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Interrogating spaces of and for the dead as ‘alternative space’: cemeteries, corpses and sites of Dark Tourism.

, F. and T. Griffin (2013) ‘Pilgrims and patriots: Australian tourist experiences at Gallipoli’. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research , 7(3): 227-241. Clark, C. and M. Franzmann (2006) ‘Authority from grief, presence and place in the making of roadside memorials. Death Studies, 30: 579-599. Crandall, J.L. and D.L. Martin (2014) ‘The Bioarchaeology of Postmortem Agency: Integrating Archaeological Theory with Human Skeletal Remains’. Cambridge Archaeological Journal , 24: 429-435. Dann, G.M.S. (1994) ‘Tourism: the

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Does Multiculturalism Inhibit Intercultural Dialogue? Evidence from the Antipodes

cultural aspects associated with Anglo-Australian icons and norms, the ECCV radically eviscerated the list of core Australian values from seven to a skeletal three and thereby blew wind into the government’s sails. Finally, Australian multiculturalism was not the cause but a victim of this failed attempt at public and ICD. The Howard government was removed from office less than a year after the introduction of the citizenship test. Following a formal review, the Rudd Labor government removed the “cultural questions” from the Australian citizenship test, a situation

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