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Evaluation of a Campus Service Quality Recreational Scale

quality performance? Journal of Service Research, 10 (1): 22-42. Denison, C.B. (2013) Perceptions of dimensions of service quality and recreational benefits in collegiate recreational sports programs, Doctoral Dissertation. University of Northern Iowa: Uni Scholar Works. Dhurup, M. (2014) Revisiting the salient dimensions of service quality in commercial health and fitness centres in South Africa: sport marketing. AJPHERD, 2 (20): 381-393. Edginton, C.R., Hudson, S.D., Dieser, R.B. & Edginton, S.R. (2004) Leisure programming: a service-centered and

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The Perception of Job-related Motivators When Choosing a Career in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry – A Comparative Study Between Polish and Spanish Students

:// , accessed: July 3, 2015. Chen, P-J., Choi, Y. (2008), Generational differences in work values: a study of hospitality management. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management , Vol. 20 (6), pp. 595–615. Chen, T-L., Shen, C–C. (2012), Today’s intern, tomorrow’s practitioner?—The influence of internship programmes on students’ career development in the Hospitality Industry. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education , Vol. 11 (1), pp. 29–40. Choi, Y. G., Kwon, J., Kim, W. (2013), Effects of attitudes vs

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Determinants of the Perceived Internship Effectiveness: Exploring Students’ Experiences

. (2008) A comparison of student and practitioner perspectives of the travel and tourism internship. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 7, 31–39 Brooks. L., Cornelius, A., Greenfield, E., Joseph, R. (1995) The relation of career-related work or internship experiences to the career development of college seniors. Journal of Vocational Behavior , 46: 332–349 Cheong A., Yahya N., Shen Q., Yen Yen A. (2014) Internship Experience: An In-Depth Interview among Interns at a Business School of a Malaysian Private Higher Learning

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The Analysis and Synthesis of Strategic Management Research in the Third Sector from Early 2000 Through to Mid-2009

-315. Barman E. A. - Asserting Difference: The Strategic Response of Nonprofit Organizations to Competition [in] Social Forces 80 (4), 2002, pp. 1191-1223. Bart C. K., Tabone J. C. - Mission statements in Canadian not-for-profit hospitals: Does process matter? [in] Health care management review 25 (2), 2000, pp. 45-63. Berrett T., Slack T. - A Framework for the Analysis of Strategic Approaches Employed by Non-profit Sport Organizations in Seeking Corporate Sponsorship [in] Sport Management Review 4 (1), 2001, pp. 21

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Is there a Nexus between Social Entrepreneurship and the Employability of Graduates?

sustainability. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 4(1), pp.23-39. [33] Minten, S., 2010. Use them or lose them: a study of the employability of sport graduates through their transition into the sport workplace. Managing Leisure, 15, pp.67-82. [34] Moleke, P., 2006. Employment experiences of graduates. Tshwane: Human Sciences Research Council. [35] Moleke, P., 2010. The graduate labour market. In: Moeketsi, L., Cosser, M., Breier, M. and Visser, M. (eds). Student retention and graduate destination: Higher education and labour

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Criteria for the Selection of Tourism Destinations by Students from Different Countries

-132. [21] Kim, K, Noh, I. and Jogaratham, G., 2007. College Student Travel: A Revised Model of Push Motives. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 13 (1), pp.73-85 [22] Kim, K-Y., Jogaratham, G., 2002. Travel Motivations: A Comparative Study of Asian International and Domestic American College Students. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 13 (4), pp.61-82. [23] King, C., Chen, N. and Funk D.C., 2015. Exploring Destination Image Decay: A Study of Sport Tourists’ Destination Image Change After Event Participation. Journal of Hospitality and

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Using ZMET for Investigating the Role of Social Media in the Employment Process

. Narcissism and social networking sites. Personality and Social Psychology Bulettin, 34(3), pp. 597-626. 7. Caers, R. & Castelyns, V., 2011. LinkedIn and Facebook in Belgium: the influences and biases of social network sites in recruitment and selection procedures. Social Science Computer Review, 29(4), pp. 437-448. 8. Chen, P.-J., 2010. Differences between male and female sport event tourists: A qualitative study. International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 29, p. 277-290. 9. Chen, P.-J., 2016. From fantasy to

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Investigating the Impact of Commitment, Satisfaction, and Loyalty of Employees on Providing High-Quality Service to Customer

effect of job satisfaction on employee loyalty. Journal of work and community , Vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 33-38 (In Persian) Saatchian, V.; Ghanbarpour, A.; Rasouli, S., & Poursoltani, H. (2012). The relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and internal service quality. Journal of Research in Sport and Behavior Management , Vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 137-147 (In Persian) Sun Jung, H., & Yoon, H. (2015). The impact of employees’ positive psychological capital on job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviors in the hotel

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Leader Power, Conflict Handling Styles, and Subordinate Compliance: A Study on Information Technology Professionals in Turkey

, MA Singh, K. (2012), Organizational behaviour: for Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Dorling Kindersly (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delphi, India. Singh K. 2012 Organizational behaviour: for Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Dorling Kindersly (India) Pvt. Ltd. New Delphi, India Sirin, E.K. (2008), Beden egitimi ve spor yuksekokulu yoneticilerinin liderlik stili ve catisma yonetimi stratejilerinin incelenmesi Dissertation Submitted to Gazi University, Physical Education and Sport Teaching Department. Sirin E.K. 2008 Beden egitimi ve spor yuksekokulu

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The Effectiveness of Promoting Tennis School Training Services Towards Consumer Interest in Tennis in Indonesia

Publication Morgan, A., Daryl Adair, Tracy Taylor & Antoine Hermens (2016). Sport Sponsorship Alliances: Relationship Management for Shared Value. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal. Vol. 4 Issue 4 pp. 270-283 Rizki, M.F., & Yasin, H. (2014). Pengaruh Promosi Dan Harga terhadap Minat Beli Perumahan Obama PT. Nailah Adi Kurnia Sei Mencirim Medan. Jurnal Manajemen & Bisnis Vol 14 No. 02 Oktober 2014 Selvia. (2015). Analisis Pengaruh Promosi Penjualan dan Word of Mouth terhadap Brand Awareness dan Keputusan

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