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Dynamic Viscosity and Activation Energy of Wort During Fermentation and Storing

. - Andres-Iglesias, C. 2013. An approximate shelf life prediction of elaborated lager beer in terms of degradation of its iso-α-acids. In Journal of Food Engineering, vol. 116, 2013, pp. 138-143. Rao, M. a. - RIzvi , S. S. H. - Datta , A. K. 2005. Engineering properties of foods. 3rd ed. New York : CRC Press, 2005. 733 pp. Sahin, S. - Sumnu, S. G. 2006. Physical Properties of Foods. USA : Springer, 2006. 257 pp. VANDERHAEGEN, B. - NEVEN, H. - VERACHTERT, H. - DERDELINCKX, G. 2006. The chemistry of beer aging - a critical

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Determination of Sugar Content in Sugar Solutions using Interdigital Capacitor Sensor

References Berna, A. Z., Lammertyn, J., Saevels, S., Natale, C. D., Nicolai, B. M. (2004). Electronic nose systems to study shelf life and cultivar effect on tomato aroma profile. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical , 97 (2-3), 324-333. Beullens, K., Kirsanov, D., Irudayaraj, J., Rudnitskaya, A., Legin, A., Nicolai, B. M., Lammertyn, J. (2006). The electronic tongue and ATR-FTIR for rapid detection of sugars and acids in tomatoes. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical , 116 (1-2), 107

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The Effect of Calcium Chloride and Calcium Lactate on the Yielding of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Imbach

References [1] Miklus MB, Beelman RB. CaCl 2 treated irrigation water applied to mushroom crops (Agaricus bisporus) increases Ca concentration and improves postharvest quality and shelf life. Mycologia. 1996;88:403-409. [2] Beelman RB, Simons S. Addition of calcium chloride to irrigation water increases calcium content and improves quality of Agaricus mushrooms independent of inherent calcium content. In: Van Griensven LJLD, editor. Science and Cultivation of Edible Fungi. Rotterdam: Balkema; 2000:491-497. [3] Kukura JL, Beelman RB, Peiffer MW. Calcium

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Geometrical Features of Seeds of New Pumpkin Forms

oil in 12 cultivars. Food Chemistry , 139 (1-4), 155-161. Sosińska, E., Panasiewicz, M. (2012). Wpływ wilgotności pestek dyni na wybrane właściwości fizyczne. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum, Technica Agraria , 11 (3-4), 47-53. Veronezi, C. M., Jorge, N. (2012). Bioactive Compounds in Lipid Fractions of Pumpkin (Cucurbita sp.) Seeds for Use in Food. Journal of Food Science, 77 (6), 653-657. Vujasinovic, V., Djilas, S., Dimic, E., Romanic, R., Takaci, A. (2010). Shelf life of cold-pressed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) seed oil obtained with a screw

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Osmotic Dehydration of Apples Under Reduced Pressure Conditions

, 1-13. Shi, X.Q., Fito, P., Chiralt, A. (1995). Influence of vacuum treatment on mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of fruits. Food Research International, 22 , 445-454. Soliva-Fortuny, R.C., Belloso, O.M. (2003). New advances in extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits: a review. Trends in Food Science Technology, 14 , 341-353. Surma, M., Jałoszyński, K., Pasławska, M., Stępień, B. (2013). Analiza procesu suszenia papryki czerwonej w złożu fontannowym z nagrzewaniem mikrofalowym. Agricultural Engineering, 4 (147), 345-354. Wang

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Optimisation of Osmotic Dehydration of Plums

-Chanes. DEStech Publications, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, 275-295. Soliva-Fortuny, R.C., Belloso, O.M. (2003). New advances in extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits: a review. Trends in Food Science Technology , 14 , 341-353. Tarnowski, W. (2011). Optymalizacja i polioptymalizacja w technice . Wyd. Uczelniane Politechniki Koszalińskiej, Koszalin, ISBN 978-83-7365-273-6

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