012) Film tourism – evolution, progress and

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Nightlife sector from a gender point of view: The case of Ibiza

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