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Comparative Study on Educational Management in Public and Private Institutions in the Twin Cities of Pakistan

of honor. Total Quality Management, 5(6), 375-390. Muralidharan, K., & Kremer, M. (2006).Public and private schools in rural India.Harvard University, Department of Economics, Cambridge, MA. Narang, R. (2012). How do management students perceive the quality of education in public institutions?.Quality Assurance in Education, 20(4), 357-371. Ploom, K and Haldma, T. (2012), “Balanced performance management in the public education system”, Baltic Journal of Management, Vol. 8 No. 2, pp. 183-207 PROBE

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Evaluation Study of Early Formal Education Teacher Competence in Early Childhood Learning Dance at Kindergartens in Malang, Indonesia

References Adnan Hakim, (2015). Contribution of Competence Teacher (Pedagogical, Personality, Professional Competence and Social) On the Performance of Learning. IJES. Volume 4, Issue 2, PP.01-12. Bertschy, Franziska, Christine Künzli, Meret Lehmann. (2013). Teachers’ Competencies for the Implementation of Educational Offers in the Field of Education for Sustainable Development. Sustainability 2013, 5, 5067-5080; doi:10.3390/su5125067. Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No 74 of 2008, accessed on May 4, 2007 Law of the

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Exploring factors related to college student expertise in digital games and their relationships to academics

recreational video game play on children’s and adolescents’ cognition. New Directions for Child & Adolescent Development , 139, 41-50. Bodill, K., & Roberts, L. D. (2013). Implicit theories of intelligence and academic locus of control as predictors of studying behaviour. Learning & Individual Differences , 27, 163-166. Chamorro-Premuzic, T., & Furnham, A. (2003). Personality predicts academic performance: Evidence from two longitudinal university samples. Journal of Research in Personality , 37(4), 319. Cheng, M.-T., & Annetta, L. (2012). Students

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Think big: learning contexts, algorithms and data science

:// Leboeuf K. (2016). What happens in one internet minute?. Excelacom. Retrieved from Lemberger, P., Batty, M., Morel, M., Raffaëlli J. (2015), Big Data et machine learning: Manuel du data scientist, Paris: Dunod Marr, B. (2015). Big Data: Using SMART big data, analytics and metrics to make better decisions and improve performance. Chichester (UK):John Wiley & Sons. Manyika J. et al. (2011). Big data: The next frontier for innovation

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