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Influence of Biodiesel from Egyptian Used Cooking Oil on Performance and Emissions of Small Diesel Engine

References [1] Shirneshan, A., Brake torque of a diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel and diesel , International Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2(6), pp. 242-246, 2013. [2] Zakiya, S. M., Roces, S. A., Dugos, N. P., Promentilla, M. P. A., Shioji, M., Emissions and Performance of Diesel Engine Fueled with Waste Cooking Oil Methyl Ester Diesel Blends , Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment, 5 (1), pp. 73-77, 2015. [3] Sankar, A. V., Praveen, R., John, B., Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Running on

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Reengineering of production processes and its impact on the financial situation and business performance of the company

as well as their performance have become a daily job of all employees of an organisation and, especially, managers. The current approach to business management focuses on the improvement of business processes. Therefore, companies are increasingly shifting their attention to the performance of internal business processes to improve corporate performance ( Sujová et al., 2016 ). Production has a decisive influence on the operation of a company, its position in the market and the competitiveness of the manufactured products. Effective manufacturing processes are

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Influence of Modern Process Performance Indicators on Corporate Performance — the Empirical Study

Introduction Corporate performance management presents a way of motivation and management by objectives characterised using quantitative performance indicators. Besides the application of traditional methods in business, successful economic development and market environment development also require the application of new modern methods adapted to contemporary market needs. One modern approach is based on corporate performance evaluation by measuring the performance of internal processes ( Sujová, 2013 ). Business processes are objects of the process approach

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Numerical Investigation of Channel Geometry on the Performance of a Pem Fuel Cell

References Chian M.S. and Chu H.S. (2006): Transient behavior of CO poisoning of the anode catalyst layer of a PEM fuel cell . - J. Power Sources, vol.160, pp.340-352. Kuo J.K., Yen T.S. and Che C.K. (2008): Improvement of performance of gas flow channel in PEM fuel cells. - Energy Conversion and Management, vol.49, pp.2776-2787. Larminie J. and Dicks A. (2003): Fuel Cell System Explained . - 2nd ed. Wiley. Miansari Me., Sedighi K., Amidpour M., Alizadeh E. and Miansari Mo. (2009

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Analytical Investigation and Improvement of Performance of a Proton Exchange Membrane (Pem) Fuel Cell in Mobile Applications

References Amphlett J.C., Baumert R.M., Mann R.F., Peppley B.A. and Roberge P.R. (1995a): Performance modeling of the Ballard Mark IV solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell. I - mechanistic model development. - Electrochemical Science and Technology, vol.142, pp.1-8. Amphlett J.C., Baumert R.M., Mann R.F., Peppley B.A. and Roberge P.R. (1995b). Performance modeling of the Ballard Mark IV solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell. II - empirical model development. - Electrochemical Science and Technology, vol.142, pp.9

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Microstructural Investigations of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Obtained by Pressure Application within the First 24 Hours of Hardening

References [1] P.C. Aitcin, High Performance Concrete . E and FN: Spon, London, 1998. [2] A. Jain, “High Performance Concrete Research and Practice”, Proc. Construction Management and Materials, I.I.T, 2003, Kharagpur, Jan 9-11, p. 450-560. [3] K.H. Khayatand, P.C. Aitcin, “Silica fume in concrete: an overview”, Fourth CANMET/ACI International Conference on Fly ash, Silica fume, slag and natural pozzolans in concrete, SP-132, V.2.1992. 835. Guide for use of silica fume, 1996, 234R-96 ACI Publications

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Influence of Al-W-B Recycled Composite Material on the Properties of High Performance Concrete

.conbuildmat.2011.11.026 [6] O. Gencel, A. Bozkurt, E. Kam, and T. Korkut, “Determination and calculation of gamma and neutron shielding characteristics of concretes containing different hematite proportions,” Ann. Nucl. Energy , vol. 38, no. 12, pp. 2719–2723, Dec. 2011. [7] R. N. Swamy, The Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete . Routledge, 1998. [8] S. Ahmad and S. Shah, High Performance Concrete: properties and applications . McGraw-Hill, 1994. [9] A. Mittal and P. C. Basu, “Development of HPC for PC

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

Introduction This paper continues the research started by Závadský, Korenková, Závadská, Kadárová and Tuček (2019) . The previous research was based on the most frequently used key performance indicators worldwide. This paper uses the same indicators but also offers a deeper view of theory and practical implications, which is a novelty. The paper has several research objectives. The first objective is to identify the group of indicators that are most widely used in the manufacturing area worldwide. The second objective is to identify the responsibility and

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Comparative Analysis of Buckling Load of Circular and Corrugated Tubes by Utilizing Key Performance Indicators

Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol.37, No.10, pp.1578-1586. [18] Yu T.X., Xiang Y., Wang M. and Yang L.M. (2014): Key performance indicators of tubes used as energy absorbers . – The 12th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Engineering Plasticity and its Applications (AEPA2014), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 6-10 September. [19] as accessed on August 31, 2016. [20] Pilkey W.D. (2002): Analysis and Design of Elastic Beams. – New York: Wiley.

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Framework of performance measurement practices in construction companies in Egypt

L iterature Abd Elhamid, M., & Ghareeb, S. (2011). Measuring Performance in Egyptian Construction Firms Applying Quality Management Systems. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management , 1 (2), 18-27. Ahmad, S., Svalestuen, F., Andersen, B., & Torp, O. (2016). A Review of Performance Measurement for Successful Concurrent Construction. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 226 , 447-454. Aho, M. (2009). A Capability Maturity Model for Corporate Performance Management. An Empirical Study in Large Finnish Manufacturing

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