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Journalism and the political structure
The local media system in Norway

political power in Scandinavian societies. The extent to which local journalism meets community information needs, however, depends on its infrastructure, output and performance ( Napoli et al., 2017 ). Media systems The concept of a system is based on the assumption that the parts that make up a system are involved in necessary and dependent relationships ( Hardy, 2008 ). While the idea of systems has been criticised for being too deterministic in outlining relationships of dependency and stability ( Flew & Waisbord, 2015 ), with particular criticism towards the

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Walking Through, Going Along and Scrolling Back
Ephemeral mobilities in digital ethnography

(6): 943-958. Jørgensen, K. M. (2016). The media go-along: Researching mobilities with media at hand. MedieKultur. Journal of Media and Communication Research , 32(60): 32-49. Retrieved from . [Accessed 2018, March 20]. Keightley, E. & Reading, A. (2014). Mediated mobilities. Media, Culture & Society , 36(3): 285-301. Kozinets, R. (2010). Netnography: Doing ethnographic research online . London: SAGE. Kuhn, A. (2010). Memory texts and memory work: Performances of

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Local Journalism when the Journalists Leave Town
Probing the news gap that hyperlocal media are supposed to fill

; Nygren & Althén, 2014; O’Donnell & Hutchinson, 2011 ; Pew Research Center, 2015). Democracy as we know it cannot function without journalists monitoring the elected politicians in power on all political levels – nationally, regionally and locally ( Barnett, 2009 ; Barnett & Townend, 2014 ; Strömbäck, 2015 ; Truedson, 2015 ). Depending on how news coverage might be affected by an editorial absence – certain topics could become more frequent at the expense of others and reliance on official sources might increase – this effect on news performance (as detailed in the

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Issue Salience on Twitter During Swedish Party Leaders’ Debates

in the street as well as the consequences of having a foreign labour force. Consequently, it is the predominant framing of an issue that relates it to one of the two dimensions. Table 1 Coding of political issues discussed in the debates Policy dimension Issue Topics discussed Left/right Economy and labour market The state’s economy and labour market (e.g. unemployment, budget deficit, taxes) Left/right School Educational attainment, school performance, private schools and profits, class sizes, grades etc. Left

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Emerging Forms of Hyperlocal Media
The case of Finland

, competitive pressure and financial performance: The case of Finland. Journal of Media Business Studies , 8(3): 19−50. 10.1080/16522354.2011.11073525 Grönlund M. & Björkroth T. 2011 Newspaper market concentration, competitive pressure and financial performance: The case of Finland Journal of Media Business Studies 8 3 19 50 Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2016). Hip to be hyper Digital Journalism 4(2): 193−210. 10.1080/21670811.2014.1002859 Hess K. & Waller L. 2016 Hip to be hyper Digital Journalism 4 2 193 210 Leckner, S. & Nygren, G

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Hyperlocal Media in the Nordic Region

. Digital Journalism, 3(1): 116–131. 10.1080/21670811.2014.928107 Schmitz Weiss A. 2015 Place-based knowledge in the twenty-first century: The creation of spatial journalism Digital Journalism 3 1 116 131 Schwartz, R. & Halegoua, G. R. (2015). The spatial self: Location-based identity performance on social media. New Media & Society, 17(10): 1643–1660. 10.1177/1461444814531364 Schwartz R. & Halegoua G. R. 2015 The spatial self: Location-based identity performance on social media New Media & Society 17 10 1643 1660 Shaw, D. (2007

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Control over Stories of Illness and Life
The case of a career media participant turned media professional

a certain expertise, an exemplary status in the eyes of audiences and followers and a degree of personal exposure of their lives. This status can be exchanged not only for public voice and for visibility but also for revenue such as bloggers promoting products and various kinds of performance fees. A career, although an unconventional one, seems to be articulated in this form of labour for various financial and nonfinancial remuneration. In the case of ‘Karen’, a career media participation was exchanged for a career as a professional communications worker. Her

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Local Media Ecologies
Social media taking the lead

investigated with an ecological perspective concern local media infrastructure, how stories develop and travel in local society, and the performance of different actors in the local media system in relation to the needs of local society and democracy ( Napoli et al., 2017 ). The purpose of this article is to describe local media ecosystems in Sweden and how they are changing due to media development while focusing on the growing role of social media platforms like Facebook. The article analyses the position of actors within local media ecology using the responses from the

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Viable, Sustainable or Resilient?
Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem

the gaps from declining legacy media ( Nygren et al., 2017 ). They find hyperlocals and legacy media need the same factors for success: dense areas and an advertising base. They find that “hyperlocal is more a question about the relationship to the local society than a question about technical platforms” ( Nygren et al., 2017 : 47). In the Netherlands, a study of 123 hyperlocals find good content performance and an entrepreneurial spirit but that running a sustainable business in the long term is hard ( Van Kerkhoven & Bakker, 2014 ). The business and revenue

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Logistics Performance And Management Of Logistics System Safety

REFERENCES Álvarez-Santos, J., Miguel-Dávila, J.- Á., Herrera, L., Nieto, M., 2018. Safety Management System in TQM environments . Safety Science 101, 135-143. Athar, M., Shariff, A.M., Buang, A., Shaikh, M.S., See, T.L., 2019. Inherent safety for sustainable process design of process piping at the preliminary design stage . Journal of Cleaner Production 209, 1307-1318. Farid, A., Abdel-Aty, M., Lee, J., 2019, Comparative analysis of multiple techniques for developing and transferring safety performance functions . Accident Analysis

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