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Revision of Performance Measurement Tools and Methods

R eferences Bhimani, A. (1993). Performance Measures in UK Manufacturing Companies: The State of Play. Management Accounting, 71(11). Bititci, U.S., Neely, A., Turner, T. (2006). Integrated Performance Systems: Structure and Dynamics. In A. Neely (Ed.), Business Performance Measurement. Theory and Practice, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bourguignion, A. Malleret, V. Norreklit, H. (2004). The American Balanced Scorecard versus the French Tableau de Bord: The Ideological Dimension. Management Accounting Research. Chiapello, E. Lebas

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Determinants of Firm Performance: Evidence from Romanian Listed Companies

R eferences 1. Asimakopoulos, I., A. Samitas, T. Papadogonas (2009), “Firm-specific and Economy Wide Determinants of Firm Profitability: Greek Evidence using Panel Data”, Managerial Finance, Vol. 35 No. 11: 930-939. 2. Barney, J. (1991), “Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage”, Journal of Management, 17: 99-121. 3. Cano, C., F. Carrillat, F. Jaramillo (2004), “A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship between Market Orientation and Business Performance: Evidence from Five Continents”, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 21

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Network Advantage: Mediating Effect on Business Performance

. K., 2013. Self-disclosure at social networking sites: An exploration through relational capitals. Information Systems Frontiers, 15 (2), 269-278. Chiu, Y. T. H., 2008. How network competence and network location influence innovation performance. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 24 (1), 46-55. Ciszewska-Mlinarič, K., Obłój, M., and Mlinarič, F., 2012. How relational capabilities matter? Organizational context and performance of internationally

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Efficiency of Pay for Performance Programs in Romanian Companies and the Mediating Role of Organizational Justice

evaluation of structural equation models. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 16 (1), 74-94. doi: Beer, M., Cannon, M. D., Baron, J. N., Dailey, P. R., Gerhart, B., Heneman, H. G., . . . Locke, E. A., 2004. Promise and peril in implementing pay-for-performance. Human Resource Management, 43 (1), 3-48. doi: Brashear, T., Brooks, C., and Boles, J., 2004. Distributive and procedural justice in a sales force context: Scale development and validation. Journal of Business Research

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Poland’s Economic Performance in Global and Long-term Perspective: Surprises so far and Risks in the Years Ahead

, western Europe, the USA and Japan. As a result of this much better growth performance, despite the costly transformational recession in the years 1990–1991, the level of per capita GDP (PPP) in Poland increased, according to the IMF, from 30,1% of the US level in 1989 to 49,6% in 2017. Compared to Germany, the increase was from 35,7 % in 1989 to 58,5% in 2017 (in 1989 without eastern Germany). Such a large and relatively fast improvement in this aggregate measure of the relative level of development was indeed hoped for, even expected. However, in the process of this

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Capitalization and bank performance: Evidence from Nigerian Banking Sector

R eferences Aburime, U.T. (2008). Impact of Ownership Structure on Bank Profitability in Nigeria. Journal of Global Economy, Research Centre for Social Sciences, 4 (3), 170-183. Acharya, Viral V., Mehran, H., Thakor, A. (2010). Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis? Regulating Bank Leverage When There is Rent Seeking and Risk Shifting, Working Paper, Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Adegbaju, A.A., Olokoyo, F.O. (2008). Recapitalization and Banks Performance: A Case Study of Nigerian Banks. African Economic and Business Review 6 (1

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Quality Management in the Higher Education of the Republic of Moldova as a Framework for University Performance

References Aguinis, H., 2013. Performance management Retrieved from Armstrong, M., 2015. Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management: An evidence-based guide to delivering high performance (5th ed.). New Delhi, London: Kogan Page. Bădescu, A., Mirci, C., and Bogre, D., 2008. Managementul Resurselor Umane: manualul profesionistului Retrieved from Broadbent, J., 2007

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The Determinants of Export Performance of Firms in Selected MENA Countries: Comparison with CEE Countries, Israel and Turkey

benchmark, since there are many similarities, in terms of transition, between the countries selected (MENA and CEE countries, Turkey and Israel). Moreover, recent reports (e.g., IMF 2014 ) demonstrate that the transition process in CEE countries has already been completed successfully. The export performance of CEE firms in various regions has already been analysed, compared to the behaviour of firms in the EU-15 countries, by academics who are part of this project (e.g., Cieślik, Michałek and Michałek 2014 ; Cieślik et al. 2015 ). In particular, the main goal of the

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Evaluating the Performance of Socially Responsible Investment Funds

References Barnett, M. L., and Salomon, R. M., 2006. Beyond Dichotomy: The Curvilinear Relationship between Social Responsibility and Financial Performance. Strategic Management Journal, 27 (11), 1101-1122. doi: Bauer, R., Koedijk, K., and Otten, R., 2005. International evidence on ethical mutual, fund performance and investment style. Journal of Banking & Finance, 29 (7), 1751-1767. doi: Brest, P., and Born, K., 2013. When can impact investing create real

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The implementation of the occupational health and safety management at work and its influence on the economic performance of the company

References Amalendu, B. (2012). Association between corporate social responsibility and firm financial performance: empirical evidence from bombay stock exchange. Economics Bulletin, vol. 32, issue 2, A20. Basovníková, M., Abramuszkinová Pavlíková, E. a Vavřina, J. (2013). Economic performance of Czech business entities in the context of CS s’ implementation. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, vol. 61, issue 7, s. 1985-1994. DOI: 10.11118/actaun201361071985. Available from:

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