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Regional Disparities on The New Silk Road: Some Thoughts about Regional Convergence

., The Scylla and Charybdis of regional policy, Problems of Economic Transition (2009), 51(12), pp. 58–77. Hájek O., Regionální disparity a regionální politika: Česká republika programovém období 2007–2013 [Regional Disparities and Regional Policy: the Czech Republic in the Programming Period 2007–2013], Žilina 2011. Hudec O., Prochádzková M., Visegrad countries and regions: innovation performance and efficiency, Quality, Innovation, Prosperity (2015), 19(2), pp. 55–72. Jeong H.Y., Jang J.H., Effects of regional development policies on the resolution

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Parliamentarism Versus Semi-Presidentialism in the Baltic States: The Causes and Consequences of Differences in the Constitutional Frameworks

Performance in Thirty-Six Countries . New Haven: Yale University Press. Linz, J. J. 1990. The perils of presidentialism. Journal of Democracy , 1(1), pp. 51–69. Linz, Juan J. 1994. Presidential or parliamentary democracy: does it make difference? In Linz, J. J., Valenzuela, A. (eds.) The Failure of Presidential Democracy . Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, pp. 3–87. Lukošaitis, A. 1998. Prezidentas Lietuvos politinėje sistemoje: vietos ir galios paieškos. Politologija , 2(12), pp. 38–56. Matsuzato, K., Gudžinskas, L. 2006. An eternally unfinished

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The Impact of the EU on Agencification and Depoliticisation in Lithuania

. 108-127. Nakro šis, V. and Bankauskaitė-Grigaliūnienė, S., 2015. Lietuvos viešojo administravimo pokyčiai ir es poveikis: agentūrizacija ir depolitizacija. Politologija , 1(77), pp. XX-XX. Nakrošis, V. and Budraitis, M., 2012. Longitudinal change in Lithuanian agencies: 1990–2010. International Journal of Public Administration , 35, pp. 820-831. Nakrošis, V. and Martinaitis, Ž. eds., 2011. Lithuanian Agencies and Other Public Sector Organisations: Organisation, Autonomy, Control and Performance . Vilnius: Vilnius University. Nakro šis, V

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Insights into intra-party decision-making in Latvia’s political parties

-party democracy, political performance and the survival of party leaders: Austria, 1945-2011. Party Politics. 21(4), pp. 930-943. Katz, R. and Mair, P. (1995) Changing Models of Party Organization and Party Democracy: The Emergence of the Cartel Party. Party Politics. 1(1), pp. 5-28. Katz, R. and Mair, P. (1993) The Evolution of Party Organizations in Europe: The Three Faces of Party Organization. American Review of Politics. 14(4), pp. 593-617. Kitschelt, H. (2000) Citizens, Politicians, and Party Cartelization: Political

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Perceptions of Populism: Analysis of Media Discourse in Latvia

(1). Taggart, P. (2000). Populism (Open University Press, Buckingham and Philadelphia). Taguieff, P.A. (1995). Political science confronts populism: From a conceptual mirage to a real problem. Telos , 103. Van Kessel, S. (2013). A matter of supply and demand: The electoral performance of populist parties in three European countries. Government and Opposition , Vol. 48 (2). Vossen, K. (2010). Populism in the Netherlands after Fortuyn: Rita Verdonk and Geert Wilders Compared. Perspectives on European Politics and Society , Vol. 11 (1

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The quantitative and qualitative analysis of public administration reforms in post-communist countries

Administration, Public Performance & Management Review, 37(4), pp.577-604. Peters, B.G. (Ed.), 2008. Mixes, Matches and Mistakes: New Public Management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics. Open Society Institute, Budapest. Pollitt, C. and Bouckaert, G., 2011. Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis - New Public Management, Governance, and the Neo-Weberian State. 3rd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Potůček, M. and Rudolfová, V., 2016. Rivalry of Advocacy Coalitions in the Czech Pension Reform, The NISPAcee

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Why and How Supranational Institutions Became Central Stakeholders in the Eurozone Debt Crisis 2008–2012?

European sovereign and subprime mortage losses? Public Policy Brief , No. 121. Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. Lane, P. (2010). Rethinking national fiscal policies in Europe. In: R. Baldwin, D. Gros, L. Laeven, (eds.) Completing the Eurozone Rescue: What More Needs To Be Done ? London: Centre for Economic Policy Research. Lijphart, A. (1999). Patterns of Democracy: Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries. Yale University Press. Lipset, S. M. (1959). Some Social Requisites of Democracy: Economic Development and Political

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Perceived Magnitude of Unemployment: A Dark Horse in the Literature on Public Attitudes Towards Governmental Responsibilities to the Unemployed?F

change in the silver age of the welfare state. European Societies , 6(1), pp.29–48. Thomas, W.I. and Thomas, D.S., 1929. The Child in America: Behavior Problems and Programs , New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Van Oorschot, W., 2006. Making the difference in social Europe: Deservingness perceptions among citizens of European welfare states. Journal of European Social Policy , 16, pp.23–42. Van Oorschot, W. and Meuleman, B., 2012a. Welfare performance and welfare support. In S. Svallfors, ed. 2012. Contested Welfare States: Welfare Attitudes in Europe and

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