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Public Debt under Financial Crisis in the New EU Member States

References Aldrich W.W. (1949), The Management of the Public Debt, „Journal of Finance”, vol. 4, issue 1. Benigno P., Missale A. (2004), High public debt in currency crises: fundamentals versus signaling effects, “Journal of International Money and Finance”, vol. 23, issue 2. Dębski W. (1997), Akcje, obligacje i ich wycena, Absolwent, Łódź. Dooley M.P. (2000), Debt management and crisis in developing countries, “Journal of Development Economics”, vol. 63, issue 1. Easterly W

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Long-Term Borrowing and Intergenerational Redistribution of Public Debt. The Case of Central and Eastern EU Member States

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Fiscal Policy in European Union Countries in Time of the Economic Crisis – Attempt to Estimation

References Barro R.J. (1979), On the Determination of the Public Debt, “Journal of Political Economy”, Vol. 87, No. 5, Part 1. Begg D., Fiszer S., Dornbusch R. (2000), Makroekonomia, PWE, Warszawa. Blanchard O.J. (1985), Debt, Deficits and Finite Horizons, “Journal of Political Economy”, Vol. 93, No.2. Blanchard O.J. (1990), Suggestions for a New Set of Fiscal Indicators, OECD Department of Economics and Statistics Working Papers, No.79. Bohn H. (1995), The Sustainability of

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