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A feedback culture for a performance culture

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Examination of the Impact of Health Status on Economic Performance in Hungary

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Performance management in the data-driven oragnisation

performance of pharmaceutical companies, available at BPM Standards Group (2005). Business Performance Management : Industry Framework Document, available at Brown, M., (2014), Transforming unstructured data into useful information, in (Kudyba, S. (2014)), 211-231 Brynjolfsson. E. & Hitt, L. & Kim, H. (2011). Strength in numbers : How does data driven decision making affect firm performance, available at SSRN:

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Human resource performance predictors based on the human energy profile

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Factors influencing performance within startup assistance organizations

References Bliemel, M., Flores, R., De Klerk, S., Miles, M., Costas, B. and Monteiro, P., (2016). The Role and Performance of Accelerators in Australian Startup Ecosystem. Final Report for the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science , UNSW Australia. Bratianu, C. (2007). Thinking patterns and knowledge dynamics. In D. Remenyi (Ed.). Procedings of the 8 th European Conference on Knowledge Management (pp. 152-156), Consorci Escola Industrial, Barcelona, Spain, 6-7 September 2007. Chang, C., (2013). Portfolio Company Selection Criteria

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Trust as catalyst for the organizational performance. A focus on a medium-size IT Romanian company

innovation: A multi-country study”, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Vol.16, pp.107-128. Ellinger, A.D. and Bostrom, R.P. (1999). “Managerial coaching behaviors in learning organizations”, Journal of Management Development, Vol. 18, No. 9, pp. 752-771. Ellinger, A.D.. Ellinger, A.E. and Keller S.B. (2003). “Supervisory coaching behavior, employee satisfaction and warehouse employee performance: A dyadic perspective in the distribution industry”, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Vol. 14, No.4, pp. 435-458. Ellinger, A.E., Elmadag, A.B. and

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Performance comparison of different control strategies for heat exchanger networks


In this article, the dynamic responses of heat exchanger networks to disturbance and setpoint change were studied. Various control strategies, including: proportional integral, model predictive control, passivity approach, and passivity-based model predictive control were used to monitor all outlet temperatures. The performance of controllers was analyzed through two procedures: 1) inducing a ±5% step disturbance in the supply temperature, or 2) tracking a ±5°C target temperature. The performance criteria used to evaluate these various control modes was settling time and percentage overshoot. According to the results, the passivity-based model predictive controllers produced the best performance to reject the disturbance and the model predictive control proved to be the best controller to track the setpoint. Whereas, the ensuing performance results of both the PI and passivity controllers were discovered to be only acceptable.

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Risk management, corporate governance and financial performance of the banking system in Romania

References Adams, R.B., Mehran, H., 2003. Is corporate governance different for bank holding companies? Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review 9, 123-142. Brancato, C., Tonello, M., Hexter, E., Newman, K.R., 2006. The role of US corporate boards in enterprise risk management, The Conference Board Research Report No. R- 1390-06-RR. Cornett, M.M., McNutt, J.J., Tehranian, H., 2010. The financial crisis, internal corporate governance, and the performance of publicly-traded US bank holding companies

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Impact assessment on the performance of e-learning in corporate training programs in the context of globalization

-1-56286-942-7. Roelle, J; Hiller, S; Berthold, K; Rumann, S (2017) Example-based learning: The benefits of prompting organization before providing examples, DOI: 10.1016, Learning and Instruction, 2017, Volume 49, p.p. 1-12, ISSN 0959-4752, PUB-ID 2908371. Roy, K. (2006). The impact of learning styles on interactivity in asynchronous e-learning. Published online in Wiley Intersience DOI:10.1002/pfi026; International Society for Performance Improvement, Volume 45(10), p.p. 21-26. Schroeder, U.; Spannagel, C. (2006). Supporting the Active Learning Process. International

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Development, competence and performance – who does what in higher education?

, 28-29 April 2009. Caplan, B., (2012), The Case Against Education, . Hartford, T., (2016). Are universities worth it? Financial Times , 24 August 2016, . Kallio, K.M., Kuoppakangas, P., (2015). Key dilemmas of performance measurement in the context of Finnish higher education – an empirical case study, International Research Society for Public Management Conference 2015 ,

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