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Biological evaluation of transdichloridoplatinum( II) complexes with 3- and 4-acetylpyridine in comparison to cisplatin

2002; 42: 317-25. 4. Reedijk J. Metal-ligand exchange kinetics in platinum and ruthenium complexes. Platinum Metals Rev 2008; 52: 2-11. 5. Wang, X. Fresh platinum complexes with promising antitumor activity. Anti- Cancer Agents Med Chem 2010; 10: 396-411. 6. Farrell N, Kelland LR, Robert JD. Van Beusichem M. Activation of the trans geometry in platinum antitumor complexes: a survey of the cytotoxicity of trans complexes containing planar ligands in murine L1210 and human tumor panels and studies on their

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Cisplatin and beyond: molecular mechanisms of action and drug resistance development in cancer chemotherapy

emerging as a new class of promising anticancer drugs. They show selective activity against certain cancer cells and low toxicity. Due to octahedral coordination sphere, ruthenium complexes have higher degree of specificity and size discrimination and exert lower toxicity and faster elimination from the body, in contrast to square planar geometry of platinum (II) compounds. Well known species NAMI-A and KP1019, which are currently in clinical trials, is opening new approaches in cancer treatment. The cellular targets of ruthenium compounds have not yet been identified

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