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X-Ray Microtomography (μCT) as a Useful Tool for Visualization and Interpretation of Shear Strength Test Results

References [1] FLANNERY B.P., DECKMAN H.W., ROBERGE W.G., D'AMICO K.L., Three-dimensional x-ray microtomography, Science , 1987, 237. [2] GASPARRE A., Advanced laboratory characterization of London clay , PhD thesis, 2005. [3] GREGOR T. et al., Correlating Micro-CT Imaging with Quantitative Histology, Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics , 2012. [4] HALL S.A., BORNERT M., DESRUES J., PANNIER Y., LENOIR N., VIGGIANI G., BESUELLE P., Discrete and continuum analysis of localised deformation in sand using X-ray _CT and volumetric digital image correlation

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