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Performance optimization of marine propellers

References Choi, Y.D., 2009. Application of Wide-Chord Tip and Spiral Skew to the Ship Propeller. Ph.D. Thesis, Chungnam National University, Korea. Carlton, J.S., 2007. Marine Propellers and Propulsion.Second Edition, Published by Elsevier Ltd. Kerwin, J.E. and Lee, C.S., 1978. Prediction of steady and unsteady marine propeller performance by numerical lifting surface theory. Soc. of Naval Arch. & Marine Eng., Trans. SNAME, 86, pp. 218-256. Lee, C.S., 1979. Prediction of steady and unsteady

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Optimization of energy saving device combined with a propeller using real-coded genetic algorithm

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A numerical parametric study on hydrofoil interaction in tandem

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An experimental investigation into cavitation behaviour and pressure characteristics of alternative blade sections for propellers

.D., Berberich, W. and Remmers, K.D., 1994. Cavitation performance analysis of naval surface ship propellers with standard and new blade sections. Proceedings of the 20th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics. Santa Barbara, California, USA 21-26 August 1994. Kawakita, C. and Hoshino, T., 1998. Design system of marine propellers with new blade sections. Proceedings of the 22nd Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics. Washington D.C., USA 9-14 August 1994, pp.110-126. Lee, J.-T., kim, M.C., Ahn, J.W. and Kim, H.C., 1993. Development of KD-propeller series

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