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The Analysis of the Influential Factors of the Absorbing Companies’ Performances

References [1] Agrawal, A., Jaffe, J.F., The post-merger performance puzzle , Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions, 2000 [2] Ali-Yrkkö, J., Technology Sourcing Through Acquisitions - Do High Quality atents Attract Acquires? , Discussion Papers 1025, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, 2006 [3] Ali-Yrkkö, J., Mergers and acquisitions: Reasons and results, Discussion Paper Series , No. 792, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA), 2002 [4] Asquith, P., Merger Bids

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Efficiency of Pay for Performance Programs in Romanian Companies and the Mediating Role of Organizational Justice

. Bagozzi, R. P., and Yi, Y., 1988. On the evaluation of structural equation models. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 16(1), 74-94. doi: Beer, M., Cannon, M. D., Baron, J. N., Dailey, P. R., Gerhart, B., Heneman, H. G., ... Locke, E. A., 2004. Promise and peril in implementing pay-for-performance. Human Resource Management, 43(1), 3-48. doi: Brashear, T., Brooks, C., and Boles, J., 2004. Distributive and procedural justice in a sales force context: Scale

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Relationship Between Mission Statement and Company Performance

References [1] Amato, C.H., Amato, L.H., 2002. Corporate Commitment to Quality of Life: Evidence from Company Mission Statements. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice , 10(4), pp.69-87. [2] Bart, C.K., 1997. Industrial Firms and the Power of Mission. Industrial Marketing Management , 26(4), pp. 371-383. [3] Bart, C.K., Baetz, M.C., 1998. The Relationship between Mission Statements and Firm Performance: an exploratory study. Journal of Management Studies , 36(6), pp.823-853. [4

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A feedback culture for a performance culture

References Brown, A. (1998), Organizational Culture Second Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall, pp. 3. Buchanan, D., Huczynski, A., 2004, Organizational Behaviour, an introductory text, Financial Times Prentice Hall, pp. 234. Cameron, S. (2001), The MBA Handbook, Financial Times Prentice Hall, pp. 149-154. Carter, E. M. A., McMahon, F. A. (2005), Improving Employee Performance through workplace coaching, Kogan Page, pp. 53-57. Cooke, R. A.; Szumal, J. L.(2000), Using the

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The Influence of Sustainability and Green Management Concepts on Educational Facility Performance in Nigeria

Practice in Nigeria, A Paper Presented at the Proceeding of International Conference on Sustainability in the Built Environment. O lanipekun T.A., 2015, Barriers to Sustainable Property Development in Lagos, International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Protection, 2 (3), 31-37. O liyide S., 2014, The Revolution of Green Building in Nigeria: A Myth or Reality, A Paper Presented at the Facility Roundtable with Theme: Towards Optimal Performance of Critical Infrastructure and Real Estate Assets in Nigeria. Organized by Alpha Mead Facilities and

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Empirical Research Towards the Factors Influencing Corporate Financial Performance on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

References Akbarpour, M. and Aghabeygzadeh, S., 2011. Reviewing Relationship between Financial Structure and Firms Performance in Firms Traded on the Tehran Stock Exchange. International Journal of Business Administration, 2(4), pp. 175-180. Akpinar, A., Jiang, Y., Gomez-Mejia, L.R., Berrone, P. and Walls, J.L., 2008. Strategic use of CSR as a signal for good management. IE Business School Working Paper, [online]. Available at: <> [Accessed 22 May 2014

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Relationship Between Learning, Knowledge Creation and Organisational Performance

organisational learning and organisational performance: the case of Croatia. Transform. bus. econ. (Spausd.) , 7(2), pp.32-48. Huber, G.P., 1991. Organizational learning: The contributing processes and the literatures. Organization Science , 2(1), pp.88-115. Huber, G.P., 1998. Synergies between organizational learning and creativity & innovation. Creativity & Innovation Management , 7(1), pp.3-8. Jashapara, A., 2011. Knowledge management, An integrated approach . Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Jones, G

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The Influence of Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance in Lithuanian Software Companies

REFERENCES Atkočiūnienė, Z. (2016). Žinių valdymo situacija Lietuvos verslo įmonėse: atvejo tyrimas. Informacijos mokslai / Vilniaus universitetas. Vilnius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla. 2016, t. 76, p. 111-122. ISSN 1392-0561. Berzkalne, I.; Zelgalve, E. (2014). Intellectual capital and company value. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol.110, p. 887-896. Bhatti, A.; Zaheer, A. (2014). The Role of Intellectual Capital in Creating and Adding Value to Organizational Performance: A Conceptual Analysis. The Electronic Journal of

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Polish Absolute Return Funds And Stock Funds. Short And Long Term Performance Comparison

References Ackermann, C., McEnally, R. & Ravenscraft, D. (1999). The performance of hedge funds: risk, returns and incentives. Journal of Finance , 54 (3), 833–874. Agarwal, V. & Naik, N.Y. (2000). On taking the alternative route: risks, rewards and performance persistence of hedge funds. Journal of Alternative Investment , 2 (4), 6–23. Agarwal, V. & Naik, N.Y. (2004). Risks and portfolio decisions involving hedge funds. Review of Financial Studies , 17 (1), 63–98. Agarwal, V., Boyson, N.M. & Naik, N.Y. (2009). Hedge funds for retail

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Diversity in Board of Directors: Review of Diversity as a Factor to Enhance Board Performance

from Ben-Amar, W. et al. (2013). What makes better boards? A closer look at diversity and ownership. British Journal of Management, 24, 85-1. Cabo, R. et al. (2012). Gender diversity on European Banks’ Boards of Directors. Journal of Business Ethics, 109(2), 145-162. Campbell, K., et al. (2008). Gender Diversity in the Boardroom and Firm Financial Performance. Journal of Business Ethics, 83(3), 435-451. Carter, D., et al. (2010). The gender

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