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A Critical Review of the Dynamics of Government Debt Servicing in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe. 19. Government of Zimbabwe. (2013). Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio- Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET), October 2013-2018, Government of Zimbabwe. 20. Government of Zimbabwe. (2016). Public Debt Management ACT [CHAPTER 22:21]. Number. 4 of 2015. Harare: Printflow. 21. International Monetary Fund. Zimbabwe: Article IV Consultation, Staff Reports. Various years. Washington DC: International Monetary Fund. 22. International Monetary Fund. (1998). External Histories of Ten Low-Income Developing

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The Dynamics of Public and Private Debt in Ghana

Liberalization in Ghana.” Center for Policy Analysis, Accra, Ghana. Journal of International Development, Vol. 11, Issue 3, May/June 1999 35. Togo, E. (2007). “Coordinating Public Debt Management with Fiscal and Monetary Policies: An Analytical Framework.” September 2007. Policy Research Working Paper 4369, The World Bank Banking and Debt Management Department Debt Management Advisory Services. Retrieved from on September 06, 2017. 36. Vlad, C., Ibadula, B., & Brezeanu, P. (2016). How Taxes

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Involuntary Unemployment in a Neoclassical Growth Model with Public Debt and Human Capital

, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Diamond P. (1965) National debt in a neoclassical growth model, American Economic Review , 55: 1126-1150. Dixon H. (2000) New Keynesian economics: Theory and evidence, in: Backhouse R., Salanti A. (eds.) Theory and evidence in macroeconomics, Oxford: O. U. P.: 203-214. Farmer, K. (2006) Reducing public debt under dynamic efficiency: Transitional dynamics in Diamond’s OLG model, Atlantic Economic Journal, 34 (2), 195-208. Farmer, K. (2014) Enhancing GDP growth and employment: From unproductive public

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How Taxes Can Contribute to The Implementation of The Public Governance Strategy? – An Analysis for Eastern European Countries

, Monthly Report, March 2015 , 15-37 8. Dziemianowicz R. (2014), Independent Fiscal Institutions as a Tool of Fiscal Governance, Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy volume 9 issue 1, 2014 9. European Comission Report, Promoting good governance , 2014 10. Faure P. (2011), Public debt accumulation and institutional quality: can corruption improve welfare?, Ecnomics Bulletin, Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2011 11. Gradstein M. (2004), Governance and Growth, Journal of Development Economics

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Trade Competition Measurement and the Choice of Measurement Indexes

Economics, 46(4), 1196-1231 Höhenberger, N., Schmiedeberg C. (2008) Structural convergence of European countries, CeGE Discussion Paper, No. 75 Höhenberger, N.; Schmiedeberg, C. (2008): Structural convergence of European countries, CeGE Discussion Paper, No. 75 Jenkins R. (2008) Measuring the Competitive Threat from China for other Southern Exporters, The World Economy, 31(10), 1351-1366 Krugman P. (1991) Increasing Returns and Economic Geography, Journal of Political Economy, 99(3), 483-99 Lopes J., Lopes A., Sequeira T. (2014) Public Debt

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Public and Private Investment and Economic Growth: An Empirical Investigation

-Juárez I., García-Almada R. (2016) Public debt, public investment and economic growth in Mexico, International Journal of Financial Studies, 4(6), 1-14 Seed N., Hyder K., Ali A. (2006) The impact of public investment on private investment: A disaggregated analysis, The Pakistan Development Review, 4(2), 639-663 Shrestha M.B., Chrowdhury K. (2007) Testing financial liberalization hypothesis with ARDL modeling approach, Applied Financial Economics, 17(18), 1529-1540 Tchouassi G. (2014) Private capital and investment climate for economic growth: Empirical

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Governmental Liquidities Management 2008-2010

Lunch, De Nederlandsche Bank, Occasional Studies, Vol. 3/Nr. 2 (preliminary version published as: De Nederlandsche Bank (2004), The Costs of Payments: Survey on the Costs Involved in POS Payment Products, Working Group on Costs of POS Payment Products, March); 5. Cheney, J. (2006), "Supply- and Demand-Side Developments Influencing Growth in the Debit Market," Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; 6. Campanaro, A. and Vittas, D. (2004) ‗Greco-Roman Lessons for Public Debt Management and Debt Market

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