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Consumption of the Whole-Grain Rye Bread and Progression of Prostate Cancer

., Widmark, A., Johansson, A., Adlercreutz, H., Aman, P., Shepherd, M. J., Hallmans, G. (2000). Rye bran and soy protein delay growth and increase apoptosis of human LNCaP prostate adenocarcinoma in nude mice. Prostate , 42 (4), 304-314. Bylund, A., Lundin, E., Zhang, J. X., Nordin, A., Kaaks, R., Stenman, U. H., Aman, P., Adlercreutz, H., Nilsson, T. K., Hallmans, G., Bergh, A., Stattin P. (2003). Randomised controlled short-term intervention pilot study on rye bran bread in prostate cancer. Eur. J. Cancer. Prev ., 12 (5), 407

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Epidemiological, Clinical, Molecular Features and Early Detection Strategy of Most Frequent Hereditary Cancers in Latvia

patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). Human Mutation: Mutation in Brief , No. 705, Boltenberg, A., Furgyik, S., Kullander, S. (1990). Familial cancer agregation in cases of adenocarcinoma corporis uteri. Acta Obstet. Gynecol. Scand. , 69 , 249-258. Bratt, O. (2000). Hereditary prostate cancer. BJU Int.   85 (5), 588-98. Bülow, S

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Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency Among Patients After Kidney Transplantation in Latvia

. Endocrinol. Metab., 64 (6), 1165-1168. Mehrotra, R., Kermah, D., Salusky, I., Wolf, M.,Thadhani, R., Chiu, Y. W., Martins, D., Adler, S., Norris, K. (2009). Chronic kidney disease, hypovitaminosis D and the mortality in United States. Kidney Int. , 76 (9), 977-983. Meija, L., Ðitova, A., Zeltîte, R., Erdmane, D., Rafaels, R., Teibe, U., Lietuvietis, V., Lejnieks, A. (2010). Vitamin D intake and deficiency in men at risk of prostate cancer. Eur. Urol. Suppl., 9 (6), 536. Nigwekar, S.,U., Bhan, I., Thadhani, R. (2012

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Detection of Late-Onset Hypogonadism in Men with Chronic Internal Diseases

. (2008). Low serum testosterone and mortality in older men. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. , 93 (1), 68–75. Lester, J. F., Mason, M. D. (2015). Cardiovascular effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer. Drug Healthcare Patient Saf. , 7 , 129–138. Lunenfeld, B., Mskhalaya, G., Zitzmann, M., Arver, S., Kalinchenko, S., Tishova, Y., Morgentalerm, A. (2015). Recommendations on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of hypogonadism in men. The Aging Male, 18 (1) 5–15. Mancia, G., Fagard, R., Narkevich, K. et al. (2013). 2013 ESH/ESC Guidelines

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Improvement of the Fast Clustering Algorithm Improved by K-Means in the Big Data

) and contained measurements from biopsies of 30 DLBCL patients. Each sample was stained with three antibodies,: CD3, CD5, and CD19. The LunG data [ 44 ] consists of d = 1,000 dimensions with n = 197 lung cancer patients from k = 4 different factors. The Prostate data [ 45 ] consists of d = 12,600 dimensions with n = 102 prostate cancer patients from k = 2 different factors. The original data set from contained 97 men who haved prostate cancer and recorded the information of the patients. Table 3 The date information in the algorithm test

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Applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences in the war on cancer

.g. [ 55 , 56 ] for brain tumors). From the mathematical point of view it is necessary to define meaningful and robust measures of volumes, geometries, textures, etc., to be computed on images providing biomarkers of clinical relevance. Also, images are to be used as initial data for predictive mathematical algorithms able to simulate tumor evolution and provide therapy personalization. Another source of information are blood tests, which allow clinically relevant biomarkers (such as e.g. PSA levels in prostate cancer) to be directly measured. In recent years the

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