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Contemporary Religiosity and the Absence of Solidarity With Those in Need

Spirit Paris: Hatier. Domenach Jean Marie. 1994 La responsabilité: essai sur le fondement du civisme. [Responsibility: An Essay on the Foundations of the Civic Spirit.] Paris Hatier Domenach, Jean Marie. 1995. Approches de la modernité . Approaches to Modernity Paris: Ellipses. Domenach Jean Marie. 1995 Approches de la modernité. [Approaches to Modernity.] Paris Ellipses Fridlund, Patrick. 2011. Mobile Performances: Linguistic Undecidability as Possibility and Problem in the Theology of Religions Leuven: Peeters. Fridlund Patrick

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Between Diplomacy and Paradiplomacy: Taiwan's Foreign Relations in Current Practice

the first section of this work, dedicated to the theoretical definition of diplomacy and paradiplomacy, we could draw on a rather wide range of various specialist works, from which we especially used monographs, as well as encyclopedic works and studies, by renowned Slovak, Czech, and particularly foreign authors specializing in the field of diplomacy. However, for the other sections of the work, where we specifically dealt with the issues of the practical performance of Taiwan’s foreign activities, due to the previously mentioned lack of academic literature on this

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Between Language Revitalization and Assimilation: On the Language Situation of the German Minority in the Czech Republic

the 1990s. Some of those clubs provide German courses or libraries of German literature. However, their level and quality of performance vary across regions. Moreover, some courses of German have meanwhile been discontinued, e.g., in the North Bohemian city of Chomutov, which is paradoxical, considering the minority’s highest concentration in that region. In contrast, the North Moravian association has been highly active, with a long tradition of intensive German conversation courses for children and youth of German descent (interview with M. Dzingel 2014/Prague

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From Saint Sava to Milosevic – The Pantheon of (Anti)heroes in Serbian Presidential Election (2017)

. 1999. Kosovo; A Short History New York: New York University Press. Malcolm Noel. 1999 Kosovo; A Short History New York New York University Press “Nesvakidašnje predstavljanje – Preletačević kao Tito.” [An unusual performance – Preletacevic as Tito]. 2017. Accessed May 29, 2017. – -Preletacevic-kao-Tito “Nesvakidašnje predstavljanje – Preletačević kao Tito.” [An unusual performance – Preletacevic as Tito] 2017 Accessed May 29 2017 http

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Forgotten Slovakia Civic Initiative: Talking Openly about Extremism. Parallel Monologues or a Discussion on Values?

Michal Karako, a native of Brezno (just like the ĽSNS party chairman). Together, they invented a reaction to the postelection situation: the Forgotten Slovakia civic initiative, in which I was invited to participate. The first activity was the public discussion and concert Against Fascism , held symbolically in Brezno on May 8, 2016. The free concert was organized in the main square on the occasion of the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of World War II in Europe. In between the performances of the music bands, we spoke to the inhabitants of the town from the

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Shadow Memorial Diplomacy: The Ronald Reagan Centennial Year in Central and Eastern Europe

memorialization often work with what (after Jan Assmann 1995 ) Wulf Kansteiner has called cultural memory : “objectified culture - that is, the texts, rites, images, buildings and monuments which are designed to recall fateful events in the history of the collective. As the officially sanctioned heritage of a society, they are intended for the longue durée” ( Kansteiner 2002 , 182). Yet, I emphasize that the values and categories of cultural memory are deployed, challenged, or (re)defined in the performance of commemorations. of Reagan in Hungary in 2011. My study is based

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“Roma” Label: The Deconstructed and Reconceptualized Category within the Pentecostal and Charismatic Pastoral Discourse in Contemporary Slovakia

.1177/0022343395032004004 Eriksen Thomas Hylland 1995 “We and Us: Two Modes of Group Identification.” Journal of Peace Research 32 427 436 Gay y Blasco, Paloma. 1999. Gypsies in Madrid: Sex, Gender and the Performance of Identity . Oxford: Berg Publishers. Gay y Blasco Paloma 1999 Gypsies in Madrid: Sex, Gender and the Performance of Identity. Oxford Berg Publishers Gay y Blasco, Paloma. 2011. “Agata’s story. Singular lives and the reach of the Gitano law.” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (14): 445–461. Gay y Blasco Paloma 2011 “Agata’s story. Singular lives and the reach

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Divided National Identity in Moldova

principalities. In 1856, composer Vasile Alecsandri wrote a poem called The Hora of Unity ( Hora Unirii ), for which Alexandru Flechtenmacher composed the music – the poem is about the removal of this boundary. This song, together with the dance performance (Hora is a type of circle dance), is always performed on January 24 – the Day of Unification. and then the Cultural League of Bessarabian Romanians (Liga Culturală a Românilor Basarabeni). Both organizations were managed by Hasdeu, a famous scientist and author from Bessarabia, and both brought together refugees from

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US–Kenya Economic Relations under Obama and Their Image in the Kenyan News Discourse

of future investment. African heads of state were summoned to Washington for a photo opportunity with President Obama and his Wife to further American interests. For some , the real audience for that performance of international relations was China. The message? America can bring any African head of state to Washington because it is still the major global power and a country that African states want to do business with. (25) President Obama summoned African leaders to Washington to remind them who ’ s still boss – Uncle Sam , not any latter - day Chairman

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