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Anticancer activity of some new series of 2-(substituted)amino-1,3-thiazole derivatives

LITERATURE CITED 1. Schnurch, M., Waldner, Hilber, K. & Mihovilovic, M. D. (2011). Synthesis of 5-arylated N -arylthiazole-2-amines as potential skeletal muscle cell differentiation promoters. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett ., 21(7), 2149–2154. 2. Yadav, P.S., Devprakash & SenthilKumar, G.P. (2011). Benzothiazole: different methods of synthesis and diverse biological activities. Int. Pharm. Sci. Drug Res ., 3, 1–7. 3. Zaki, I., Abdelhameid, M.K., El-Deen, I.M., Wahab, A.H. A.A., Ashmawy, A.M. & Mohamed, K.O. (2018

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A long-term influence of anthropogenic alkalization on molluscs biodiversity in an area affected by cement industry, Świętokrzyskie Mountains, South-Central Poland

quantitative sentinel of predicted free lead concentrations in solis? Applied Soli Ecology, 22, 2, pp. 159–165. Brożek, S. & Zwydak, M. (2003). Polish Atlas forest soils. Centrum Informacyjne Lasów Państwowych 2003. (in Polish) Chétail, M. & Krampitz, G. (1982). Calcium and skeletal structures in mollusks: concluding remarks. Proceedings of the 7th. International Malacofauna Congress Malacologia, 22, (1–2), pp. 337–339. Degórski, M. (1998). Physico-chemical differentiation of the soil properties of pine and Mied pine forest habitats along a transect of

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Novel biocompatible transversal pneumatic artificial muscles made of PDMS/PET satin composite

., Vanderborght, B., Beyl, P. & Lefeber, D. (2012). Third-Generation Pleated Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Robotic Applications: Development and Comparison with McKibben Muscle. Adv. Robot . 26(11–12), 1205–1227. DOI: 10.1080/01691864.2012.689722. 5. Lee, Y.K. & Shimoyama, I. (2002, January). A multi-channel micro valve for micro pneumatic artificial muscle. In Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, 2002. The Fifteenth IEEE International Conference on (pp. 702–705). IEEE. 6. Lee, Y.K. & Shimoyama, I. (1999). A skeletal framework artificial hand actuated by pneumatic

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The essentiality of selenium for humans, animals, and plants, and the role of selenium in plant metabolism and physiology


After its discovery, selenium was most noted for its harmful effects. Selenium was the first element identified to occur in native vegetation at levels toxic to animals. Poisoning of animals can occur through consumption of plants containing toxic levels of selenium. Livestock consuming excessive amounts of selenized forages are afflicted with “alkali disease” and “blind staggers”. Typical symptoms of these diseases include loss of hair, deformed hooves, blindness, colic, diarrhoea, lethargy, increased heart and respiration rates, and eventually death. On the other hand, selenium deficiency in animal feeds can cause “white muscle disease”, a degenerative disease of the cardiac and skeletal muscles. In this regard, this review paper attempts to summarize the essentiality of selenium for humans, animals, and plants and the role of selenium in plant metabolism and physiology.

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The role of vitamins in the diet of the elderly I. Fat-soluble vitamins

. Wolfe, W. J. Ewans, The recommended dietary allowance from protein may not be adequate for older people to maintain skeletal muscle. Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences , 56. (2001) 373–380. [7] M. C. Chapuy, M. E. Arlot, P. D. Delmans, P. J. Meunier, Effect of calcium and cholecalciferol treatment for three years of hip fractures in elderly women. British Medical Journal , 308. (1994) 1081–1082. [8] J. Csapó, Zs. Csapó Kiss, Élelmiszerkémia [Food chemistry], Mezőgazda Kiadó, Budapest, 2004. [9] A

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