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Nation branding in the Middle East - United Arab Emirates (UAE) vs. Qatar

:// . Ham V., P. (2008). Place Branding, the State of the Art. ANNALS of the American Academy, 616, 1-24. Hazime, H. (2011). From City Branding to E-Brands in Developing Countries: an Approach to Qatar and Abu Dhabi, African Journal of Business Management, 5(12) , 4731-4745. Kotler, P., Gertner, D. (2002). Country as a Brand, Product and Beyond: A Place Marketing and Brand Management Perspective. The Journal of Brand Management, 9 , 249-261. Kotler, P., Haider, D., Rein, I. (1993). Marketing Places attracting

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Branding European countries in the aftermath of important political transitions

European Union. SURVEY: 21/03/2003 to 30/03/2003 ANALYTICAL REPORT: 11/04/2003. Florek, M. (2005). The country brand as a new challenge for Poland, Place Branding; Houndmills, 1(2) (Mar), pp. 205-214. Gardner, S. & Standaert, M. (2003). Estonia and Belarus: Branding the Old Bloc. Brand Channel. Gnoth, J. (2002). Leveraging export brands through a tourism brand, Journal of Brand Management, 9(4/5), pp. 262-280. Kotler, P. and Gertner, D. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: a place marketing and

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Corporate and country image: a bilateral relationship

(2), 361-386. Kotler, P. & Gertner, D. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective, Brand Management, 9(4-5) 249-261. Kostova, T. & Roth, K. (2002). Adoption of an Organizational Practice by Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations: Institutional and Relational Effects, Academy of Management Journal, 45, 2002, 215-233. Laroche, M., Papadopoulos, N., Heslop, L.A. & Mourali, M. (2005). The influence of country image structure on consumer evaluations of foreign products

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Attractive Investment Images in Southeastern Europe: the Case of Varna, Bulgaria

)location decisions, Journal of Business Research , 44 (3): 211-222 MacKinnon, D., Phelps, N.A., 2001. Devolution and the territorial politics of foreign direct investment, Political Geography , 20, 353-379 Metaxas, T., 2006. Implementing Place Marketing Policies In Europe: A Comparative Evaluation Between Glasgow, Lisbon and Prague. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning , 1 (4): 399-418 Metaxas T., 2003. The image of the city as a ‘good’: The creation of a city's promotional

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Challenges of Nation-Branding for Stimulation of Latvian Exports

.htm Van der Steina, A. (2012). Latvijas kā tūrisma vietas mārketinga darbības efektivitāte. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Latvia). (in Latvian) Vilcina, A., Grinberga-Zalite, Mazure, G., & Dumpe, E. (2016). Opportunities for Development of Organic Milk Production and Processing in Latvia. Engineering for Rural Development, 15, 102-108. Vira, R., Lingerberzins E., Strele I. & Fogelmanis, K. (2012). National Identity in Latvia for Effective Place Marketing. West East Journal of Social Sciences, 1(1), 1-10. Vozņuka, J

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Reframing place-based economic development in South Africa: the example of local economic development

Binns, T., 2002a: Decline and Response in South Africa’s Free State Goldfields: Local Economic Development in Matjhabeng. In: Third World Planning Review, Vol. 24, pp. 249-269. Nel E. and Binns, T., 2002b: Place Marketing, Tourism Promotion and Community-based Local Economic Development in Post-apartheid South Africa: The Case of Still Bay - the “Bay of Sleeping Beauty”. In: Urban Affairs Review, Vol. 32, pp. 184-208. Nel, E. and Binns, T, 2003: Putting ’Developmental Local Government’ into Practice: The Experience of South Africa

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Perception of the role of culture in the development of small cities by local governments in the context of strategic documents – a case study of Poland

-2020 (Development Strategy for the Municipality of Płońsk for the Years 2015-2020 - in Polish). Warszawa: Europejski Instytut Marketingu Miejsc: BEST PLACE (Warsaw: European Place Marketing Institute: BEST PLACE - in Polish). Available at: (DoA: 16.06.2017). Strategia rozwoju gminy Nowa Sól - miasto na lata 2012-2022 (Development Strategy for the Municipality of Nowa Sól for the Years 2012-2022 - in Polish). Poznań: Lider Projekt Sp. z o.o. Available at: http

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