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Performance evaluation of continuous miner based underground mine operation system: An OEE based approach

REFERENCES Elevli, S. and Elevli, B., 2010. Performance measurement of mining equipments by utilizing OEE. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 15(2), p.95. Government of India, Ministry of Coal. (2018). Chapter-6, Coal and Lignite production, Annual Report 2017-18. Available at: (Accessed: 30 June, 2019) Government of India, Ministry of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines. (2017). Indian Minerals Yearbook 2017 (Part-III, Mineral reviews). Available at: https

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Business Performance Measurements in Asset Management with the Support of Big Data Technologies

References [1] D. Baglee, M. Knowles and S. Kinnunen, “A Proposed Maintenance Strategy for a Wind Turbine Gearbox Using Condition Monitoring Techniques”, International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 386-403, 2016. [2] J. Lee, J. Ni, D. Djurdjanovic, H. Qiu and H. Liao, “Intelligent prognostics tools and e-maintenance”, Computers in Industry, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 476-489, 2006. [3] T. Taticchi, F. Tonelli and L. Cagnazzo, “Performance Measurement and Management: A Literature

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Experimental Investigation of a Centrifugal Pump Hydraulic Performance in Hydraulic Transmission of Solids

reduce the variance of the results so that they are less dependent on the specifics of a single classifier. This will also reduce the variance of the bias, because a combination of multiple classifiers may lead to a more expressive concept class than a single classifier [ 1 ]. In a clear contrast to the general performance of centrifugal slurry pumps in conventional solid–liquid systems, the total head height increased with an increase in the slurry solid mass content because of several reasons, including unique friction loss behavior ( i.e ., drag reducing feature) of

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Numerical study of the thermal and hydraulic performances of heat sink made of wavy fins

, facility of implementation and low cost, forced and natural convection of air through the heat sink is the most commonly used method for cooling the electronic components. In this context, several experimental and numerical works have been published in the literature. Hung et al . [ 1 ] measured the heat sinks’ thermal performance cooled by a jet impact using infrared thermography. Thermal resistance was analyzed as a function of the impinging Reynolds number, the width and height of the fins, the distance between the nozzle and the tip of the fins, and the type of

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An attempt to increase technological capabilities of laboratory vibratory mills by changing the construction of chamber


The paper presents the issues related to the grinding process in the vibration mills with low vibration frequency. These mills are rated among devices with high energy of impacts with much wider potential of industrial use than the classic gravitation mills. In vibratory mills there is an unfavorable decrease in the intensity of the grinding process along with the increase in the chamber diameter, which makes it impossible to achieve high performance of such devices. One of the ways to reduce or eliminate this occurrence is to intensify the load movement inside the chamber – this is the subject of this article. The article shows that in a vibrating mill of periodic action it is possible to increase its technological capabilities by application of an appropriate cylindrical component permanently installed inside the milling chamber. The paper also presents an attempt to increase the technological capabilities of a laboratory continuous vibratory mill.

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Numerical modeling of vertical axis wind turbine with air guides

U., Piaskowska-Silarska M., Gumuła S., Farmaha I., (2019). Application of evolutionary algorithms to analysis the possibilities of wind energy use. W: ICCC 2019. Kraków – Wieliczka, May 26-29, 2019 e-ISBN: 978-1-7281-0701-1. pp. 1-7. Rahman M., Salyers T.E., El-Shahat A., Ilie M., Ahmed M., Soloiu V. (2018). Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Performance of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Models with Various Blade Designs. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 6, 26-63. Kacprzak K., Sobczak K. (2013). Numeryczna analiza przepływu

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Supporting problems at an island mining face in shanxi, China. Case study based on field observation

Mine Roadways. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 62, pp. 105-112. Kang, H., Wu, Y., Gao, F., et al (2016). Mechanical Performances and Stress States of Rock Bolts Under Varying Loading Conditions. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 52, pp. 138-146. Li, CC., (2010). Field Observations of Rock Bolts in High Stress Rock Masses. Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering, 43, pp. 491-496. Mo, S., Tutuk, K. and Saydam, S. (2019). Management of Floor Heave at Bulga Underground Operations – A Case Study. International Journal of

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Ranking Strategic Objectives in a Strategy Map Based on Logarithmic Fuzzy Preference Programming and Similarity Method

REFERENCES [1] R.a. Kaplan, D.P. Norton. “The balanced scorecard-measures that drive performance”. Harvard Business Review , vol. 70, no. 1, pp.71-9, 1992. [2] R.S. Kaplan and D.P. Norton. “ The balanced scorecard: translating strategy into action ”. Harvard Business Press, 1996. [3] C. Jayawardena and A. Sukhu. “Enhancing customer experience in Canadian hotels”. International Journal of Services, Economics and Management , vol. 6, no. 2, pp.163-180, 2014. [4] R.S. Kaplan and D.P. Norton. “Linking the balanced scorecard to strategy

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Ageing Process of Hydraulic Oil in Single-Bucket Excavators in Rock Mining

origin, measurement and control of fine particles in non-aqueous hydraulic fluids and their effect on fluid and system performance. Lubrication Science. Rensselar, J. (2015). Hydraulic fluid efficiency in construction equipment. Tribology and Lubrication Technology. Poradnik. Przemysłowe środki smarne (2003). Total Polska Sp. z o.o. Instrukcja obsługi i konserwacji koparek: R480LC-9. (2012). Hyundai, Polska. Motyka, P. (2018) Wymiana olejów w układach hydraulicznych. Available from: https

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Modelling of global solar irradiance on sloped surfaces in climatic conditions of Kraków

REFERENCES Basińska, M., Ratajczak, K. and Tomczyk, J. (2018). Energy performance for residential building – comparison between theoretical method and real measurements. In: 10 th Conference on Interdisciplinary Problems in Environmental Protection and Engineering EKO-DOK 2018. [online], E3S Web of Conferences 44, pp. 1-8. Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2019]. Cyrankowski, M., Wilkowski, J., Górski, J. and Chludzińska, D. (2014). The analysis of the energy demand for

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