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Performance Agent Groups in the Promotion of Smart Economic Growth

University of Agriculture. [4] Bovaird, T. & Loffen, E., eds. (2009). Public management and Governance. 2nd ed. Abingdonon-Thames: Routledge. [5] Draskovic, M. & Streimikiene, D. (2017). Foreword. In Sustainable Development: Crisis or Regulation? (pp. 19-23). Podgorica: ELIT. [6] Heinrich, C. J. & Lynn, J. R., eds. (2000). Governance and Performance. New Perspectives. Washington: Georgetown University Press. [7] Graham, J., Amos, B., Plumptre, T. (2003). Principles for Good Governance in the 21th Century

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Influence of Lubricating Oil Improvers On Performance of Crankshaft Seals

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Michalczewski R., Szczerek M., Tuszyński W., Wulczyński J.: A four-ball machine for testing anti-wear, extreme-pressure properties, and surface fatigue life with a possibility to increase the lubricant temperature . Tribologia 1/2009, pp.113-127 2. Laber A.: Modifying the operating conditions of friction pairs with solid lubricant based additives. Tribologia 5/2011, pp.137-145 3. Girtler J.: A method for evaluating the performance of a marine piston internal combustion engine used as the main engine on a ship during its

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-483. Bakht J., Ahmad S., Tariq M., Akbar H., Shafi M., 2006 - Performance of various hybrids of sunflower in Peshawar valley.J. Agric. Sci., 3: 25-29. Barros J.F.C., Carvalho M. de, G. Basch, 2004 - Response of sunflower ( Helianthus annuus L.) to sowing date and plant density under mediterranean conditions.Europ. J. Agron., 21: 347-356. Beg A., Aslam M., 1984 - Sunflower production practices.Progressive Farming, 4: 14-19. Bilal H., 2004 - Enhancing Edible Oil Production. Daily Dawn.October, 18, 2004

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Effect of Some Factors on Performance Value Assessment of Stallions During Performance Tests

References Czerwińska M., Mroczkowski S., Bohaczyk M. (2008). Acomparison of conformity of jumping abilities marks obtained by half-bred stallions during performance tests in Training Centre in Biały Bór in the period of 2002-2006. Rocz. Nauk. PTZ, 4: 9-15. Ducro B.J., Koenen E.P.C., Van Tartwijk J.M.F.M., Bovenhuis H. (2007). Genetic relations of movement and free-jumping traits with dressage and show-jumping performance in competition of Dutch Warmblood horses. Livest. Sci., 107: 227-234. Duensing J.K., Stock

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Analysis of longterm trends in the performance of dairy cows on low-input mountain farms

milk. Czech J Anim Sci 54: 65-73. Cempírková R, Mikulová M, Trávníček J (2009): Counts of psychrotrophic bacteria in cow's raw milk samples from the aspect of technological quality. J AgroBiol 26: 113-121. Etherington WG, Kinsel ML, Marsh WE (1996): Relationship of production to reproductive performance in Ontario dairy cows: herd level and individual animal descriptive statistics. Theriogenology 46: 935-959. Frelich J, Pecharová E, Klimeš F, Šlachta M, Hakrová P, Zdražil V (2006

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Dietary Effects of Algerian Sodium Bentonite on Growth Performance and Biochemical Parameters in Broiler Chickens

PLUS) for protecting full-term broilers from aflatoxicosis. J.App. Poult.Res ., 15(2): 198-206, Cabuk, M., Alcicek, A., Bozkurt, M. & Akkan, S. (2004). Effect of Yucca schidigera and natural zeolite on broiler performance. Int.J.Poult.Sci ., 3(10): 651-654, DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2004.651.654 Cera, K.R., Mahan, D.C., Cross, R.F., Reinhart, G.A. & Whitmoyer, R.E. (1988). Effect of age, weaning and posweaning diet on small intestinal growth and jejunal morphology in young swine. J.Anim.Sci., 66(2): 574-584, DOI: 10.2527/jas

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Effects of dietary phytogenic product on the performance and immune response of pigs

References 1. Allan P., Bilkei G.: Oregano improves reproductive performance of sows. Theriogenology 2005, 63 , 716 721. 2. Ambore B., Ravikanth K., Maini S., Rekhe D.S.: Haematological profile and growth performance of goats under transportation stress. Vet World 2009, 5 , 195 198. 3. Gatne M.M., Patil R., Ravikanth K., Shivi M.: Evaluation of immunomodulatory effect of Stresroak Premix in broiler chickens. Vet World 2010, 3 , 122 125. 4. Ghosal S., Lal J., Srivastava R., Bhattacharya

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Enhancement of the Corporate Environmental Performance

. Budapest (in Hungarian) HOFSTETTER, P. (1998): Perspectives in Life Cycle Impact Assessment. A Structured Approach to Combine Models of the Technosphere, Ecosphere and Valuesphere. Kluwers Academic Publishers HOLMAN, W. R., NEW, J. R., & SINGER, D. (1985): The impact of corporate social responsiveness on shareholder wealth. In L. Preston (Ed.), Research in corporate social performance and policy, vol. 7: 137-152. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. ISO 14001: Environmental management systems. Specification with guidance for use (ISO 14001

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Performance Analysis of Air-to-Water Heat Pump in Latvian Climate Conditions

References x1. European Parliament and Council, 2010. Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings. [Online]. [Accessed: 15.05.2014.] Available: 2. Çakır, U., Çomaklı, K., Çomaklı, Ö., Karslı, S. An experimental exergetic comparison of four different heat pump systems working at same conditions: As air to air, air to water, water to water and water to air. Energy, 2013, vol. 58, pp. 210-219.

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The Effect of Combined Feed Additives on Growing Pigs’ Performance and Digestive Tract Parameters

References Bael B.A., Roxas D.B. (2013). Effects of yeast-based non-nutritional enhancers on the performance of weanling pigs. Philippines J. Vet. Anim. Sci., 39: 71–80. Barszcz M., Taciak M., Skomiał J. (2011). A dose-response effects of tannic acid and protein on growth performance, caecal fermentation, colon morphology, and β-glucuronidase activity of rats. J. Anim. Feed Sci., 20: 613–625. Barszcz M., Taciak M., Skomiał J. (2016). The effects of inulin, dried Jerusalem artichoke tuber and a multispecies probiotic preparation on microbiota

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