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Hospital volunteering experiences suggest that new policies are needed to promote their integration in daily care: Findings from a qualitative study

after authorization from medical staff if tasks go beyond what is regulated by the association. Therefore, there is the need to recognize when the task requires appropriate authorization: ‘In theory, we could not feed. However, we can help with this activity with staff indication if they determine there is no danger as it is a necessity’ (I 7). They have reported that volunteers have the responsibility to update their skills to be ready to manage difficult situations and increase their performance. They have also emphasized the flexible nature of volunteering

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Relationship between the cost of weights and the success of hospital performance from 2006 to 2009

Povezava med višino cene uteži in uspešnostjo poslovanja bolnišnic v letih 2006-2009

Cilj poslovanja bolnišnic, ki so organizirane kot javni zavodi, ni ustvarjanje dobička, ampak izvajanje dejavnosti, za katero so bile ustanovljene. Z izpeljavo tega načela lahko predpostavimo, da bodo bolnišnice stremele k doseganju minimalnega presežka prihodkov nad odhodki, in sicer ne glede na višino sredstev, ki jih prejmejo. Akutna bolnišnična obravnava se plačuje po sistemu skupin primerljivih primerov (SPP). V sistemu SPP zaradi zgodovinskega toka dogodkov bolnišnice prejemajo različno visoka sredstva za enake opravljene storitve, kar lahko vpliva na uspešnost njihovega poslovanja. Izbrani vzorec zajema 15 bolnišnic, ki so organizirane kot javni zdravstveni zavodi in izvajajo zdravstveno dejavnost le na sekundarni ravni. Obstaja povezava med višino cene uteži, ki jo posamezni izvajalec prejme po sistemu SPP, in presežkom prihodkov nad odhodki posameznega izvajalca (Spearmanov rho = 0,52, p=0,000). Zanimivo pa je dejstvo, da je ob upoštevanju enotne cene uteži in prilagoditvi izkazov nanjo poslovanje bolnišnic bolj neenakomerno kot ob različnih cenah uteži, standardni odklon presežka prihodkov pa se poveča za 59 %. Glede na navedeno je treba razmisliti o dokončnem poenotenju cen uteži v slovenskih bolnišnicah.

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The development of diagnosis related group system in healthcare

Razvoj sistema skupine primerljivih primerov v zdravstvu

Članek podaja vsebinski in časovni pregled razvoja sistemov plačevanja po skupinah primerljivih primerov. Sistem je bil sprva uveden kot managersko orodje za znižanje stroškov in povečanje učinkovitosti. Sistem plačevanja skupin primerljivih primerov je sledil razvoju medicine in sodeloval v izgradnji sistema kakovosti in varnosti bolnikov. V zadnjih letih so v nekaterih državah že pričeli poplačevati kakovost zdravstvenih izidov. Sodobni trend celostne obravnave bolnikov bo zahteval ponovno prilagoditev sistema plačevanja v zdravstvu.

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Measuring quality in primary healthcare – opportunities and weaknesses

1 Introduction High quality primary care is essential for all stakeholders, e.g. patients, professionals and local and national healthcare authorities. The relatively easy access to data from electronic patient records, which can be combined with information collected from other sources, has made it common to use this type of data both for professional quality improvement and for payment systems like pay-for-performance ( 1 ). In recent years, the use of quality indicators in pay-for-performance systems has increased ( 2 , 3 ). General practitioners (GPs

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Exposure to mental load and psychosocial risks in kindergarten teachers

work is mentally so demanding that it probably can’t be done for years with the same performance”), they were divided in two categories (mentally demanding; not mentally demanding). The general linear model (t-test) and non-linear (Chi-square test) were employed. Data analysis was performed by using SPSS-24; the results of all the tests were considered sta¬tistically significant whenever their p-value was lower than 0.05. 3 Results The sample size included 287 kindergarten teachers. The largest group of respondents was aged 45 and older ( Table 1 ). Over 50% of

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Drinking Patterns and Behavioral Consequences: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Romanian University Students

.588 < 0.05 Problems related to academic performance 5.07± 2.36 6.32± 2.65 4.133 < 0.001 Problems with authorities 2.15± 0.83 2.09± 0.40 0.619 >0.05 Problems with violence 2.34± 1.20 2.44± 1.18 0.645 >0.05 Others 5.77± 2.21 6.43± 2.73 2.66 0.02 Table 5 shows a multivariate analysis between the categories of drinkers, divided by the quantity–frequency levels of alcohol intake, hours of individual study and grade point average. As the findings show, the number of hours of individual study is statistically significantly

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A Comparison of Dietary Habits Between Recreational Runners and a Randomly Selected Adult Population in Slovenia / Primerjava Prehranskih Navad Rekreativnih Tekačev In Naključno Izbranih Odraslih Ljudi V Sloveniji

. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za šport, 2010. 22. World Health Organization. CINDI Dietary Guidelines. Document EUR/00/5018028, Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2004. 23. Rodriquez NR, DiMarco NM, Langley S. Position of the American Dietetic Association, dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine: nutrition and athletic performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2009; 41: 709-31. 24. Kreider RB, Wilborn CD, Taylor L, Campbell B, Almada AA, Collins R. et al. Exercise and sport nutrition

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Challenges in training and its assessment: a survey of ob-gyn trainees in the University of Turku, Finland
Izzivi poučevanja in ocenjevanja pri specializantih porodništva in ginekologije Univerze Turku, Finska

sen taas, Auditointien tuloksena entistä parempaa erikoislääkärikoulutusta. (The neurologists did it again, better training as a result of auditing). Suom Lääkäril (Finn Med J) 2009; 64; 388-393. 8. Baker K. Determining resident clinical performance: getting beyond the noise. Anesthesiology 2011; 115: 862-878. 9. Fernández Gálvez GM. Assessment of clinical competence in pediatric residency with the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX). Arch Argent Pediatric 2011; 109: 314-320. 10. Molinas R, Campo R. Defining a

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The development of a consensus definition for healthcare improvement science (HIS) in seven European countries: A consensus methods approach

better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development (learning)’ ( 4 , p. 2). In this respect, quality improvement and change making should become an essential part of healthcare professionals’ work at all levels of the healthcare system ( 5 ). Implementation science and quality improvement efforts share the ultimate goal of improving healthcare quality. However, there are differences. Quality begins with a specific problem in a given healthcare system, while implementation science begins with evidencebased practice

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An Increasing Trend of Illicit Drug use Among Romanian University Students From 1999 to 2011

present study is including the following variables: the use of illicit drugs at least once during a lifetime and in the last month, the number of times of illicit drug use during a lifetime, the type of used drugs, the temptation to use illicit drugs without doing it, the intention to use drugs in the future. Due to the availability of the data collected by the questionnaires used in 2003 and 2011, the following pieces of information were also included regarding these two time points: an academic performance declared by students (0-in the first third of their academic

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