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Analysis of Systems Ensuring the Acquisition of Real-Time Cartographic Navigation Information

Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended, IMO Resolution MSC.282(86) (adopted on 5 June 2009). United Kingdom, 2009. [4] Performance standards for electronic cart display and information systems (ECDIS). IMO Resolution A.817 (19). United Kingdom, International Maritime Organization, 1995. [5] IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data . IMO S-57 standard, International Maritime Organization, 2000. [6] Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects Of ECDIS . IMO S-52 standard, International Hydrographic Organization, 2014. [7

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Differential Evaluation of Crew Functional Effectiveness

R eferences [1] D. O'Hare, Human Performance in General Aviation . ISBN 0-291-39852-9. Ashgate. 1999. [2] A. E. Diehl, “The effectiveness of training programs in preventing aircrew error”, Paper Presented at the 22nd International Seminar International Society of Air Safety Investigators, Canberra, Australia, November 1991, pp. 640–656. [3] R. Jensen, C. Tasoluk, H. Marshall, and M. Sanders, “FCS Intelligent Structured Training – Experimental Results and Future Applications”, in Interservice

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Airline Quality Assessment Methodology Taking Into Account the Flight Safety Level Based on Factor Analysis


In this article, the authors offer a methodology for determining the quality of airline performance by taking into account the level of flight safety on the basis of factor analysis and the results of methodology approbation in the conditions of a functioning airline. The assessment of the level of airline performance quality taking into account the level of flight safety within a certain time span is rather sensitive, informative and reliable. They allow us to detect those changes in industrial and economic conditions and factors that are related to a certain degree of potential deterioration of flight safety. This creates conditions for revealing the tendencies towards the deterioration of flight safety at the stage of their origin, when they have not yet caused deep, irreversible changes in the flight safety of an airline.

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Method for Determining Volumetric Efficiency and Its Experimental Validation

, and O. S. Söğüt, “A Comparative Performance Analysis of Endoreversible Dual Cycle Under Maximum Ecological Function and Maximum Power Conditions,” Exergy, An International Journal , vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 173–185, Jan. 2002. [7] R. Ebrahimi and M. Sherafati, “Thermodynamic Simulation of Performance of a Dual Cycle With Stroke Length and Volumetric Efficiency,” Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry , vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 951–957, Apr. 2012. [8] W. Pulkrabek

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Wing and Engine Sizing by Using the Matching Plot Technique

: Aircraft Weight and Balance Control , Washington, D.C., 2005. [Online]. Available: [4] A. Urbahs and A. Barovs, “Peculiarities of Calculating the Main Performance Characteristics of the Remotely Piloted “LARIDAE” Aircraft Transport Means,” in Proceedings of the International Conference , 2015, pp. 474–477. [5] European Aviation Safety Agency, Certification Specifications, CS-VLA , 2009. [Online]. Available: [6] European Aviation Safety Agency, Certification

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Investigation of Flow Field Around the Pointed Cowl Air Intake at Mach 2.0

R eferences [1] S. Das and J. K. Prasad, “Unstart Suppression and Performance Analysis of Supersonic Air intake Adopting Bleed and Cowl Bending,” Journal of institution of engineers , vol. 91, pp. 27–35, Mar. 2010. [2] S. Das and J. K. Prasad, “Starting Characteristics of a Rectangular Supersonic Air Intake With Cowl Deflection,” Aeronautical Journal , vol. 114, pp. 177–189, May 2010. [3] S. Das, “Cowl Deflection Angle in a Supersonic Air Intake,” Defence Science Journal , vol. 59, no. 2, pp. 99

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Plotting the Flight Envelope of an Unmanned Aircraft System Air Vehicle

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Flight Safety During the Aircraft’s Motion Along the Runway Line

Means – Proceedings of the International Conference, Kaunas, 24-25 October, 2013, pp. 246–249. [5] Human Performance and limitation: JAA ATPL training / Atlantic Flight Training. Neu-Isenburg, Germany: Jeppesen, 2004. [6] Mass and Balance, JAA ATPL Training . Neu-Isenburg, Germany: Jeppesen, 2004. [7] B. Etkin and L. Duff Reid, Dynamics of flight: stability and control . 3 rd ed., Hoboken (N.J.): Wiley, 1996. [8] P. J. Swatton, The principles of flight for pilots . Chichester, U.K.: John Wiley, 2011.

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Dynamic Model of Aircraft Landing

, Hoboken (N.J.): Wiley, 1996, p. 400. [8] A. M. Mhittarjan, Dinamika poleta. Moskva: Mashinostroenie, 1978. (in Russian) [9] V. A. Bodner, Sistemi upravlenija letateljnimi apparatami, Moskva: Mashinostroenie, 1973. (in Russian) [10] R. V. Sakac, Bezopasnostj poletov. Мoskva: Тransport, 1989, p. 237. (in Russian) [11] Human Performance and limitation: JAA ATPL training/ Atlantic Flight Training, 2nd Ed., Neu-Isenburg: Jeppesen, 2007. [12] Z. T. Krohin, F. I. Skripnik and V. Z. Sestakov

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Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of Aircraft during Landing in Crosswinds

bezopasnosti poletov v grazdanskoi aviacije Rossiskoi federacije v 2013” godu. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: March 28, 2015]. [5] Ministerstvo Transporta Rossijskoj federacii, “Informacija bezopasnostji poletov No 21.” [Online]. [Accessed: March 28, 2015]. [6] R. V. Sakac, Bezopasnostj poletov. Мoskva: Тransport, 1989, p 237. [7] Human Performance and limitation: JAA ATPL training/ Atlantic Flight

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