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” mindset, which seems to have made a majority of scholars in SSH content with their mediocre performance. Second, the rising importance of, and hence the emphasis on, SSH is inevitable, following the growing complexities and interaction of different, but integral parts, of the emerging economy of Vietnam. More often a long-standing impasse creates persistent pessimism among the public, industry leaders, or even policymakers. This is unfortunate and unnecessary since life has its own upbeat sentiment, even right when one is most pessimistic. Therefore, the

seven times. It is alarming that nearly one-third of the total number of universities offering economics programs across Vietnam have published only one economics-related article in 2018. Two factors could explain this phenomenon. The first is the sub-optimal research performance of lecturers, indicated by the disproportionate rate of lecturers to scientific publications in economics. For example, in 2018, Foreign Trade University and National Economics University recorded four and nine economics- related publications respectively even though the two

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and disrupt sustainability. In short, no matter what will be done, I think the transparency needs to be the top priority. If necessary, recruitment should be publicized or even done through international recruitment agencies. In my university, all positions are recruited via international recruitment agencies. After being recruited, there will be performance reviews annually. The evaluation is based on international publication in journals within rank A, B, C according to international standards. This performance review system creates tremendous pressure

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