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Effects of skeletal muscle denervation on potency of rocuronium

Chem. 1988; 263:12878-85. 4. Ma J, Shen J, Garrett JP, Lee CA, Li Z, Elsaidi GA, Ritting A, et al. Gene expression of myogenic regulatory factors, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits, and GAP-43 in skeletal muscle following denervation in a rat model. J Orthop Res. 2007; 25: 1498-505. 5. Nosek MT, Martyn JA. Na+ channel and acetylcholine receptor changes in muscle at sites distant from burns do not simulate denervation. J Appl Physiol. 1997; 82: 1333-9. 6. Ibebunjo C, Martyn JA. Thermal injury induces greater

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Evaluation of dental and skeletal maturity using digital panoramic radiographs and digital cephalograms

The study of stages of development is important for interventional therapies, and treatment of trauma and accidents. It is also helpful in forensic identification. The best way to assess the growth and development is to assess skeletal maturity. Radiographs are effective tools for assessing bone maturity in dentistry. During growth, every bone goes through a series of ossification changes that can be seen radiologically. There are some exceptions, but the events are reproducible enough to provide a basis for comparison between different individuals [ 1 ]. Use

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Antiaging phenotype in skeletal muscle after endurance exercise is associated with the oxidative phosphorylation pathway

Physical activity can be described as a situation in which the skeletal muscles are used for any purpose that results in an increase in energy expenditure compared with the resting state [ 1 ]. Long-term physical activity is associated with a reduction of the morbidity and mortality rates in humans [ 2 , 3 ]. Numerous meta-analyses have shown that regular physical activity has a significant benefit by reducing the risk of mortality from all causes and from cardiovascular causes by 33% and 35% respectively in people without cardiovascular disease [ 4 ]; people

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Effectiveness of integrated nursing interventions for fatigue in patients with advanced cancer: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

fatigue in patients with terminal cancer. More well-conducted RCTs with lager sample sizes are needed. Ethics approval Not declared. Conflicts of interest All contributing authors declare no conflicts of interest. References 1 Kilgour RD, Vigano A, Trutschnigg B, et al. Cancer-related fatigue: the impact of skeletal muscle mass and strength in patients with advanced cancer. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle . 2010;1:177-185. 10.1007/s13539-010-0016-0 21475694 Kilgour RD Vigano A Trutschnigg B et al Cancer-related fatigue: the

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Unusual accessory peroneal muscles, peroneus quartus, peroneus digiti quinti, and their association with peroneus brevis tendon tear



Anatomic variation and supernumerary contents in the superior peroneal tunnel, and the prominence of the retrotrochlear eminence and peroneal tubercle are related to peroneal tendon disorders.


To investigate the prevalence, origin, and insertion of accessory peroneal muscles, the prominence of the retrotrochlear eminence and peroneal tubercle, and their association with peroneal tendon tears.


We examined 109 formalin-embalmed legs of cadavers from Thai donors. Accessory peroneal muscles and peroneal tendon tears were noted. Associations with peroneal tendon tears were evaluated using a χ2 test.


We found 48 accessory peroneal muscles comprising 13 peroneus quartus (PQ), 33 peroneus digiti quinti (PDQ), and 2 unusual muscles. All PDQ originated from the PB tendon and inserted on various parts of the 5th toe. The PQ originated mostly from the PB muscle belly and less from the tendinous part with various insertions on the retrotrochlear eminence, peroneal tubercle, cuboid, and dorsolateral surface of the 5th metatarsal base. Two unusual accessory muscles were identified, 1 coexisting with the PQ. A PB tendon tear was found in 13% of specimens. We found no association between the peroneal tendon tears and the accessory peroneal muscles, or prominence of the retrotrochlear eminence or peroneal tubercle.


The prevalence of PQ, PDQ, and unusual accessory peroneal muscles was concordant with previous findings. We noted a new type of unusual accessory peroneal muscle coexisting with the PQ. No association was found between peroneal tendon tears and the PQ, PDQ, or prominence of the retrotrochlear eminence or peroneal tubercle.

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Preoperative nutrition and postoperative liver function: a correlation study of pediatric living donor liver transplantation

was reported that perioperative nutritional support, including preoperative supplementation of branched chain amino acid (BCAA)-enriched nutrients as a late evening snack, immunonutrition, and early enteral nutrition, significantly improved the overall survival after LTx in patients with low skeletal muscle mass. 24 Further study is necessary to prove the benefits of nutritional intervention in the group of Chinese pediatric patients. The ALT, AST, GGT, and bile acid of the group whose GRWR was lower than 1% were higher than those of the group whose GRWR was

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Management of early mobilization in intensive care units: a multicenter cross-sectional study

.300.14.1685 Needham DM Mobilizing patients in the intensive care unit: Improving neuromuscular weakness and physical function JAMA 2008 300 1685 – 1690 7 Puthucheary Z, Rawal J, Ratnayake G, Harridge S, Montgomery H, Hart N. Neuromuscular blockade and skeletal muscle weakness in critically ill patients: Time to rethink the evidence? Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2012;185:911-917. 10.1164/rccm.201107-1320OE Puthucheary Z Rawal J Ratnayake G Harridge S Montgomery H Hart N Neuromuscular blockade and skeletal muscle weakness in

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Effect of respiratory training apparatus and vibration expectoration vest on expectoration in patients with lung cancer resection

confirmed this view. Some studies have pointed out that postoperative incision pain is also the main reason why the patient cannot forwardly and effectively remove respiratory tract secretions. 2 Postoperative lung cancer patients due to disease, trauma, infection, nervous system disease, dehydration, activity limitation, as a result of anesthesia for airway mucociliary movement, reduce the thick sputum, cough, weakness, cough reflex weakens lung tissue elasticity, 12 at the same time, postoperative wound pain can cause skeletal muscle nervous reflex, causing patients

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Sex determination in Northern Thai from crania by using computer-aided design software and conventional caliper methods

Sex determination from an unknown human skeleton to identify an individual is an important aspect of forensic anthropology. Although DNA analysis is the most reliable method to identify an individual, it requires special tools and time. One simple method to identify sex is by using the skeletal remains. The identification of sex from skeletal remains is 100% reliable [ 1 ] if the entire skeleton is present; however, skeletal remains are often incomplete or fragmented. To identify sex, several studies used various bones, such as the mandible [ 2 , 3 , 4

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Effect of Tinospora crispa on glucose uptake in skeletal muscle: role of glucose transporter 1 expression and extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 activation

:354-9. 5. Noor H, Ashcroft SJ. Pharmacological characterisation of the antihyperglycaemic properties of Tinospora crispa extract. J Ethnopharmacol. 1998; 62:7-13. 6. Noipha K, Purintrapiban J, Herunsalee A, Ratanachaiyavong S. In vitro glucose uptake activity of Tinospora crispa in skeletal muscle cells. Asian Biomed. 2008; 2:415-20. 7. Klip A, Marette A. Acute and chronic signals controlling glucose transport in skeletal muscle. J Cell Biochem. 1992; 48:51-60. 8. Sakamoto K, Goodyear LJ. Invited review: intracellular

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