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Reengineering of production processes and its impact on the financial situation and business performance of the company

as well as their performance have become a daily job of all employees of an organisation and, especially, managers. The current approach to business management focuses on the improvement of business processes. Therefore, companies are increasingly shifting their attention to the performance of internal business processes to improve corporate performance ( Sujová et al., 2016 ). Production has a decisive influence on the operation of a company, its position in the market and the competitiveness of the manufactured products. Effective manufacturing processes are

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Influence of Modern Process Performance Indicators on Corporate Performance — the Empirical Study

Introduction Corporate performance management presents a way of motivation and management by objectives characterised using quantitative performance indicators. Besides the application of traditional methods in business, successful economic development and market environment development also require the application of new modern methods adapted to contemporary market needs. One modern approach is based on corporate performance evaluation by measuring the performance of internal processes ( Sujová, 2013 ). Business processes are objects of the process approach

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Performance evaluation of continuous miner based underground mine operation system: An OEE based approach

REFERENCES Elevli, S. and Elevli, B., 2010. Performance measurement of mining equipments by utilizing OEE. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 15(2), p.95. Government of India, Ministry of Coal. (2018). Chapter-6, Coal and Lignite production, Annual Report 2017-18. Available at: (Accessed: 30 June, 2019) Government of India, Ministry of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines. (2017). Indian Minerals Yearbook 2017 (Part-III, Mineral reviews). Available at: https

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

Introduction This paper continues the research started by Závadský, Korenková, Závadská, Kadárová and Tuček (2019) . The previous research was based on the most frequently used key performance indicators worldwide. This paper uses the same indicators but also offers a deeper view of theory and practical implications, which is a novelty. The paper has several research objectives. The first objective is to identify the group of indicators that are most widely used in the manufacturing area worldwide. The second objective is to identify the responsibility and

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Framework of performance measurement practices in construction companies in Egypt

L iterature Abd Elhamid, M., & Ghareeb, S. (2011). Measuring Performance in Egyptian Construction Firms Applying Quality Management Systems. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management , 1 (2), 18-27. Ahmad, S., Svalestuen, F., Andersen, B., & Torp, O. (2016). A Review of Performance Measurement for Successful Concurrent Construction. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 226 , 447-454. Aho, M. (2009). A Capability Maturity Model for Corporate Performance Management. An Empirical Study in Large Finnish Manufacturing

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CRM influence on organisational performance — the moderating role of IT reliability

to research the effects of the CRM on organisational performance, using a new approach that considers the role of IT reliability. However, it seems that a solid relationship exists between the implementation of the CRM management method and the use of IT solutions supporting this method. Clearly, the ability of CRM to influence the organisational performance should not be perceived as only related to the implementation of IT solution support as this approach seems inadequate ( Chen and Popovich, 2003 ). IT solutions may be very useful in the support and

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The influence of a goal programming approach for safety management practices on the performance of a selected Indian construction organization

Reference Beriha, G.S., Patnail., B. Mahapatra, S.S., 2011. Safety performance evaluation of Indian organizations using data envelopment analysis , Benchmarking: An International Journal, 18(2), 197-220. Cheng, E.W.L., Li, H., Fang, D.P., Xie, F., 2004. Construction safety management: An exploratory study from department of building and real estate, Construction Innovation, 4, 224–229. Devendrakumar, P., Jha, K.N. 2015., Safety Performance Assessment of a Construction Site Using Construction Safety Index: Evidence from Indian Construction

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The Relationship between Environmental Uncertainty and Enterprise Performance. A Fuzzy-Set Analysis

References Al-Tuwaijri, S., Christensen, T. and Hughes, K. (2004). The relations among environmental disclosure, environmental performance, and economic performance: a simultaneous equations approach. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 29, pp. 447-471. Ansoff, HI (1987). The emerging paradigm of strategic behavior. Strategic Management Journal, 8, pp. 501-515. Aragón-Correa, J.A. and Rubio-López, E.A. (2007). Proactive corporate environmental strategies: myths and misunderstandings. Long Range Planning 40

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Business Performance Measurements in Asset Management with the Support of Big Data Technologies

References [1] D. Baglee, M. Knowles and S. Kinnunen, “A Proposed Maintenance Strategy for a Wind Turbine Gearbox Using Condition Monitoring Techniques”, International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 386-403, 2016. [2] J. Lee, J. Ni, D. Djurdjanovic, H. Qiu and H. Liao, “Intelligent prognostics tools and e-maintenance”, Computers in Industry, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 476-489, 2006. [3] T. Taticchi, F. Tonelli and L. Cagnazzo, “Performance Measurement and Management: A Literature

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Internal marketing and organisational performance of SMEs in the EDV industrial sector

., & Sharma, B. (2001). The impact of internal marketing activities on external marketing outcomes. Journal of Quality Management , 6 (1), 61-76. Barnes, B. R., & Morris, D. S. (2000). Revising quality awareness through internal marketing: an exploratory study among French and English medium-sized enterprises. Total Quality Management , 11 (6), 473-483. Bouckaert, G., & Peters, B. G. (2002). Performance Measurement and Management – The Achilles’ Heel in Administrative Modernization. Public Performance and Management Review , 25 (4), 359-362. Carson

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