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Optimization Of Expression Conditions Of The Acetylesterase CE16 From Hypocrea Jecorina Encoded By A Synthetic Gene And Expressed In Escherichia coli Cells

References ADAV, S.S., RAVINDRAN, A., CHAO, L.T., TAN, L., SINGH, S., SZE, S.K.: Proteomic analysis of pH and strains dependent protein secretion of Trichoderma reesei . J. Proteome Res., 10, 2011, 4579 - 4596. BASHIRI, S., VIKSTROM, D., ISMAIL, N.: Optimization of protein expression in Escherichia Coli . Biopharm. J., 28, 2015, 42 - 44. BIELY, P., CZISZÁROVÁ, M., AGGER, J.W., LI, X.L., PUCHART, V., VRŠANSKÁ, M., EIJSINK, V.G., WESTERENG, B.: Trichoderma reesei CE16 acetyl esterase and its role in enzymatic degradation of acetylated

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The Effects of Combinatorial Chemistry and Technologies on Drug Discovery and Biotechnology – a Mini Review

−2341. LEVIN, A. M., WEISS, G. A.: Optimizing the affinity and specificity of proteins with molecular display. Mol. Bio. Syst., 2, 2006, 49-57. LOPEZ, M. F.: Better approaches to finding the needle in a haystack: Optimizing proteome analysis through automation. Electrophoresis, 21, 2000, 1082-1093. LOUDET, A., BURGESS, K.: BODIPY dyes and their derivatives: Syntheses and spectroscopic properties. Chem. Rev., 107, 2007, 4891-4932. MA, B., KUMAR, S., TSAI, C. J., NUSSINOV, R.: Folding funnels and binding mechanisms. Protein Eng

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