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Effectiveness of integrated nursing interventions for fatigue in patients with advanced cancer: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

psychoeducational randomized controlled trial J Pain Symptom Manage 2011 41 347 357 11 Chien CH, Liu KL, Chien HT, Liu HE. The effects of psychosocial strategies on anxiety and depression of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer: a systematic review. Int J Nurs Stud . 2014;51:28-38. 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.12.019 23398917 Chien CH Liu KL Chien HT Liu HE The effects of psychosocial strategies on anxiety and depression of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer: a systematic review Int J Nurs Stud 2014 51 28 38 12 Johnsen AT, Petersen MA

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Patient satisfaction with the level of being informed about the changes in Slovenian healthcare system

. Lessons from two decades of health reform in Central Asia. Health Policy and Planning. 2012; 27(4): 281–287. 9. Gupta D, Patel K, Lis CG. Self-rated health supersedes patient satisfaction with service quality as a predictor of survival in prostate cancer. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. 2015; 13: 137. 10. Friese CR, Lake ET, Aiken LH, et al. Hospital nurse practice environments and outcomes for surgical oncology patients. Health Services Research. 2008; 43(4): 1145

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Chemokine receptor 9 high-expression involved in the migration and invasion of the non-small-cell lung cancer cells

/CCL25 in cutaneous melanoma mediates preferential metastasis to the small intestine. Clin Cancer Res. 2008; 14:638-45. 9. Valdivia-Silva, Franco-Barraza J, Silva AL, Pont GD, Soldevila G, Meza I, et al. Garc_a-Zepeda EA. Effect of pro-inflammatory cytokine stimulation on human breast cancer: Implications of chemokine receptor expression in cancer metastasis.Cancer Lett. 2009; 283:176-85. 10. Singh S, Singh UP, Stiles JK, Grizzle WE, Lillard JW Jr. Expression and functional role of CCR9 in prostate cancer cell migration and invasion

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The anti proliferative effect of palm oil γ-tocotrienol involves alterations in MEK-2 and ERK-2 protein expressions in CaSki cells

omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids plus vitamin E restore immunodeficiency and prolong survival for severely ill patients with generalized malignancy: a randomized control trial. Cancer. 1998; 82:395-402. 8. Weinstein SJ, Wright ME, Pietinen P, King I, Tan C, Taylor PR, Virtamo J, Albanes D. Serum alphatocopherol and gamma-tocopherol in relation to prostate cancer risk in a prospective study. J Nat Cancer Inst. March 2005; 97:396-9. 9. Chin SF, Abdul Hamid NA, Mazlan M, Mohd Yusof YA, Wan Ngah WZ. Reduction of DNA damage in older

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Technical report. Accuracy of intensity-modulated radiation therapy dose calculations: verification based on-board conebeam CT imaging

J, Sonke JJ, Betgen A, Zijp L, Jaffray DA, et al. Automatic prostate localization on cone-beam CT scans for high precision image-guided radiotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2005; 63: 975-84. 10. Mageras GS, Mechalakos. Planning in the IGRT context: closing the loop. Semin Radiat Oncol. 2007; 17:268-77. 11. Melancon AD, O’Daniel JC, Zhang L, Kudchadker RJ, Kuban DA, Lee AK, et al. Is a 3-mm intrafractional margin sufficient for daily image-guided intensitymodulated radiation therapy of prostate cancer? Radiather Oncol. 2007

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Elevated urinary total sialic acid and increased oxidative stress in patients with bladder cancer

:155-60. 12. Wongkham S, Boonla C, Kongkham S, Wongkham C, Bhudhisawasdi V, Sripa B. Serum total sialic acid in cholangiocarcinoma patients: an ROC curve analysis. Clin Biochem. 2001; 34:537-41. 13. Hobarth K, Hofbauer J, Fang-Kircher S. Plasma sialic acid in patients with prostate cancer. Br J Urol. 1993; 72:621-4. 14. Dunzendorfer U, Katopodis N, Dnistrian AM, Stock CC, Schwartz MK, Whitmore WF, Jr. Plasma lipid bound sialic acid in patients with prostate and bladder cancer. Invest Urol. 1981; 19:194-6. 15. Oztokatli A

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Dosimetry of conformal dynamic arc radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy in unresectable cholangiocarcinoma

with hepatocellular carcinoma and radiation-induced liver disease. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2003; 56:229-34. 7. Milano MT, Chmura SJ, Garofalo MC, Rash C, Roeske JC, Connell PP, et al. Intensity-modulated radiotherapy in treatment of pancreatic and bile duct malignancies: toxicity and clinical outcome. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2004; 59:445-53. 8. Verellen D, Linthout N, Soete G, Van Acker S, De Roover P, Storme G. Considerations on treatment efficiency of different conformal radiation therapy techniques for prostate cancer

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Brief communication (Original). Multimodal imaging fiducial markers for kinematic measurement of joint models

, Hur WJ, Yoon JH, Kim TH, et al. Clinical usefulness of implanted fiducial markers for hypofractionated radiotherapy of prostate cancer. J Korean Soc Ther Radiol Oncol. 2011; 29:91-8. 5. Cloutier G, Soulez G, Quanadli SD, Allard L, Qin Z, Cloutier F, et al. A multimodality vascular imaging phatom with fiducial markers visible in DSA, CTA, MRI, and ultrasound. Med Phys. 2004; 31:1424-33. 6. Dennis DA, Komistek RD, and Mahfouz MR. In vivo fluoroscopic analysis of fixed-bearing total knee replacements. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2003; 410

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Efficacy of differential non-invasive approaches in determining the clinical course in patients with Crohn’s disease

geographic differences. World J Gastroenterol. 2006; 12:3673-7. 29. Amarapurkar DN, Patel ND, Rane PS. Diagnosis of Crohn’s disease in India where tuberculosis is widely prevalent. World J Gastroenterol. 2008; 14: 741-6. 30. Balachandar V, Lakshman Kumar B, Sasikala K, Manikantan P, Sangeetha R, Mohana Devi S. Identification of a high frequency of chromosomal rearrangements in the centromeric regions of prostate cancer patients. J Zhejiang Univ Sci. 2007; B 8: 638-46. 31. Mendoza J.L, Murillo L.S, Fernandez L, Pena A.S, Lana

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Cross-sex hormone use does not increase cardiovascular risk in young male-to-female transsexuals: a study of self-medication by healthy Thai cabaret dancers

menopausal women. Several clinical studies, including those reported by the Women Health Initiative (WHI) the Postmenopausal Estrogen/ Progestin Intervention (PEPI) Trial, Heart and estrogen/progestin replacement study follow-up (HER II), indicated harmful adverse effects of estrogen and progesterone and an association with cancer and cardiovascular risks [ 5 - 7 ]. Female hormones have also been used by male patients for various purposes including the use CSH in patients with aromatase insufficiency, prostate cancer, and MtF transsexuals [ 1 , 8 , 9 ]. While the use of

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