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Paper discusses results of experimental research aimed at developing of an anti-graffiti paint system for passenger rail vehicles which fulfill the requirements of coating flammability characteristics according to EN 45545-2+A1:2015-12. The most important element of effective fire protection is the use of fire-resistant materials limiting the spread of fire and smoke in rolling stock. Coating system has to meet requirements in the field of fire properties with maintaining the desired performance parameters, such as protective and decorative properties. The development works that are the subject of this article were started by testing standard coating system flammable properties. Next stage of research was to modified fire properties of polyester putty. The tests have shown the effectiveness of the use of a protective paint that allows meeting the requirements in the field of fire safety. In addition, measurements of the corrosion resistance of anti-graffiti coatings were made.


Assurance of the supervised conditions in all processes affects directly both products and users safety and environmental influence. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in Operation point require from organisations to implement and control the planned processes by establishing processes’ criteria, assuring the supervised conditions and verifying processes’ conformity. Moreover, in Planning section it is required to plan the processes with the consideration of quality and environmental risk. Therefore research on the practical solutions of operational planning and control in the production processes are of the crucial meaning, especially from the perspective of the integrated fulfilment of the requirements. That is why the value of the paper is being constituted by the authorial methodology of identification of the key-operational criteria, including integrated risk assessment, using the computer support and being a starting point for assurance of the supervised conditions in the key-processes of high risk. The worked out methodology has been implemented in the processes of performance and completing the stirrups, which quality is of the huge influence on the work safety of the mine roadway supports in the mine workings. The aim of the analysis was to identify the operational parameters in the stirrups technological process, to estimate their meaning and to point at the key operational criteria from the point of fulfilling the quality and environmental requirements. Practical implication of the proposed methodology can be applied in case of any organisation which wants to improve the realised processes ensuring the computer supported supervised conditions.

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