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Halal System in Meat Industries


Halal certification is one of the prerequisites for entering the global halal market. It does provide recognition of quality and safe product through the concept of halalan toyyiban for the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. In halal meat industry, the system covers from practicing good animal husbandry in the farm until the post-slaughter management in order to maintain the halal status. Animal welfare aspect and ante-mortem inspection were also highlighted in reducing the chances of slaughtering the injured or diseased animal which may not only affecting the meat quality but unhealthy for consumption. Rapid bleeding resulting from the slaughtering process will increases the shelf-life of the meat by reducing the risk of carcass contamination and product deterioration. As the concept of toyyiban (wholesomeness) is practice, the meat is free from any microbiological, physical and chemical hazards.

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Kinetics study on dried Moringa oleiferaleaves during sun drying, multi commodity solar tunnel dryer drying and oven drying


Moringa oleifera leaves are familiar to all, but unknowing that this leaves contain quite a lot of nutrient value which are useful for human body function. This plant’s leaves contain verities of antioxidant which inhabit & fight against free radical to cell of human body for preventing cancer. Moringa leaves need to dry for use through diversified use. Storage and processing quality depend on better dry. The purpose of this research isto identifying and examined performance of different types of dryer to dry Moringa oleiferaleaves. For Moringa dried leaves apply three common type of dryer i.e. sun dryer, multi commodity solar tunnel dryer and oven dryer. This study was conducted to introducing & used of Moringa oleifera leaves as ingredient of functional foods. Through this study the ration of time and moisture loss by several dryer are mentioned. Most of the dryer for temperature range 30°C to 70°C. In MCST dryer found better in color and dried rate as compared others, highest moisture loss in happed in MCST dryer and total removal moisture 75 %. At each dryer 40 g sample was taken. Frequently after 2 hours the dryers were observed and the Moringaleaves (sample 1, 2) were scatteredhomogenously into the baskets or salver. Moistnessreduction datawasnotedaftereach 2 hour breakswhile drying process running. The time and moisture contend will vary for based on the maturity of moringa leaves. In the closing moisture found at the final product was approximately 25 % and total 17.50 g. Optimum amount of moisture content increase shelf life, prevent loss of nutrition and protect form microbial spoilage.

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