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Average Word Length from the Diachronic Perspective: The Case of Arabic

Literature (CLFL) , pp. 17–24. [13] Zemánek, P., Milička, J., 2017. Words Lost and Found. The Diachronic Dynamics of the Arabic Lexicon. Lüdenscheid: RAM-Verlag. [14] Chennoufi, A., Mazroui, A., 2016. Impact of morphological analysis and a large training corpus on the performances of Arabic diacritization. International Journal of Speech Technology, 19(2), 269–280. [15] Milička, J., 2015. Teorie komunikace jakožto explanatorní princip přirozené víceúrovňové segmentace textů [The Theory of Communication as an Explanatory Principle for the Natural

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Emergence of living language: ontogeny–phylogeny framework and other parallels of linguistics and biology

evolutionary perspective. Haskins Laboratories Status Report on Speech Research, SR-101/102, 14–27. [10] MacNeilage, P.F., Davis B., 1990. Acquisition of speech production: Frames, then content. In Jeannerod, M. (Ed.), Attention and performance 13: Motor representation and control. England: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., pp. 453–476. [11] M. P. Lynch, D. K. Oller, and M. Steffens,“Development of speech-like vocalizations in a child with congenital absence of cochleas: the case of total deafness,” Applied Psycholinguistics 10 , 315–333 (1989). [12

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