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Does Performance-Based Budgeting Have a Correlation with Performance Measurement System? Evidence from Local Government in Indonesia

References [1] Achyani, F., Cahya, B.T., 2011. Analysis of Rational Aspects in Public Budgeting on the Effectiveness of Performance-Based Budgeting Implementation at Government of Surakarta. MAKSIMUM, 1(2), pp.68-77. [2] Ahyaruddin, M., Akbar, R., 2017. Indonesian Local Government’s Accountability and Performance: The Isomorphism Institutional Perspective. Journal of Accounting and Investment, 19(1), pp.1-11. [3] Akbar, R., Pilcher, R. A., and Perrin, B., 2015. Implementing performance measurement systems

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Performance Evaluation Frameworks in the Context of Indian Microfinance Institutions

6 REFERENCES [1] Arun, T., Imai, K. and Sinha, F., 2006. Does the Microfinance Reduce Poverty in India? Propensity Score Matching based on a National-Level Household Data. Economics Discussion Paper, The University of Manchester, September. [2] Athanassopoulos, A.D., 1995. Performance Improvement Decision Aid Systems (PIDAS) in Retailing Organizations Using Data Envelopment analysis. Journal of Productivity Analysis , 6(2), pp.153-170. [3] Athanassopoulos, A.D., 1997. Service Quality and Operating Efficiency Synergies for Management Control

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Leadership Style, Organizational Performance, and Change Through the Lens of Emotional Intelligence

of Management and Marketing, 6(1). [4] Bar-On, R., 1997. Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i): Technical Manual. Toronto: Multi-Health Systems. [5] Bass, B.M., 1985. Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations. New York: The Free Press. [6] Dominguez CC, M., Galán-González, J.L., Barroso, C., 2015. Patterns of strategic change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 28(3), pp.411-431. [7] Doucet, L., Shao, B., Wang, L., Oldham, G.R., 2016. I know how you feel, but it does not always help

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Rethinking Performance Management Practices in Local Administrations? An Evaluation of BV, CPA, And WPI Practices in the United Kingdom

References [1] Ashworth, R., Boyne, G., 2000. Promises and Performance, (edt. by T. Clark and K. Hoggart). People, Parties and Policies, Westview, Boulder. [2] Audit Commission, 2002. Stewardship and Governance: A Review of the work of the Audit Commission's Appointed Auditors in 2002. [3] Auguinis, H., Gottfredson, R.K., Joo, H., 2013. Avoiding a “me” versus “we” dilemma: Using Performance Management to Turn Teams into a Source of Competitive Advantage. Business Horizons, 56, pp.503-512. [4

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The Determination of Performance Measures by Using a Balanced Scorecard Framework

7 Bibliography [1] Aurelia, S., Cardonib, A., Del Baldoc, M., Lombardid, R. 2018. The Balanced Scorecard Logic in the Management Control and Reporting of Small Business Company Networks: A Case Study. Accounting and Management Information Systems , 17(2), pp.191-214. [2] Evangelista de Barros, O.J., Wanderley, C.D.A. 2016. Adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard: Case Study in a Fuel distribution Company. Revista Contabilidade & Finanças , 27(72), pp.320-333. [3] Barnabè, F., Busco, C., 2012. The Causal Relationships between Performance Drivers

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Factors Contributing to SMEs Failure in Meeting Supplier Performance Standards

11 References [1] Abor, J., Quartey, P., 2010. Issues in SME development in Ghana and South Africa. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics . Issue 39. [online] Available at: . [2] Angerhofer, B., Angelides, M., 2006. A model and a performance measurement system for collaborative supply chains. Decision Support Systems, 42(1), pp.283-292. [3] Ary, D., Jacobs, L.C., Razavich, A., 2007. Introduction to research in education. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace College Publications. [4

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Directors Remuneration and Companies' Performance the Comparison of Listed Companies in Poland and UK

. - Relacje inwestorskie i raportowanie wartości [in] Wycena i zarządzanie wartością firmy (ed. Szablewski A., Tuzimek R.), Poltext, Warszawa 2005. Gregg P., Machin S., Szymanski S. - The Disappearing Relationship between Directors' Pay and Corporate Performance [in] British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 31, 1993. Gruszecki T. - Współczesne teorie przedsiębiorstwa . Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2002. Hansell G., Luther L. U., Planschke F., Schatt M. - Fixing what's wrong with

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Towards an Analysis Methodology for Identifying Root Causes of Poor Delivery Performance

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Human Performance Improvement in the Health Care Organizations. Results of Empirical Study in Poland

., Cubbon M., Spileers W., Ygge J., Ang Ch., Klazinga N. - Evaluation of an International Benchmarking Initiative in Nine Eye Hospitals [in] Health Care Management Review, 35(1), 2010. [4] Etchegaray J.M., St. John C., Thomas E.J. - Measures and Measurement of High - Performance Work System in Health Care Setting: Propositions for Improvement [in] Health Care Management Review, 36(1), 2011. [5] Ford-Eichoff K., Plowman D.A., McDaniel Jr. R.R. - Hospital Boards and Hospital Strategic Focus. The Impact of Board Involvement in Strategic

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Working Capital Management and Corporate Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam

References [1] Abusayed, B., 2012. Working Capital Management and Firms’ Performance in Emerging Markets: The Case of Jordan. International Journal of Managerial Finance, 8(2), pp.155-179. [2] Almeida, J.R., Eid, Jr, W., 2014. Access to Finance, Working Capital Management and Company Value: Evidence from Brazilian Companies Listed on BM&FBOVESPA. Journal of Business Research, 67, pp.924-934. [3] Baños-Caballero, S., García-Teruel, P.J. Martinez- Solano, P., 2014. Working Capital Management, Corporate Performance

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