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Critical Soft Factors for Optimum Performance of Maintenance Operations

References Abdallah, A. B. (2013). The Influence of Soft and Hard Total Quality Management (TQM) Practises on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in Jordanian manufactiuring Companies. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(21), 1. Abdullah, M. M. B., Uli, J., and Tari, J. J. (2008). The influence of soft factors on quality improvement and performance: Perceptions from managers. The TQM Journal, 20(5), 436-452. Abdullah, M. M. B., Uli, J., and Tarí, J. J. (2009). The relationship of performance with soft factors and quality

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Effective Factors on Project Success in Malaysian Construction Industry

. Project management journal, 30(4), 25-32. Bakar, A., Hassan, A., Abd Razak, A., Abdullah, S., and Awang, A. (2009). Project management success factors for sustainable housing: a framework. Barber, E. (2004). Benchmarking the management of projects: a review of current thinking. International Journal of Project Management, 22(4), 301-307. Barclay, C. and Osei-Bryson, K.-M. (2010). Project performance development framework: An approach for developing performance criteria & measures for information systems (IS) projects. International Journal of

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Comparative Analysis of Analytical and Discrete-Event Simulation Models of Assembly Line Systems

References Ingemansson, A., Ericsson, J., and Bolmsjö, G. (2003). Increasing Performance Efficiency in Manufacturing Systems with Production Improvement Techniques and Discrete-Event Simulation. 17th International Congress of Mechanical Engineering . Sweden. Banks, J., Carson, J. S., Nelson, B. L., and Nicol, D. (2010). Discrete-Event System Simulation , 5ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Curry, G. L. and Feldman, R. M. (2011). Manufacturing Systems Modeling and Analysis . Heidelberg, Berlin: Springer. Diamond, S. G. (n

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Contract Awards Disparity among Multinational and Indigenous Construction Companies

. (1988). Contractual Arrangements and the Performance of the Nigerian Construction Industry (The structural components). Journal of construction management economics , 6(1), 3-11. Anyanwu, J. C., Oyefusi, A., Oaikhenan, H., and Dimowo, F. A. (1997). The Structure Of The Nigerian Economy (1960-1997) . Proceedings of the Nigerian Journal , 14(8) Joanee Educational Publishers Ltd: Onitsha Ogbu, C. P. (2011). Risk management practices of multinational and indigenous construction companies in Nigeria: A comparative analysis. Journal of Research in National

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The Influence of Project Manager’s Age on Project Success

References Allen, M., Alleyne, D., Farmer, C., McRae, A., and Turner, C. (2014). A framework for project success. Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development , 5(2), 1-17. Retrieved from . Amin, S. and Kamal, Y. (2016). Impact of natural born leader qualities on the project team performance: The influences of demographics (gender and age). International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics , 3, 306-318. Retrieved from . Baccarini, D. (1999). The logical

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Analysis of the Barriers to the Implementation of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): A Meta-Synthesis Approach

., Escamilla, E., and Lockwood, C. (2015). Comparison of Construction Manager at Risk and Integrated Project Delivery Performance on Healthcare Projects: A Comparative Case Study. International Journal of Construction Education and Research , 11(1), 40-53. Birnleitner, H. (2013). Influence of Macro-environmental Factors To The Process of Integrating A Foreign Business Entity. In MIC 2013: Industry, Science and Policy Makers for Sustainable Future; Proceedings of the 14th International Conference, Koper, 21-23 November 2013, 387-400. Campbell, R., Pandora, P

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The Impact of Project Management Methodologies on Project Success: A Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry

, and does it matter to project success?. International journal of project management , 28 (7), 650-662. PMI. (2017). A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) , 6th ed. Newtown Square: Project Management Institute. PMI. (2014). PMI’s pulse of the profession: The high cost of low performance . Newtown Square: Project Management Institute. Available at: [Accessed: 15 Jun. 2017]. PMI. (2013). A guide to the

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Making Formwork Design Lean

. International Journal of Production Economics, 135(1), 333-344. Eberlein, R. and Peterson, D. (1992). Understanding models with Vensim. European Journal of Operational Research, 59(1), 216-219. Fazio, P., He, H. S., Hammad, A., and Horvat, M. (2007). IFC-based framework for evaluating total performance of building envelopes. Journal of Architectural Engineering, 13(1), 44-53. Forrester, J. W. (1961). Industrial Dynamics. Pegasus Communications, NY. Gallego, E., Fuentes, J. M., Ramírez, A., and Ayuga, F. (2011). Computer simulation of complex

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Assessment of Risk Management Maturity of Construction Organisations in Joint Venture Projects

. International Journal of Project Management, 20, 593-599. Algahtany, M., Alhammadi, Y., and Kashiwagi, D. (2016). Introducing a new risk management model to the Saudi Arabian construction industry. Procedia Engineering , 145, 940-947. Aniekwu, A. N. and Okpala, D. C. (2006). Contractual Arrangements and the Performance of the Nigerian Construction Industry (Structural component). Construction Management and Economics, 3-11. Augustine, I. E., Ajayi, J. R., Ade, B. A., and Edwin, A. A. (2013). Assessment of Risk Management Practices in Nigerian

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Design of Composite Gyrocopter Main Rotor Blade Involving Rib and Spar Elements

-412. doi: 10.18280/ijht.35Sp0155 Hossein, R., Heyder, M. N. S., and Alireaza, A. (2014). Mechanical performance of Epoxy/Carbon fiber laminated components. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites , 33(8), 733-740. Leihong, L. (2008). Structural design of composite rotor blades with consideration of manufacturability, durability, and manufacturing uncertainties . PhD Thesis, School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology. doi: 10.1177/0731684413518255. Mallick, P. K. (2008). Fiber reinforced composites materials, manufacturing

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